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Submitted by codsythedumb (@codsythedumb) — 1 day, 20 hours before the deadline
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Really awesome entry, the audio and visual style are really creepy and the jumpscares hit hard.
I think the only major issue with this game is that it needs some explanation (that or I /do/ understand it and it's just too hard) - because I feel like I was checking the windows and turning off the lights when the door opened and keeping myself sane and I just kept on ding dang dyin'. At a point, it stopped being scary because I knew my death was guaranteed LOL
Overall, though, great work!


haha xD thank you!


Loved the atmosphere you created with the visual style and audio. I think I needed a bit more instruction on how to play the game because it took a lot of trial and error to figure things out! A simple splash screen that explained the mechanics would be really helpful. Overall though nice effort - I think with a bit more polish on the gameplay you would have something awesome here!


Thank you so much for your comment you are definitely right I wish I made a tutorial or at least a splash screen for the mechanics.


Holy crap that was scary. Loved how immersive this was. I think the lighting could've been a little better - Even though it was intentionally dark, it was hard to see anything other than the scare!


thank you! I am glad you like it.


Well this uh.. definitely confirms that Horror games are not for me.  It really got me with the jump scares for sure, I was not expecting that much.  But uh, overall it's a pretty well put together complete game.  

Though I do have to say this is also speaking from someone with no experience in horror games that the controls felt a little weird.  I was having to move to this specific place for the "eyes" guy to click the switch, while I was just having to hit space for the "window" guy.  And then I never really got to see the closet guy.

Mostly cause I died to moving between the two others, or to the weird sanity drop when my flashlight ran out of battery... To be more specific tho:

  • All the jumpscares, the jumpscares definitely got me like I said so that's definitely a plus considering the game.  Audio was awesome for sure. 
  • Controls though like I said, felt kinda slow... having to switch up the control scheme completely between the window and the door felt weird.  I spent awhile trying to figure out how to stop "eyes" guy.  Until I realized I had to slowly move over to the button to do it.  Meanwhile trying to watch the window to avoid losing there.  Overall the movement felt really slow... I felt like most of my time was dedicated to trying to move between locations rather than actually dealing with or checking the locations.  
  • Sanity overall felt very... weird.  There were times where I completely lost it all due to my flashlight running out as I walked into the lamp light.  There were others where I'd just lose a bunch etc. Though the main issue was the wait for the death screen.  For whatever reason the "sanity" death screen took forever to come up.  Which meant anytime I died of sanity I just had to wait for it to finish...

Overall though, speaking as someone who has not played a horror game, and probably won't after this.  It's scary and it's definitely interesting, but mostly scary.


wow thank you for your feedbacks! if I make a remake or something one day I will definitely consider your feedbacks! and you are really right about sanity meter xD


I like the retro style. You definitely nailed the atmosphere.

The first time the monster jumped out I almost had a heart attack! I can’t say I really mastered the game and only lasted a few minutes, before the screaming monster grated on me a bit.

I think with a bit of a tutorial and some fleshing out it would be a great game.

Developer (1 edit)

thank you! you are really right about tutorial. game needs some really good tutorial.


I did find the game more wired (in a good way) than fun


lol xD thank you!


Nice one! I will play it more, so far I always got attacked by the monster coming from the window, but I did get the chills when playing it! Nice atmosphere and interesting game!


thank you!


Hi codsythedumb, I'm a big baby, so when I saw the "play with headphones" I was like: "oh boy... here we go." But I did like the art style and the creepyness of the eyes. I like the light management, there's a lot to balance. I liked the sound effects, that brought in an extra layer of fear. I jumped, was scared. Good job.


haha xD thank you so much for your comment