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Hi! Thank you so much for playing this game, and I am really sorry I think there is a little bug. There is a randomness for monsters spawn and despawn. The monster in the window is not gone until thunder ends. If you turn off your flashlight early before the thunder ends game thinks you just turn off your flashlight early before monster gone. After that monster spawn 2 times. So battery lights will never save you (xD). I will fix this and polish the game with an update. Thank you again and good luck with your YouTube channel!

your game is cooler than mine ngl xD very well made and good luck game looks cool

haha xD thank you!

Thank you so much for your comment you are definitely right I wish I made a tutorial or at least a splash screen for the mechanics.

So much fun to play I played nearly 1-2 hours. Also I like the Rimuri referance.

thank you! I am glad you like it.

wow thank you for your feedbacks! if I make a remake or something one day I will definitely consider your feedbacks! and you are really right about sanity meter xD

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thank you! you are really right about tutorial. game needs some really good tutorial.

lol xD thank you!

thank you!

great game and idea you should make a full release after the jam

haha xD thank you so much for your comment

thank you for your comment

Oyun gerçekten çok iyi. Ben beğendim. Tebrikler.

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i'm glad you like it. Actually it's 2 days but my bad

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no problem i hope you like it

try itch app