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yes I like and it also mean I can reuse some of the code for each Jam

I have joined 3 times before. You can download my games including game assets, music and code from if you need inspiration

Thanks for the tip. You made my day.

Thank you. 

You are right. The the game could have used more levels but I was running out of time for the jam where I made it.

I might make a new version of the game with the feedback I got

thank you for playing. 

And I wish I did have art skills so I did not need othrr peoples assets

You are right.  I need to improve in that area

Thank you. for playing . I wished I did have more time for adding more enemies and levels to the game. Special the last enemy is not used enough

It is a bit slow but I liked when the text came. Made me laugh 

Very nice 2d shooter.  I am kind of missing an alternative shooting mode on right mouse button (could me mines or something). Just a random idear

The foundation is good. But the battle seems a bit dull. Maybe some animation of what is going on while waiting?

Very nice cool idea you got. If you should do some extra work on the game then I would recomend to look at the artwork

You are right

You are right. I should use him more. and make him go up and down as well. 

I was thinking of adding this feature as well. 

Nice concept. I think the the game could be improved if you put a roof instead of a gray area and some music as well

Nice game. Have you thought about adding some weapons and more enemies? 

Very nice concept. And relaxing music

Cool concept but it is a bit defficult

very nice background story for your game. thank you for creating it

that depends if you like that kind of games. Personal it is not my kind of game but I understnad that ohter like it

Thank you

I like that you could hang in there with 7. I wish you have explored that a bit more. The controls could be a bit more polished 

Very good game. Have you tough about adding gamepad support?

Nice music and good art style. I could not find my way after the first 2 enemies as well.

If you want to improve the game then add some dead animation to the enemies when they dies

Great game. 

But you could make more variation in the levels 

Very good game. I liked the sound design on this one

I did find the game more wired (in a good way) than fun

Thank you for playing my game

A wired and creeping game 

Very interesting art style. If you want to improve your game then add a idle animation as well

it is a schame. I can see that he reacts on A and D key (he change poster) but he does not move.

One of the better games in this jam. Could use a bit more polish tought to going from good to very good. But it is highly recommended

A little fun game. I think that there is room for more levels

Do you have a HTML version or Linux build so I can try it?

Nice game. And an nice touch with gamepad support as well

Your are right. There should have been a higher contrast between the spikes and the background.