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Thanks for playing and I agree with all of the points.
Game was a bit too rusehd and needed one or two days more of polish and tuning.

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Awesome idea and execution. Also the animations when loosing and winning were lovely.
In the end you just have to camp some crumbs so pacman can't win, even though there are probably better strategies to get better low scores.

Thanks for playing! Ineed the respawning without the grapling hook is a bug, duh.
The game was kinda rushed and we didnt have much time for playtesting and bugfixing.

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Thanks alot for the feedback and recording! Unfortunatley I couldn't make it.

Yes, an indication of range was planned but was pushed back due to balancing and wave building.

I am not entirely sure about the colorblind issue since the hit feedback is not essential for gameplay and there is also a sound playing when you hit enemies, but yeah flashing things in another color would be a good idea. We wanted to pay abit more attention to the controls though which we didn't get around to unfortunately. Like also enabling the player to build towers with a keypress and navigate the menus with the keyboard or a joypad.

Thanks for playing!

This is a fun game! It also reminded me of the wario ware games with the minigames. I liked how each task/minigame kinda built up on the last one.

This is a really good game! I liked how the bullets reflect from the walls which enabled you to do some cool trickshots.

I found the penalty of losing a level a bit too harsh though. Could only play the first three levels before giving up. I think adding maybe 2 or 3 lives to the player would have smoothed the difficulty curve a bit.

Lovely platformer with satisfying weapon design and gameplay. Also creative use of the theme :)

For some reason the game crashed for me on the second bossfight though(Segfault). I had a similar issue with my last jam game where I used coroutines and didn't stop them before freeing a node, but looking at your source code I think it's caused by something else.

Nice little platformer! The pacing/difficulty curve and level design was very good and the puzzles enjoyable. Good work!

This game is really fun and polished! One of the best puzzle designs I saw during a jam. I like how it is a mix of waiting, planning and also reacting fast for certain levels. The difficulity curve ramped up smoothly too.

I was stuck a bit at one level where I didn't realize I could open doors by just bumping into walls and not actually moving. But once I figured that out was able to continue and finish this game :)

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Nice game! I really liked the music being synced up to the gameplay. It builds tension and motivates you to keep playing.

One suggestion I would have is adding some kind of feedback when you hit enemies with more than 1 hp(just playing a sound would be fine). It took me a while to figure that I just have to hit the ramming enemy twice. At first I assumed I have to hit him when he hit a wall and  is paralyzed and got killed alot of times.

I made the same mistakes with my platformers and since improved with the honest feedback of players.
But balancing is still challenging for me because as a developer you play your game much longer than the usual rater and hence know all the tricks. Always room to improve :)

Thanks for playing and I agree. I had lots more polish planed for the UI but it had lower priority than all the other things ^^

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I liked the concept and simple graphics of the game. My high score is 426.

The controls were very original but also abit frustrating. On the web build you have to be very precise with the mouse. I think you can fix that by letting the player enter fullscreen mode(there is a checkbox at the web upload thing)

Good work!

Nice little game!
I liked the music and sounds of this game alot. When the radar pings and search music aligned once it sounded pretty cool.
The art is also very cute :)

Also the idea that you searching for treasures get easier with the upgrades is nice but I have to agree with the others that finding your first one is kinda painful.

Good job!

Nice game! I liked the sliding mechanic and art alot.
I would have appreciated some easier levels or mechanics like coyote jump and checkpoints between some difficult parts of the levels. Couldn't bring myself to play much further than the first two levels but I am also probably not your target audience :)

Good work!

Thanks for playing!

Level 4 was a bit rushed and not balanced and polished enough but you can cheese it by trying to destroy the "turrets" before they can shoot.

That is actually a good advice offering arrow keys for flying too.
I will keep that in mind for next jams since it's a really easy addition. Thanks!

Thanks for playing!

The final level was the last thing I tried to do and didn't receive as much testing and polishing as I would have liked.
As a result of that there are some subtle bugs and edge cases that need fixing :)

Very juicy game with epic music. Nice work!

Hard but very fun game! Gameplay wise I think your game is better than mine since you managed to add upgrades and the map is very nice aswell.

I think tweaking the rng a bit to the favor of the player would be nice though, since I often got upgrades I already had. I managed to get to 1450 Points when I had good luck and fully upgraded blasters.

The game looks really great and I like the idea of the 3d platforming. I jumped the first platforms but then figured out I could fly by holding c after jumping xD

I think with some tweaking of the character controller, adding music and checkpoints this could be become an even better game! Nice work!

Nice looking game with great atmosphere(even though it kinda fried my gpu in 4k xD).

I like the idea of exploring a planet and collecting different stuff but it kinda felt abit too slow and confusing for me. I managed to collect one type 1 alien thing but then couldn't collect any other ones I found. Adding the option to view from first person and increasing the movment speed would be a good addition I think.

This game was fun! I liked the ai of the aliens(they even communicate when one of them finds you?) and the fact that the game allows you to be eather very sneaky/stealth or just shoot and take cover fast enough. Good work!

Fun little game! Easily one of the best looking and sounding ones this jam. As other have said it's abit hard to master though. I think adding some easier levels at the beginning and adding an ingame tutorial would be a great addition. Good work!

Thanks! I tried to polish abit more than usual this time.

Yeah I am also getting random crashes. Might have something to do with me using the newest preview of godot. I didn't have any luck reproducing it reliably nor getting hints what might be the problem. The code is abit messy too xD

Thanks for playing and the kind words.

Adding thrusters and more juice was on my to-do list too but farther down and had to be cut due to time. I will consider updating the game though after the rating period is over.

Nice! Thank you!

Lovely game :) I found it a bit easy since you can't die but enjoyed it nonetheless. The story and art was beautiful and the game made me laugh at some places. The bullet patterns of the bosses were what I liked most though, nice work!

Best plaformer I played this jam so far. The controls feel nice and the mechanics and level are well made! Would play more of them :)

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This game is a peace of art! It was a joy to explore all the rooms and their unique composition. Definitely inspiring. Good work!

Ah I see. Thanks! I managed to kill some enemies but I think I need more practice drawing the arrow thing to kill 50 of these(I couldn't find the exact number though in the rules or page). I kinda suck at drawing these and you are under pressure when the ghots are coming close xD
Balancing games is really hard though, since youself as a developer know the game best and probably know all the tricks and have all the practice.

As all the other have said this game was not only original and intresting but also very polished and enjoyable to me who doesn't play blackjack. The tutorial was a good introduction into the mechanics and the dalogue and boss fights intresting. Great Job!

Nice little platformer and great job for the first jam game! The controls and game felt nice to play.

I liked the first two or three levels. They had a great pacing, but the level where you phrase through walls and have to jump on the tiny platforms was a bit too frustrating for me. Eventually I learned I only had to press left/up or right/up for the same amount of time and beat the level/game though. Adding some more checkpoints in that level would be a good idea I think.

Nice work on your first jam game!

I really liked the concept and presentation of the game. The idea of having to draw these spells to do stuff was nice, but also a hard at first. I am also kinda lost what the actual goal of the game is.
I managed to use the drawing spells to push the appearing ghosts/enemies away but never managed to kill them. Eventually I would always die, because they kept coming.

I think pausing the game completely while drawing could have made it easier. Together with adding a healthbar and instructions how to beat the game could make it a great/better game!

I really liked the art and music. It gives a nice atmosphere!

It took me multiple tries to beat the game, but was happy to reach the top floor. It was abit frustrating at first because the controls/mechanics differ from most platformers and there are no checkpoints but it was fine. I think adding one or two checkpoints and making the character be able to move horizontally while jumping would make the game easier and more accessible, but I can see how that could maybe make the game too easy maybe.

Very nice concept and game. I also liked the graphics and atmosphere the game has a lot.

It took me multiple tries to beat the game because of oxygen issues but after learning the mechanics I managed it to do it! Having to drill the exact spot of the ores was the most important thing to learn, with the addition of not always having to press forward to conserve fuel. I know the ore part was mentioned in the instructions though, I realized that after restarting the game. Maybe making the air deplete a little slower could make it more enjoyabe for new players.

Nice game! I especially liked the level design and graphics a lot. Also the idea that you unlock the sections with the courage points is nice.

I found the game a bit hard and punishing though. The first two levels were relatively easy, but it took me some time to realize that you can hold space for higher jumps(even though that's for most platformers). Also it feels like the player decellerates too fast when letting go of the arrow keys. Maybe just a matter of preference though.

The 3rd and 4th levels were much harder though, and took me multiple tries to beat. I wouldn't mind trying them multiple times but resetting the whole game because you die is boring, since the first two levels are so easy. After half and hour I managed to reach the bossfight but died, and can't bring myself to play through the whole game again.

So in conclusion the single improvement for this game imho is to add checkpoints when you die before the level/courage sections of the game. Everything else was superb though! So much attention to detail, like having the turrets indicate when they fire, or the character looking happy when collecting courage shard. I enjoyed the game very much!

This game felt really polished and was fun playing. Was hooked and would keep playing more levels.
I also liked the clarity a lot. Could learn the game within the first minute without even needing a tutorial.

Good Job!

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This gave me to the moon vibes. Nice atmosphere and story. Loved the bookshelf :)

I wish the game window would be resizable though. Had to use screen magnifier to play on my 4k screen.

Hello there,

We are a team of two at the moment looking for an artist helping us out with some pixel art.
The plan is to work on a RPG type game similar to the old chrono trigger or the newer game crosscode.
If you are interested you, please leave a comment or reach out to me on the Jams Discord.

I love puzzle games and this game had me hooked.
Quite had some epiphany moments with this easy to understand but hard to master mechanic.
The levels were designed very well.
Good job!