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Thank you

If it is possible then please add the games here as well;

I would like to add my 3 games (including their assets):

And also my collection of those 3 games:

I really fun sim game. However I wish I could move things around after I bought it and I also wish I could buy place one after another instead of going to the shop every time I needed more han one of the desks

Nice artwork. Did you make it yourself?

It is very polite of you that you add the source of music,SFX and fonts. I like that

The idea is good but I think there is some area the game needs to improve in.
1: Walking feels wrong (maybe to slow)

2: Chopping feels bad (I think it is to slow)

3: The area does not feel cold (maybe a ground texture and some snow would help?)

A highly recomended game. Enjoyed it it a lot. 

Your game made me laugh. 

An idea if you want to make a version 2: Instead of the same story then you could  have different stories each time?

the movement was nice (good work there) and te same goes for the camerar. The artwork is nice and simple.

Here is something you could improve on:
1: There should be a spot underneath the char so you can see where you will land (see how they did it in super mario 64).
2: There should be some more background and ground instead of just white 
3: Some background music and SFX would help

I would say this is a very cozy game.  It is one of the best games in the jam.

If you want to improve it then here is some areas:
1: The riverbench (where the ground meet the river) could use more work.
2: The bridge/water transaction could use some work. It looks like it is floating.
3: The water in the river looks like it stands still. Maybe animate it?
4: Some background music could be nice (but not to loud)

Very nice. I have download it. Thank  you for sharing 

I am running Linux

a small nice game. I would recomend to put some outline around the hero if you want to improve your game

Most of the graphics is pretty cute.  But the striped background hurts my eyes (special when running).

It is about keeping her warm. But how can I see how cold/warm she is?

It is a bit depressed (mainly because of the music). The music and artwork fits together 

I would say that this is one of the best games of the jam (so far) that I have been playing. If I should come with a suggestion then you can make the different areas more different.

What license is your source code under?

What to say more than: This is a very cozy and cute game

I could not play the Linux version. It complained about missing PCK-file. 

very good artwork on this game.

There is a few places where I would expect to be able to go from one scene to the next since there was no visual effects that would be in my way but I could not do that

The base idea is great of this game but I could not figure out how to control the slade. If you choice to make a version 2 of the game then you could also add a few extra shooting options?

I know that that I am not the target audience but I apply you for trying to make a different type of game. However I find it very hard to play it. I dont know how exactly to improve it but I think it would be good to have "shorter menu" (less options) or also be more conistend in the way the menus are constructed.

If you make v2 of the game then let me know? 

I could not figure out how to feed the baby black whole

Nice low poly graphical style. 

It isnot my type of game but I can see where yo want to take it and it is decently made

The basic part of the game could be fun but it need to be more polished. Example there is no good education of health. And the primary weapon dont have a sound effect but the secondary weapon does. And both weapons look alike. And you can go outside the snowy area 

I think it is a bit wired with 3D art and point'n'click adventure. It feels wrong. Maybe it is be who are bit to old for those fanzy 3d artwork


Nice way of being "cozy". Some of your pixel art is very good (the picture frame and microwave) but some of them could use the same level of polishing.

Sorry· I could not figure out out start the game. I could navigate the menu (tab and arrow keys) but enter did not start the game.

I could not figure out how to stop freezing (even with the blanket)

A fun game. 

Maybe add a char that reflect once actions?

You made me laugh :)
The strongest part is also the weakest part (the lenght of the game)

A decent game but you need to improve the telegraph of the rules in a better way than "here is a video" :=)

I think your base idea (the cleaning parts) needs to be re-think since I did not find it fun at all. Maybe it is just me.

Nice mood. The char feels a bit slugish when walking around and I was able to walk into the void (the leave the floor)

There is not Linux version or web version so I cannot play this game. Unplayable games get lowest ranking possible 

There is not Linux version or web version so I cannot play this game. Unplayable games get lowest ranking possible