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Simple and fun, it's a solid submission, good job!!

thanks for the feedback!

And yes, the game does have music, the problem must've been the html version and as long as we tested it should be working. Can you tell us which browser you were using?

Cool game, it's a solid submission, congrats!!

Cool, are you trying to run the game on a desktop or on mobile device?

What a game, everthing about it is great, but Im sad I couldn't win the race. Good submssion, congrats!!

Thats weird, can you tell us which browser/OS you're using?

We are glad to hear that someone asked this to you, but the odds of getting a console release are really low.

The animations are really cool, the music gives a great vibe to the game, the dash was kinda weird to control but I had a good time playing, congrats!!

I like the artstyle of your game and the music is really playful, but I had a hard time dealing with the movimentation, I couldn't do more than 2 jumps without dying. It's a nice submission tho, good job!!

This game is really smooth, I loved the art and the music is pretty chill, great submission, congrats!!

The graphics are stunning, but I'm not gonna lie this game is way too hard, it could use some balancing, but aside this issue it's a great submission I had a good time playing it, congrats!!

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"Wow" is the best word I could find to describe this game, the art is really good, the animations are flawless and the music is awesome. This game is not something I was especting to see in a game-jam, it's well polished and feels like a fiished game, I had a blast playing it (the Rimuru cameo was really funny, I liked it a lot). Congrats!!

I liked the art, I hope you guys can finish the game sometime 

Gostei da arte

It's a short game with a lot of potencial, I Iove the art and the music but the sfx got a little annoying after playing a little. I wish i could play more levels, it's a solid submission, good job!! 

Cool game, I had a lot of fun, congrats!

I love the art, it's really confy, I couldn't manage to find all the treassures but i had a lot of fun trying, great submission, congrats!!

One of the cutest games I ever played, I love everything about it, great submission, congrats!!

The music is very chill, I like the visuals, but I would love to see a dark theme for the game. Solid submission tho, congrats!! 

Cool game, congrats!!

Cool game, congrats!

Cool game, the muisc is really chill and the enemies are well designed, my only complain about this game is about the UI, the interface could be a little more visual and intuitive using more icons and less text. It's a great submission tho, congrats!!

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Cool game, I really liked the mechanic, it makes me remmember of those puzzles in old pokemon games, I wish I could play more levels tho. Congrats, great game!!

Cool game, I loved the parallax in the background, the tutorial was pretty solid but I a had a hard time dealing with the camera and some of the hitboxes were really challenging. Oh the dialogue was funny I liked it. Congrats!! 

Cool game, I can see you've put a lot of work on the mechanics, good job!!

Cool game, I had a lot of fun playing it. Congrats!!

This game is awesome. The music is great, the gameplay is simple and intuitive and the art is really cute. I played it for 20 minutes nonstop trying to get a good score and my best was 127. I had a blast playing this game. Congrats!!

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I love this game, the art is clean, the puzzles are challenging and fun. I had a great time playing each level. Congtrats!!

I really liked the idea of using pH to connect with the theme of this jam. The gameplay is simple and entertaining, I had a great time playing your game, congrats!

Gostei bastante do jogo, tem um conceito bem interessante e causa boas sensações ao jogar. Estou ansioso para acompanhar o crescimento desse protótipo. Parabéns aos envolvidos. 

Good job, I'm looking forward to the next one!