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This game felt really polished and was fun playing. Was hooked and would keep playing more levels.
I also liked the clarity a lot. Could learn the game within the first minute without even needing a tutorial.

Good Job!

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This gave me to the moon vibes. Nice atmosphere and story. Loved the bookshelf :)

I wish the game window would be resizable though. Had to use screen magnifier to play on my 4k screen.

Hello there,

We are a team of two at the moment looking for an artist helping us out with some pixel art.
The plan is to work on a RPG type game similar to the old chrono trigger or the newer game crosscode.
If you are interested you, please leave a comment or reach out to me on the Jams Discord.

I love puzzle games and this game had me hooked.
Quite had some epiphany moments with this easy to understand but hard to master mechanic.
The levels were designed very well.
Good job!

I think this game could be a nice learning experience for pixel art noobs like me.
As mirroring things is easy but not too easy you can probably learn some pixel art patterns this way.
Nice work!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, even though I wrote it in the game description I think I should have hinted at that during the beginning in the game itself.
This might actually be the reason people having a hard time to beat the reactor room.

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Thanks for the feedback, but I don't understand some of your points.

> -The robots does'nt attack even when we are next to it

The driving robots were designed to be similar to super mario gumbas,
would you also make them shoot bullets? Once you touch them they actually "attack" you.
But maybe you mean the drones, they don't attack on touching yeah.

> -Drones fire even when the robot is standing in the dark.

The lamps are actually just decoration in the game but I can see that it can be confusing, especially
when using this 1-bit palette.

> -When robot goes down with the lift we will not be able to shoot drones , but they can ,their bullets pass through the wall which seemed a bit bad.You could make holes in the wall.

I found the dodging during the elevator to be fun, I haven't tried it but actually being able to shoot the drones during the ride could actually make it harder since you then would have to dodge the bullets and shoot the drones at the same time.

Nice platformer with good difficulty progression.
The geiger counter mechanic is nice.

If you ever want to add a sound effect this is how I did it:

Each frame in you decide randomly with the probability as the amount of radioactivity to play a tick sound. Was really easy to implement. Should be easy to do in unity as well.

Wow this game not only looks great but also has a story to it.
I like how even the face is animated.
I also actually wanted to implement something similar to your flashlight thing. Really liked the idea.
The music is also quite fitting. It helps setting the mood.
Good job!

Gameplay wise I found the platforming/jumping really awkward as well. Not sure why though.
Probably a little less friction and more speed and jump height needed? Crossing the spikes in the nuclear power plant was quite frustrating.
Also I kept pressing W by accident and was skipping entire sections of the game. I guess you just forgot to remove that debug keybind before deploying the game.

Nice little game that looks really good. Really liked the artwork.

Don't know if it's just me but the game doesn't really scale for me and looks tiny on 4k screen.
I see you are also using godot. You can enable scaling/stretching in Project Settings -> General Tab -> Display Section -> Window and set Stretch to 2d and Aspect to Keep.

The puzzles were fun, the mirror mechanic quite creative and the progression felt really good.
Good job!

Can you provide instructions how to run this without having to login into a google account?
It's kinda hard to try this game out.

Thank you! Checkpoints are a thing that I'll focus more on in my next games.
Was also my first pixel art work :)

The game really looks great! Great progression through the whole game with good placement of checkpoints. The title screen is really cool too.

For some reason sound didn't work on chrome here though.

I really liked the idea of the reflection attack. Also the way you get introduced to it is quite nice, finding the two powerup items.

Unfortunately I couldn't beat the boss after 5 attempts. Timing the shield deploy is quite the challenge. I think it would be more fun if you would remove or prolong the timing constraint, at least for the boss since I found timing the shield deployment and aiming at the bullets a bit overwhelming. I managed to get it's health in half. Maybe some healing items during the fight would also help.

Hey, thanks for playing.

You are totally right with the death thing. A checkpoint system was planned but I couldn't manage to implement it in time.
The reactor room was the last one I made and didn't have time to properly balance it. I tried to place more batteries and found it managable
but I see where you are coming from.

As a tip for fighting the drones: If you shoot quick enough you can actually destroy their bullets. Also for some drones in the
reactor it is best to keep distance so you can react better on their bullets.

Hey, thanks for playing. Unfortunately there is only this one level. The level design might be bit misleading since I made the level in a hurry after finishing the basic mechanics(jumping, camera,collision).
It's my first jump'n'run prototype, once you reached the exit sign you "won" the game ^^

I loved the intro and the art and music, but unfortunately also got the white screen after the first platform.

I like the idea of learning a melody in the game, with some tweaks in the phyiscs and controls It could be a lot of fun.  As a piano lover I also enjoyed the menu music :).

Thank you! I'd have loved to add more gameplay and levels but I was busy getting the physics right :)

I'll consider updating the game, adding more levels and stuff you can do.

Very fun, funny and addicting. OwO

Very nice two levels! Hard but nice. The wall sliding made some sections a bit easier  than at first look.

I loved the art and liked the idea of timing the keys!
A sound aid before the music starts would be a good addition indeed!