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Submitted by JestemStefan, JohnGabrielUK (@JohnGabrielUK), D4yz (@D4yz_Ag0), Mad Parrot Studios, RomeRomey — 5 minutes, 27 seconds before the deadline
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Game Description
Find SEVEN holy dice and beat the Big Bad in DnD inspired board game. Is game too hard? Ask developers for CHEATCODES

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romeromey, JestemStefan, D4yz, JohnGabrielUK, Vela

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This was amazing and very deserving of the win! It was a little easy once you started getting more dice and the fact you could recover between fights but that didn't dampen my enjoyment at all! I loved every second of this!!


What an awesome game. I had a blast all the way through. 

At first I was charmed by beautiful, responsive UI. Then I was focused figuring out the system you've created. Before getting 5 dice I was playing it safe and each fight took a bit long, but after that I started using doubling and it got much quicker.

Music and sound effects fit the game perfectly, pixel art is wonderful. I wonder how did you make shadows for player and monsters? Are they created for each character or generated somehow?

I have encountered a small bug in the UI - when using 7's double power, often the UI would show regular (not doubled) numbers. Also, after finishing the game when you start new game, you can't select any tile, so you have to restart the game to play again.

Here's small portion of the screen after starting new game  that I hope itch will allow to post :)

Great job guys. I loved it!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Congratulations! You found all the bugs and unlocked Bug Hunter badge :D

The "7" skill is working in the code every time, but UI for it has 2s delay between activating it and stats windows updating.
It was last minute fix for sound looping bug that was present only in exported version, but not in editor.
The fix was to put 2s timer and stop sound after timeout signal and that's from delay comes from.

The bug for playing again was spotted after uploading the game and is caused by the fact that we forgot to reset game state when starting new one and it's crashing.
It's all fixed already and waiting for jam to end to upload new version.

Here is your reward: While in Main Menu tap on keyboard: "iroll20". You should hear the short laugh and now you have 7 lucky dices and you are invincible.

Thank you for playing!


Cool! I love cheatcodes.  Altough, there should be one '1' there, to get the combo and maximize value :D


very fleshed out game that I wasn't expecting and a lot harder than I was expecting especially from the bosses.  Though surprisingly less challenge than I expected from the final boss, probably due to the number of dice I had at the end.  The games based on an interesting system though, with the turn based combat relying on randomized dice rolls and adding in the feature of doubling all values with a seven on top of the splits you can do between different stats.  

It had an interesting idea of strategy, though unfortunately I didn't end up using it too much throughout my run through. Once I had a few more dice the game pretty much become a attack rush and not much else.  The enemies would heal consistently and build up massive shields if I didn't attack as much as I could so I just ended up tanking it all and spam attacking :/

Other than the balance though the entirety of the game is a really nice basis and had some really cool ideas.  Maybe some sort of dice variants could've helped?  Rather than just more dice every boss you beat.  Some dice could be limited to certain numbers or certain things, ex. an attack dice that does more if you only attack, etc..

One thing that was a bit annoying to me though, was the placement and handling off the dice rolling.  Since you end up rolling every turn and you also end up moving dice into the different areas every turn it became kinda repetitive to go all the way to the top to roll and drag all the way to the left to pick something.  

Not to mention for the first little bit I was a bit confused since I didn't really know what I was supposed to do or where the dice were supposed to go.  Once I figured it out though it definitely made more sense, though it was still a little weird.  Especially the number display in comparison to the display on the 7 dice and enemies "double dice" which were all in middle of the dice.  

So personally I'd prefer if the UI was tweaked slightly, and something that could be helpful would be adding the ability to say, double click a certain stat and put everything into it.  That way if you are going for an all in strategy, it's less time consuming.  Though as I said the game also feels like it needs a bit of balancing so I'd recommend doing that first, since making a spam strategy easier isn't really gonna help.

A really polished game tho I've gotta say.  And definitely an interesting play through.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Very well made game, I didn't expect anything less from this team, but I'm still impressed! Great graphics, awesome sound (both music and sfx), love the animations, and the gameplay was smooth. That said, the game balance itself is a little off.

As far as I can tell, there's no reason to block if you can heal instead. And I found, especially after a boss or two, there's no reason to block altogether. You have so much health you can just swing until you get some damage before using defensive dice. The only time I'd ever place a dye in blocking is when I had a turn off to heal to full and the enemies defense was high than an attack no longer mattered. Perhaps a mechanic where blocked damage is partially countered, or simply counts for more would make for an interesting trade-off.

The second problem is the "seven" mechanic. At first you have so few dice doubling literally never makes sense, and at 4 dice it almost never makes sense (15/36, of which most are very marginal benefits). Then at five and six dice instead doubling is almost always possible and net positive, making it a no-brainer too. I suppose the only way to really circumvent is, is to have a unique effect, e.g. putting in 7 now, deals/heals X damage in Y turns or gives you +2  to block (or a random stat) for the rest of the battle.

Also, a minor thing that's probably mostly me, but because the doubling of points is only shown after all dice are put in, especially the meaning of the enemy die is hard to see (unless you mouse-over it, which for whatever reason did not occur to me in my playthrough, likely because I can't interact with it myself). I had guessed the effect correctly even without the explicit explanation though, so in that sense the UI was clear :)

Finally, if I'm not mistaken, if you heal and kill on the same turn, the heal does not count. Even though it shows in the battle (e.g. from 25 to 30), the next battle starts with pre-final-turn health levels (25).


The graphics and the music are awesome, but you know that already. :)

Gameplay-wise, I did have fun at the begining, but it became repetitive quite fast; I think it would add something to have the enemies intention displayed on your turn, like "this turn I am most likely to attack/block". Also, do the enemies dispatch their dices between actions at random ? There were times when they could have killed me but didn't because they chose to block or heal for no reason.

I don't see a reason to ever block instead of healing when I am not maxed in HP; blocking gives you extra hp for a turn, while healing gives you extra HP permanently. If the enemy chose not to attack for the full value of your shield, you lose your shield and, in a way, HP, because if you healed, you don't lose whatever value you healed more than what the enemy dealt to you. I don't know how to fix this issue though, I am just pointing it out; maybe have heals be halved, and with the enemies intentions displayed, you would heal when they would not attack. This aside, the combat mechanic was really cool !

And at last, resting in the overworld shouldn't be free. For the common enemies, you can just overpower them by not caring about HP, and healing for free after the battle. If they dropped coins and you had to pay to heal at inns, this would give reasons to be careful and to beat the two enemies on the overworld that are optional.

Great game anyway, I would love to see it become something bigger ! :D


So much fun to play I played nearly 1-2 hours. Also I like the Rimuri referance.


Nice game, I imagine the art took quite a few hours to put together and it shows! I nearly always found that giving up two dice didn't feel worth it and that I would rather just keep the numbers for something like healing or blocking. I didn't spend time working out the optimum strategy though so I could be making things harder for myself by avoiding the bonus!


Thank you for playing! You are right. The "7" skill is not worth using at the start, but later in the game you have 5+ dice and it's veeeery useful. You can boost your actions to incredible values.

Also optimal strategy seems to be attacking as much as possible if you have more dice value then enemy can block


Very nice job! Felt very polished, graphics and music are really really good.
In some fights it seemed that the skill multiplier didnt work (or I dont fully understand how it works), ale some boss fights too really really long because of the healing, it would be nice to have a button to run or cancel a fight. Really great submission :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for playing.

The "7" skill works, but there is 2s delay between activating it an update of the actions. Even if stats don't update the boost still works in the code. You can activate it by putting dice of value 7 inside and wait until the stat box starts blinking green.

The delay was caused by last minute fix we did, because in exported version we had an issue with sound looping that don't exist is editor version.😔

The fight take very long time if both you and enemy heal and block. You can make them much quicker by playing offensively ;)

Thank you for playing once again!

Submitted (1 edit)

> You can activate it by putting dice of value 7 inside and wait until the stat box starts blinking green.
Yeah so I totally misunderstood how it worked :D


For my defence I can say that if you put cursor on the 7 skill it says:

"Put dice of value 7 to make skills twice as effective" and you need to put dice that sum up to 7 and other dices will be twice as effective (like 2x 6 = 12) :D


Yeah, and I understood it as if I have to use a skill with a sum of 7 for it to hit for 14 :P My bad, maybe "Put dice here with value of 7 ..." would be more understandable for me, idk :D


I found myself playing this game way longer than I originally intended when I saw which type of game it is. I found it very capturing, having to make strategic decisions and find it very balanced in its difficulty. Art and music are amazing - great job on this game!


Incredible work, to get such a polished and refined game done in such a short time frame. Kudos! A lot of fun.
I could see this being made into a full-length rpg with customizable dice that you equip and different "skills" you can add to your bar, that sort of thing. Really excellent game.


A very fun game.  I really liked the art, music and sound. Loved the twist at the end. 

I would have liked to have had a bit more decision making as a player.


A great concept with great graphics and audio! Unfortunately the gameplay did get a bit repetitive (that one lich boss was the worst): sometimes it felt like I was just doing math and sometimes I felt like I was just dragging dice to the obvious choice. The fun came in hoping for good luck and, in later game, getting to feel powerful. Also, it seemed kind of cheap that I could just rest whenever I wanted out of battle. I think the game would benefit from more opportunities for carefully thinking out strategy, but I'm not sure what exactly.


Really great job here! I really like how the theme is utilized in the game. Very nicely polished and well presented. This could just be my lack of experience with these types of games, but I initially found it difficult to understand how to play; however, once I did understand, everything just made sense.

Absolutely fantastic job here!


Wow, I loved it!!! You guys did a very good job, the concept is good, the art fits really well in the game and most importantly, I enjoyed playing it :)

It is also well balanced, I had a hard time fighting the south boss with 4 dices but once I got my 5th dice, it became easier and I destroyed those blobs who taunted me. 

I think there is a small bug in the display when we sacrifice a value of 7 dice to double the power of our dice. When we put the first dice of value X to heal, defend or attack, the value is not doubled. The value is only updated when you put a die of value Y but the total climbs very quickly from X to 2X+2Y.


They mentioned this bug today when I streamed. Basically it takes about 2 seconds (the time until the window flashes green) after putting in the 7 before the display shows x2.


Yea. It was literally last minute fix. We had issue with sound looping.

In the code the boost works, but display have a 2s delay until it starts updating. 

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. We worked really hard ☺️


Very well polished, with a semi-solid idea that could be developed further.
I liked the whole package, with the world map, brief context for why we're rolling dice, etc.

When stripping away all the bells and whistles; the core challenge was in studying enemy behaviours, (do they heal? do they attack often?) and comparing own dice rolls to see if "7" mechanic would yield greater results if used/not used.

My issue with this, is that it wasn't very "fun".
There is challenge; but the challenge doesn't feel engaging.
It feels like doing basic math/comparisons.
(I realize this describes nearly all RPGs, but the genre tends to skirt around this issue by having a narrative that pulls the player along, whilst keeping battles as a power-fantasy/optimization challenge that rarely impact the narrative.)

There's definitely something here though, that can be reworked/expanded with more time.
Perhaps instead of binary "attack, defend, heal", there are gradients that you charge up? And then they only activate when hitting certain thresholds, which you decide inside/outside of battle?

I'm not sure, something just felt "off" in the game. There are a multitude of ways to develop this idea further. Hopefully if you continue to work on this game, you can address the issues above.

Good work, strong beginnings of a potential project.


Nice art and music and sound, good execution of the mechanic. Very impressive.

I did find it got a little repetitive. I enjoyed playing and cleared the desert, but the 5 dice lich in the south was taking too long to beat. We were just healing back and forth lol.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Oof. You stopped playing at the best moment. With 5 dices it starts to be easy to use "7" skill.
Sorry to hear you find it repeatable. Some fight are skippable. You just need to clear the one that block path to boss so you don't need to clear the whole desert.

From my experience the working strategy against lich is usually more offensive and like :
- block/heal on weak rolls
-Wait for good roll like 6, 5, 6, 4, 3.
- Use 4 and 3 to trigger "7" skill and get 2x boost
- Use other dice for attack. (You should deal 17 x2 = 34 damage this way.)
- after 2-3 attacks like that you should be done even if Lich heals or blocks. (He has 50 HP)

Game ending is very fun and you missed 2 more unique enemies + final big bad fight.
Thank you for trying our game and I encourage you to play to the end :)

If you still have hard time finishing the game then I can share cheatcode that will give you 7 lucky dices and you don't need to finish every fight ;)


This was fun. Made it across the island to the east, but after that it was taking too long to beat a 5 dice monster.

Good job. Looks nice and the music is good too. Enjoyed playing.


From my experience the working strategy against Lich is being more offensive :

- block/heal on weak rolls

- Attack if you have more dice value then Lich can block.

-Wait for good roll like 6, 5, 6, 4, 3.

- Use 4 and 3 to trigger "7" skill and get 2x boost

- Use other dice for attack. (You should deal 17 x2 = 34 damage this way.)

- after 2-3 attacks like that you should be done even if Lich heals or blocks. (He has 50 HP)

This way the fight usually take like 3-5 turns to finish. Being defensive gives Lich a chance to heal and fight will go forever.

There is still more in the game (2 more enemies on swamps and final fight with Big Bad). I encourage you to give it a second chance ;)


This is super-solid. I'd say you would have a hard time making it a commercial game without improving the game loop a bit, since the current iteration would be repetitive over time and the balance is off as you progress.  My biggest gripe is the first boss can take forever to beat. Healing is so easy to do you should have just made health restore at the end of each battle.  Overall it's incredibly well polished. I obviously enjoyed myself because I played it right to the end.  I loved the end bosses 2nd state and all the work that went into it.

Submitted (1 edit) (+4)

"Wow" is the best word I could find to describe this game, the art is really good, the animations are flawless and the music is awesome. This game is not something I was especting to see in a game-jam, it's well polished and feels like a fiished game, I had a blast playing it (the Rimuru cameo was really funny, I liked it a lot). Congrats!!


Great fantasy art and music! The only downsides are that the 7 mechanism during the combat is not helpful in the earlier levels and I feel like you can only win the first lich boss merely based on luck. I have lost the fight 10 times in a row.


Yes. At the beginning it is useless, but hey. Fight are pretty easy and you test stuff before going to harder ones.

Game is RNG heavy, but you have a control over it. You are the one putting dice on skills. So it's not only luck. It is a mix of luck and good decisions :)

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