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A 3D, first person shooter about a queen and her 7 legendary gnomes that try to take back her throne. With a golden gun.
Submitted by Urodela Games (@urodelagames) — 3 minutes, 33 seconds before the deadline
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First person shooter about a Queen and her 7 gnomes!


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Solid foundation! It’s definitely one of the more complete FPS submissions I’ve seen– It’s got a lot of the things we expect from the FPS.

I got to round 3 and then fell off the map, so it could use a little more polish on that kind of thing.


Ha, that's been happening to a lot of people. Polish definitely needs to happen. Thanks for playing!


Definitely not what I was expecting... but an interesting little game with a nice base of mechanics and some cool variations to use in fights with the gnomes.  Though you do seem to get them pretty rarely and generally not the one you want.  I feel like having it be on a cooldown per gnome would've been a bit more interesting.  

One thing I do have to say, and this is probably accidental.  But the intro story heavily reminded me of Avatar The Last Airbender, which like I said, was probably accidental.  Otherwise though it was an interesting bit of challenge to try and defeat all the enemies and adapt to the gnomes I got.

I definitely felt like something was a little off with the aim, and would've really preferred if there was a way to turn off fullscreen.  But otherwise more content would've just been fun, it's a pretty complete game tho.  Especially that great reuse of assets.  Very efficient.


thanks EroAxe! Totally ripped the story from Avatar the Last Airbender LOL. So you’re the first to catch that.

Yeah the gnomes need a lot of work. And getting the one you want can get frustrating - right now they’re completely random. It should’ve been a bag where you choose one at random out of the 7 gnomes, until that bag runs out. That way, you’re guaranteed a unique gnome every 7th shot.

thanks for the kind words and playing my game.


Okay I thought I was crazy when I said it was Avatar but good to know I'm not.  I definitely feel like that bag idea would be a cool addition.  Otherwise though most of the games pretty interesting.

Seriously tho, great story.


Very nice FPS game! I love the seven dwarves theme used and the voice over adds a lot of character to the game, easily making up for the otherwise grey and boxy environment (which, btw, I am not criticizing the simple level geometry in any way! As someone who also attempted an FPS this jam, I can definitely appreciate the KISS nature of your design). The controls felt smooth and all of the mechanics came together very well!

The only thing that stuck out to me… and this is ridiculously minor, over all… was I noticed I was sliding down the ramps. I’m not sure if this was intended, but the bumpy nature in which I was sliding down them felt a little buggy-ish. This didn’t detract from the over-all game, though. It’s just something I noticed.

Great work!!


Really, really amazing entry! Great work! The controls felt great!
I wish there was more feedback to when I got hit or scored a hit and things of that nature, but there was already so much packed into this project that I can't imagine how you could have increased the scope, ha!
Also, there were a few times when I dodge rolled and it put me underneath the floor and then I fell nonstop until I just had to restart the game entirely. Avoiding that entirely would be good, but at least a kill plane underneath the castle so you don't have to exit and restart the game would be nice.
But overall, really awesome game! Nice job!


I’ve gotten a lot of advice on adding a kill plane, I’ll definitely have to do that. Thanks for playing!


A cool idea but too hard for me to get very far. There were some accessibility issues: no way to view controls except the tutorials at the beginning. In the menu about gnome powers there was no way to differentiate other than color which is an issue if you are colorblind.


yeah you’re absolutely right, I could’ve made colorblindness accessibility better. Thanks for playing!


Hi Urodela Games, I really like the running around fast and shooting stuff. Sometimes I would get on an isolated ledge and pick the enemies off one by one. The headshot mechanic was satisfying too.


glad you liked it!


Nice game! Good fun, good take on a 3D shooter. I love the gnomes special powers


Thanks for playing! And the kind words.


Do you have a HTML version or Linux build so I can try it?


Sorry about that. Linux build has been added!


Thank you


No problem, thanks for playing!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very cool game! For some reason that reload animation felt so satisyfing to me. The dodge roll mechanic was also very cool as it offered a lot more variation in movement. Although, I didn't use it too much as there was never really anything you'd have to dodge that sprinting wasn't good enough to get away from. But anyway, good work, guys!


That’s so true. I wanted to put more movement options, but sprinting was far superior. And less buggy. Thanks for playing!


The intro is legendary!

The controls could have been better chosen. The R and F buttons are located in very impractical locations, and the space button (the most accessible button) is almost useless. The escape button causes the game to shut down (or crash?) which is not a very enjoyable experience. 

I found most bonuses to be useless. The main problem is that the AoEs are way too tiny, and I couldn't make them land where I needed them.

Falling out of the bridge causes you to be stuck forever.

The enemies often spawn 10cm away from the player.

When the enemies are close to you, it's almost impossible to tell when you get hit. The sound design is really good, it would have been nice to also have a sound effect when the player is being hit. An actual health bar could also make the game a lot easier to play.


thank you for such thorough feedback. I think that I added a ton of features, that I didn’t have much time to balance them all. Also things got buggy real quick. Thanks for playing!


Oh my goodness!  How wonderful!

Can I see how you did the Story/continue dynamics in code?  I have been inching my way towards that...

Such a great story, nice gameplay and dynamics, fun look and feel!


Are you referring to the story narration? For that, I just marked down the seconds elapsed when each sentence started. And then changed the text when those seconds passed!


Great game! Feels very smooth and I love the powers.