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Thanks for checking out our game! We had a lot of fun with the concept.

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Nicely executed. I appreciate that the music is in 7/8, that is a really cool touch that not many people are going to notice. I would have preferred if the music repeated when the song was over though because for the last part of my play through I just ended up with silence.

Our game started out with a similar concept except that we also chose to penalize the player for moving. I think that this works pretty well and it would be really interesting to see how you would have expanded this with more time.

I liked that the spikes encouraged quick decision making. I am not sure that lives were a necessary part of the game though, I don't think it would feel nice if I was forced to replay rooms I had already completed because I ran out of lives. Perhaps that is the type of difficult you are going for though.

Nice game, I imagine the art took quite a few hours to put together and it shows! I nearly always found that giving up two dice didn't feel worth it and that I would rather just keep the numbers for something like healing or blocking. I didn't spend time working out the optimum strategy though so I could be making things harder for myself by avoiding the bonus!

As others have already mentioned, the audio and art were lovely but the controls were pretty difficult to use. 

Interesting concept. I was not able to figure out the third level so I don't know if there was anything beyond that. I would be interesting to see how this could become more fleshed out. I could potentially see this mechanic working well in something like a mobile game.

I thought it was great little experience! The audio and visuals in particular were really good. One piece of feedback I have is that it didn't see like the rabbit was ever getting close so I didn't feel like the stakes were very high in that scene.

Here is what I'm running:

  • Operating System: EndeavourOS (Linux)
  • Processors: 8 × Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz
  • Memory: 15.5 GiB of RAM
  • Graphics Processor: Mesa DRI Intel® HD Graphics 2000

It's a pretty old system at this point but I was able to get a consistent 50 FPS in the game that we made so I know it should be capable enough for most of these types of Game Jam projects.

I really liked the idea but I think my computer was not strong enough to run it properly, I tried the executable and was getting really low FPS to the point were I could not really dodge or shoot reliably. The graphics look fantastic though, well done!

Pretty cool, I managed to beat the final boss after a few tries. I loved the way that the different music tracks faded nicely from one into the other, I'll have to keep that in mind for my own future projects!

I really liked the way the characters  and objects were "animated". Very nice touch.

After you get the end, the main menu allows you to replay any of the levels that you want but you're right that you would have to start from the beginning again to get the power-ups back. Thanks for the feedback though, we're glad you took the time to try out what we made.

Thanks for checking it out! Honestly I think that only one of the people on our team have been able to get all 49 pixies in one run. It is not an easy game! Glad you enjoyed the experience.

Ah there we go, I tried again and was able to get the the end. It was really unclear that I just needed to wait the the beginning. Good job putting this together! It was an interesting experience.

The click sound of the number keys was really satisfying. It took me awhile to figure out how to get through the levels but then I got to level 20 before I died. It was a bit frustrating for the numbers to move right when I clicked the one I needed. This caused me to lose several lives. I would love if there had been an indication for when the numbers were going to move.

I liked the piano sounds and the background ambience. Even after reading the instructions it was not very clear to me how the numbers would be effected by each of the cards at the bottom.

There were some interesting graphics, unfortunately I was not able to determine what I was meant to be doing in the game though. I don't think I got very far because of that.

10:27 completion time, that was fun! I think the toughest part was feeling like there was not enough feedback from the things I was clicking on. I often couldn't tell if I was interacting with something in the right way. For example, it took a long time to figure out exactly how the terminal worked because my expectation was that I could use the enter key! Really enjoyed putting it all together though.

Very well done! I really enjoyed trying this out. I don't think my computer could handle it though because it was really chugging and the tab eventually crashed! Haha, if you put time into anything else with this project I would suggest optimizing some of the code so that it doesn't crash for other people as well!

The sfx and visual feedback on the ui elements is fantastic. I also loved finding out that there were secrets in the levels that I totally missed the first time! I also really liked the music, great job.

We found in the design process that it was difficult to strike a balance between challenging and engaging. Glad you enjoyed it! That art at the end was a commission piece from one of the developer's 5 year old daughter :-)

It was not clear at first that the screen would wrap but once I figured that out I found the experience quite enjoyable. Well done!

Thanks for taking the time to check it out! Really glad to hear people have been enjoying it so far.

Thanks, the music was pretty fun to make, it was a great excuse to play with my new Synthstrom Deluge synthesizer

Nice, I would have like to have a bit more. I'm impressed by the environment art. Each level was quite different

Great game! Really liked the infinite jump mechanic, it really made moving around the room more interesting.

Really liked the bass synth. Would have like if the song had a longer loop that introduced a few more elements, like pads or an arp. Nice idea though!

Love the little protagonist, very easy to root for!