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It's just a noise shader mixed in on top of everything else. 

Pro tip: disable it while creating GIFs, otherwise file size will be 10x bigger and you can't upload it anywhere :)

Thanks for playing!

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Great level design. Last levels were so hard I thought I was missing dash or triple jump :D

And then I thought "If there was death counter, I would have a few hundred". And I was right  :) (254 - can't paste screenshot)

No idea where the 8th item was though.

Plain white and black are a bit tiring for the eyes. Iit's very hard to come up with nice 1 bit palette, I'd just steal one from Obra Dinn ;)

Looks just amazing. Great mood with visuals, music and writing. 

I managed to break my first time by putting pipes behind the desk, then they would just disappear and I couldn't pick them up. 

Some more feedback would be nice, at first I wasn't sure if I was in phase 2 or still in phase 1 and something was missing.

Awesome game, good luck!

Controls are nicely tuned to envornment, but the friction could be a bit bigger, I felt like I was walking on ice. Levels are desigened nicely teaching you as you progress. Background is a bit flashy and demanding too much attention. Smiply changing it's color to be a bit more darker or transparent would highlight foreground, which is important for gameplay. 

Great job. Platformers are very hard to implement in such short time. Cheers!

Controls require some getting used to, I expect this scheme more for a tank or a car, but I got used to it. Personaly I don't enjoy mazes, but I was able to complete them thanks to walkthrough, although not without difficilties :)

Music at the end is great, IMO it would fit better for the boss fight though :)

Btw. I found out that you can attack with any mouse button, but for some reason only middle mouse button does not produce laser sound effect, while LMB and RMB do. Just something interesting I noticed :)

Quite short unfortunately, but the presentation is great. Starting with intro music and all the artwork throughout is awesome. Font, although looks nice is a bit hard to read. Great job! :)

Art looks great and is very distinct. Room/house transitions are nice and fluid. I'd love to see it as a complete experience. Keep it up! :)

Cool game. Narration and adds a lot to the atmosphere and explains the game well. Great job!

Not sure what to do, but I'll let it run for a while, let's hope something will happen :)

I'd recommend using different colors than pure white/black/red/... as these are more straining for the eyes. There are many sites that help you find color palette. Easy change that will make any game you make a lot nicer to look at.

Cheers! :)

Unfortunately no. I couldn't work on the game for the entire duration of the jam, so I had to compromise and do something fast. Given more time, I'd definitely do something more satisfying. 

I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.

Cool! I love cheatcodes.  Altough, there should be one '1' there, to get the combo and maximize value :D

What an awesome game. I had a blast all the way through. 

At first I was charmed by beautiful, responsive UI. Then I was focused figuring out the system you've created. Before getting 5 dice I was playing it safe and each fight took a bit long, but after that I started using doubling and it got much quicker.

Music and sound effects fit the game perfectly, pixel art is wonderful. I wonder how did you make shadows for player and monsters? Are they created for each character or generated somehow?

I have encountered a small bug in the UI - when using 7's double power, often the UI would show regular (not doubled) numbers. Also, after finishing the game when you start new game, you can't select any tile, so you have to restart the game to play again.

Here's small portion of the screen after starting new game  that I hope itch will allow to post :)

Great job guys. I loved it!

Well done on finishing. That's the hardest part :) 

Keep it up!

What a huge amount of content. How many lines of dialogue did you write? I was struggling last jam with only a fraction of that :) And the voice lines. Really impressive amount of work and polish.

I enjoyed the story even though I could not figure it out in the end. Hope to see more from you! 

Check out the playthrough from MegaBrutal :)

I managed to win after leveling up to 20! :)

I had to restart the game a few times as when I went off screen I could not go back (I think I might have fallen? )

Finally I know how these puzzles are called, I played something similar before :)

The difficulty is a bit high, not sure if your code would allow easily creating smaller grids, but ramping up the size would give a nice difficulty curve. (Later I found "easier mode" in settings, but I'm not sure what it does)

UX is very nice. Visuals are minimalistic, but cohesive and pleasant and sfx improves the experience a lot.

Fun story and dialogues. Art looks great. Although I wasn't sure if I should get high scores in minigames or if I should fail on purpose as I don't want to get married, so low score seemed to be the way :)

I mostly meant doors, I think they're disappearing immediately after collecting the key

I agree that delaying player input by almost a second is terrible idea. I tried improving that by adding some immidiate feedback (tile highlight), but it's still not ideal. 

Nice game. 

You could try to fade out entities before destroying them. It's very fast to do once you know AnimationPlayer node and adds a lot to the polished feel.

Awesome idea and execution. 7 is a b***h, took me ~20 tries before I had plan for his every attack and managed to kill them. 

Amazing variety of weapons and boss battles. One thing that could be improved on is the visibility. Some attacks are hard to see and function description under each platform is nice (I HAVE to see the source code :) ), but could be less distracting if opacity was decreased. This is just a minor nitpick, as if the visuals were better, and some more polish added and balanced, I'd pay for it. Such unique idea!

What an awesome game, definitely subverted my expectations. And the ending! :)

Would love to see more of it!

The code is terrible and there could be some edge-cases I missed, or perhaps the rules were not explained clearly. 

From your description I think you got almost to the end, great job! 

As for the turns... for me, because I was testing and tweaking it constantly it was a bit slow at 0.6s per turn, but I gave it to my nephew to try and he was having issues, so I changed it to 1.0s. Then for the final version I went with 0.8s as I wanted it to be challenging, but I should spend more time on this. I thought of doing difficulty levels, but I'd also have to create UI for it and I prioritized other tasks. Now thinking about it, it would take like 20 mins to implement, definitely first thing I would implement given more time.

Lovely! And such polish. I wonder if one of you has a cat with different eye colors? :)

Great animations, great sounds, awesome complete experience. Cheers!

Great use for otherwise useless pieces of plastic that I have after finishing Legacy :)

Thanks, glad you liked it!

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It's a bit hard to figure out what's going on at first, but after it clicks it's very clever premise. You could expand on that, working on UX first after the jam.

I'd add the description from github to the game page and also say that it's "deckbuilder autobattler" - I was spamming every button on my keyboard and clicking everything during the battle, because I didn't know what was going on :)

After buying 8th queue slot and having 8 cards in deck, I think I broke the game (it froze mid-battle, but then, about minute later, it unfroze and I won the battle)

After that I was afraid to upgrade queue, bought 1 extra card, and managed to win :)


I think it's the first jam game that I played with opening cinematic :)

There's so much content here, I'm amazed. 

I'm not sure if I played it correctly, as I only managed to complete 2 levels "legit", then I became immortal and only finished 6 levels like this.

Very unique gameplay, a lot of great ideas. One thing that was frustrating for me was drowning when trying to fix the ship as it was hard to aim for platforms, especially at the front with cannon colliding. 

Great art, fitting music. I only wish there was more levels!

Running animation is great, reminded me of Naruto :D

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Very pleasant and original :) Art is wonderful, music fits well. Would love to see other people creations, as a leaderboard of sorts.

I suppose you could remove the .exe and .pck files, as they are both needed and are included in the .zip. At first I downloaded the .exe and I thought that the game didn't work

Great dialogue, helped me a lot when I was getting lost :) 

But then I saw the red light and decided to go there. From there the game only got better, I enjoyed it the more I played. Cheers!

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Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

Edit: Do do doo doooo :)

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Thanks for the detailed comment!

Mouse clicking is for the Web version, as you need to click on the game window after it loads, otherwise your input wont register.

But I had to remove web version, as the sound quality was terrible - something I've encountered on every game I have played this jam that had web export

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I also had issues with YSorting this jam. Here's how I did it

1. Ground above YSort

2. on each non-ground entity move sprite up, so that it starts at Y=0 and goes up (trees, player - whatever needs to be YSorted)

3. Use YSort instead of Node2D as containers 

4*. (In my screenshots root YSort node on all props (trees, trunks) is actually disabled, as I didn't know what I was doing - you should use Node2D there (or Area, KinematicBody,...) :)

It's all fun and games, but... HOW DARE YOU not YSort the trees? Literally unplayable :)

Great idea with leaderboard, it made the score feel more meaningful and kept me playing for longer :)

Cool, unique mechanic. I like the 1bit art style.

Awesome game, great atmosphere. Music, art, sfx, effect when going under water - it's beautiful.

It took me a while to start using dash, as pressing R button meant I couldn't go right at the same time comfortably. I tried remapping R to space, but when pressing space buttons get trigerred, so I couldn't do that - during gameplay I often pressed space by mistake trying to jump and it would open the journal - because button was in focus. You can set `enabled_focus_mode` on button and it should solve the issue.

I love the rain effect, could you share how you accomplished that?