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A short puzzle game about friendship and adventure.
Submitted by Lefumis (@lefumis), PedroVMVictor, ErickMarcel, Isabela Nedel — 1 day, 19 hours before the deadline
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Game Description
A short puzzle game about friendship and adventure.


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Lefumis #4883, Umbigoow #2580, Kaylock #8437, Yunner #5891

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Great game, very polished, feels great, everything is in place :)
The bonus level was a nice extra :)


Incredible game, I can't believe the game was made in one week only ! Good job ! (PS : the hidden level is so tricky I loved it)


Great game! There was an interesting contrast between stopping and thinking of how to get out, and having to react quickly to spike blocks. I liked the difficulty of the game - for me it was easy enough to get mostly everything first try (died to a spike block here and there, but never ran out of lives), but it also never felt like it was deliberately easy or simple.


This is a really fun game! And it's one of those games that felt good to retry each level and it didn't feel frustrating. It was simple, but really really fun. I have really no complaints. The only one I'd say is the fast moving spike ladders can get pretty tough who isn't a savvy keyboard clicker. Great entry!


Wow very solid entry! Felt really nice to “speedrun” through the levels and not have too many “die n retry” designs. Felt like a startled cat just jumping around by reflex to avoid the spikes. Old-school Sonic vibes.

Theme was very tangential though I think?

Great graphics. My brain would interpret the orange tubes as walls though, maybe they should be a more discrete color.

Audio could get more love too!

Nice to have rebindable keybinds & screenshake toggle.


I liked that the spikes encouraged quick decision making. I am not sure that lives were a necessary part of the game though, I don't think it would feel nice if I was forced to replay rooms I had already completed because I ran out of lives. Perhaps that is the type of difficult you are going for though.


Really nice and polished game.

As some other people mentioned, delay on spikes feels a bit short sometimes, especially during the times when you have to press keys fast. At times also I felt that I was moving towards the unknown as the camera didn't show was ahead.

The last bit of feedback is a personal preference but I would have loved more than 7 lives ^^"

(is there any music btw? I could only hear the sound effects)


thanks for the feedback!

And yes, the game does have music, the problem must've been the html version and as long as we tested it should be working. Can you tell us which browser you were using?


Great game, cool puzzles with a bit of quick reflex.


Pretty neat game and idea! Visually, the game was very appealing and polished. The levels were challenging enough without being too difficult. Overall, great job!


A cool idea and well executed! Really my only issue is with the difficulty. I think adding a longer delay on spikes (so it takes longer before they shoot out) and a bigger field of vision would have gone a long way to making this more accessible to an unskilled player like me. I really like the different mechanics (e.g. the red/green door thingies). I was going to say red/green is a problem for colorblindness, but then I realized you have different shapes too so good job making sure color isn't the only way to encode a detail.


Very well polished and cute game! It may be challenging or stressful depending on the taste of the player I do wish that it was more forgiving on dying.


Very good game. Have you tough about adding gamepad support?


Yes, actually! But unfortunaly there was some problems with it, and we didnt have time to implement (The engine however let's you use the gamepad to control the main menu buttons, funnily enough).  Thanks for playing!


very polished game , but can at let ASDW move too , the arrows   is not my thing 


Hello, thanks for your feedback. You can configure the controls as you like in the configurations. 


This is definitely one of the most polished submissions I've seen so far. Very well done. I've got a couple of small gripes. I'm sure the speed is part of your design, but I feel it's a tad too fast. It was a bit disorienting to me. I felt reaching down to the turbo button to slow things down, but alas modern computers don't seem to have those! Also, at times after one mistake it looked like there's no way to fix things but to die.


Thanks for the comment, the speed part was very sensible to adjust, since it could appear to be too fast or too slow, we tried to accomplish a balance for it. Since the levels aren't too big, we tried to play with memory and reflections of the player, so they don't be so punished for a reflection mistake. Again, thanks for the comment :)


This game is really fun and polished! One of the best puzzle designs I saw during a jam. I like how it is a mix of waiting, planning and also reacting fast for certain levels. The difficulity curve ramped up smoothly too.

I was stuck a bit at one level where I didn't realize I could open doors by just bumping into walls and not actually moving. But once I figured that out was able to continue and finish this game :)


Hello, we're glad that you liked :). You're right, that wasn't very clear on the doors, the idea was that what determines if you're on a door or not was your foot. Thanks for the feedback :)


Cool game, congrats!


Awesome game! Super polished, super fun, super rewarding, and the art was so cute! Love it!


Lovely! And such polish. I wonder if one of you has a cat with different eye colors? :)

Great animations, great sounds, awesome complete experience. Cheers!


The game seemed really polished and complete 

The art was Fantastic and i wish i could play more of it 

The controls were fast and snappy but the player could be a little faster 

i dont see the point in a lives system when the game is based on trail and error and you dont know what way to go next.

overall solid submission

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