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A dating sim where the last thing you want is romance. Help this poor princess avoid getting married off!
Submitted by Shovel (@InboundShovel) — 2 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Godot Version

Wildcards Used
All of them: Dare to Fail, Roll a d20 and Good things come to those who wait.

Game Description
A dating sim where romance isn't the goal! You play as Princess Razia, a woman that's highly prized among high ranking loyalty, but doesn't want that life. Can you help her manipulate her way out of a political marriage?


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I dont really play those types of games so I'll just say the artstyle is nice as is the audio, everything was working fine, didnt see a single bug or error :)


Super fun! It was really hard to know which dialogue option to choose. I did eventually get to know what each character was like and therefore what they would dislike, but not until after I'd had a bunch of "successes" with them. Maybe make the dialogue a bit longer before you have to make a choice, so you can get to know the characters better? And there were some that I don't know how I was supposed to guess. Like how was I supposed to know what food he would hate?

Minigames were fun but eventually became unplayable due to difficulty. 

All in all, a really fun game that still has room for improvement.


Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, I think in the updated version I'm going to have 2 weeks for the season rather than one, just to give more time for players to learn the personality of the characters better before the more important choices come around.


Nice character designs and dialogues but the mini-games were too tedious for me and I got stuck in one of them as well...

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback!

Can you elaborate on which minigames felt tedious, and which one you got stuck in?
Knowing how to improve the minigames would help a lot, and also I'd love to fix any bugs that show up.

Additionally, I tried to balance the game so that if the minigames weren't appealing, you could still totally win and kick out all the princes without completing them, so that the player has the option of whether or not they'd like to participate in them, so hopefully that can mitigate it somewhat.


I got stuck in the tea time mini-game where it keeps on running regardless of my current score and I don't know when will it stop or how will it stop...
The royal court one is pretty annoying when it gets to 4 selections... maybe better symbols and colours, or shorter duration will help?


Let me begin by saying I didn’t get very far with this game. I was streaming it on my twitch channel and by the time I had gotten to it, my voice was killing me.

That said, this game looks to be a very well put together entry. I like the mix of the hand drawn art style for the portraits and the pixel art style of the characters in scenes where I had control of the main character’s movement.

The dialog system was very well executed and, from what little I did get through, I thought the dialog was well written!

Over all a wonderful entry to the jam! Great work!


Thanks for the feedback!
Watching your live playthrough was very satisfying, thanks for streaming it!

Submitted (1 edit)

Cool entry! Pretty original. Grats on implementing so many mini-games as well as the visual novel part. Did you use any plugin for that?

Modesty and Decorum scores felt really hard to level up compared to the other ones.

The theme is quite tangential however.

Good work on the graphics overall!


No plug-ins, I hand implemented everything, heh.
The theme was Seven, and I had 7 suitors, across 7 days, with 7 actions per day - it doesn't feel tangential to me at all. I was inspired by "failure makes progress" and I thought, oh what if it was a dating sim where you had to fail to attract all 7 possible romance options.


Wow! I am currently developing a visual novel, so when I see the thumbnail, I was really hype by this game! OoO

I see 7 everywhere! Aaaaaaah! Nice job!

The story was cute and fun. I really appreciate the moment when the princess said she could be a mathematician or an engineer instead of getting married! I was like “YEAH! Go for it my girl!”

You did a great job! That’s a lot of work there!!!! OoO

I don’t know if you will update a non-game jam version, but here are some bugs I found in the web version:

  • in the mini-game where the princess visits citizens, I can go outside the screen 😈
  • in the tea time mini-game, I run into an infinite loop (I don’t know how I end up like this, but it’s when I play several times this mini-game) Anyway, it’s just some details…

I was happy to play this game! So thank you!


Haha, thanks for the feedback!

For the tea time mini-game, can you explain the infinite loop you get into? I haven't seen that before, so I'd love to dive into that to fix it!

And yeah, I'm planning on updating a non-jam version with some of the features and polish I didn't have a chance to finish for the jam!

Submitted (2 edits)

Oh nice!

For the tea time mini-game, it was when I play several times the mini-game on the same day and I click on nothing. I don’t know if this will help you ^^’ (Oh, btw, maybe add a chronometer/a timeout will be helpful for knowing when it’s the end of the mini-game!)


Fun story and dialogues. Art looks great. Although I wasn't sure if I should get high scores in minigames or if I should fail on purpose as I don't want to get married, so low score seemed to be the way :)


Thank you for the feedback! :)


Cool concept, it made me laugh^^ I really liked the mini games to break a bit the monotony of the dialog, and the fact that there is a real goal to fail is super interesting.


Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! :)


I really had fun, the art, dialogue were all great. I'm guessing I needed to drop my stats to chase some of the suitors away?

I'm not sure what happened but I couldn't end the game.


Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, I messed up the endings, they don't quite work in the version I submitted, oops


Nice reversal of expectations! I was enjoying the game up until second day when one of the minigames (the one with the caterer) did not seem to end or do anything at all.


Oh no! I'll have to take a look into that bug, I haven't experienced it myself!
Thanks for the feedback!


Cool game, I had a lot of fun, congrats!


Thank you!


Interesting idea for the game! I love the graphics and it's a nice story


Thank you!


Is this how the game ends?

The concept of the game is amazing. I got so hooked on the story, I'm actually really frustrated from not knowing the ending


I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Yeah, unfortunately I ran out of time to test everything and didn't properly hook up the endings, so day 7 just never ends.
I can't fix it as a part of the game jam, but I'm going to upload a non-game-jam version with the proper endings and some more polish in the near future though!

Submitted (1 edit)

The rules say:

    8. No new content may be uploaded after the submission deadline (no music, no polish, no tweaks). The only approved changes are GAME BREAKING bug fixes. Please include other bugs (e.g. don’t play in fullscreen, etc.) as information on your entry’s page.

So I really think that you are allowed to fix it.


Oh, I should double check with the organizers to see if I can actually go and fix that!