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Thanks! Those are all good points, I appreciate them. I’ll use those in the future to make better stuff, this helps.

Thanks! The sandbags do look like onions, haha.

Thanks for trying it out! I shoulda made the rope more obvious. It blends into the wall pretty well.

Hi Aether95, I really liked the progress I made even when I died. It helped me get reacquainted with using the fists. I really liked the combat, the fast-paced kicking and slashing. Wall jumps were clunky but very nice to have. I liked running around for the weapons while beating up the enemies. This is a solid job!

Hi jonasmv, I liked the progression with the difficulty. At the flying monster I was sure it would swoop down or poop on me. Luckily it did not, haha.

Hi Ernesto, I liked the chickens eating corn and multiplying out of control. I just stood by the corn bin clicking as fast as I could.

Hi zacryol, interesting concept with the giant rock-paper-scissors idea of it all. A bit hard to keep track of what defeats what, but I like the uniqueness of the concept! Cool stuff.

Hi Urodela Games, I really like the running around fast and shooting stuff. Sometimes I would get on an isolated ledge and pick the enemies off one by one. The headshot mechanic was satisfying too.

Hi mikouaji,  I also blocked myself from getting the yellow gem, trapping me in the room. There is a lot of room for additions and expansion though. I do like adventure games very much.

Hi rhitakorrr, I liked the concept of exploding within 7 responses. I was nervous to talk to anyone, and the forced encounters were stressful. I exploded at the little girl. Apparently demanding the helmet doesn't get the job done.

Hi TreeTimes, I really liked the fluid movement. Gliding, climbing, and boost are my favourites, I feel like I can fly. Its great.

Those are great ideas!

Thanks for playing!

Duckling steps. Admittedly, it is quite tricky.

Yay! Good stuff.

Yeah the duck fell off. The stage would definitely not qualify for a safety permit...

I really liked this game. The 7 tower limit was challenging, but it forced me to take more action, which was good. I liked the art, and how the music changed when a new round started. Good touch.

Hi Kreeko, this game was hard, so when I completed a level, I felt pretty ecstatic! The intro was funny, Terry was a funny touch. Its defs rage enducing, haha. Good job!

Hi BuppedBirio, I liked the fishing mechanic. I think the resolution of the game window cuts off the fish counter at the top-right. I do like the fishing status in the bottom right, that could be used with other mechanics, good idea. There is a lot of potential for this game!

Hi ObsidianBlk, I really liked the Goldeneye feel to it. I liked running around and shooting things. It was hard to maneuver at first, as the mouse sensitivity was high for me, wish I could remap it. But I eventually got a handle on it.

A few bugs:

-Enemies cant walk up half-tiles (maybe intentional).

-The game freezes when I die, so unfortunately, I only played as one person.

Overall, good job! I liked the shooter.

3D is impressive. I like that when I die in water it respawns me to the closest piece of land instead of a far-away checkpoint. Wish I could remap the camera controls, but good job.

This was really good! I liked the crispy feel of the game, the intriguing story bits, and the movement mechanic. It was well made. Good job.

Thanks! What is supposed to happen is the duck interacts with SPACE to open the door between the training room and stage. But I am quickly realizing a critical oversight was not including horizontal boundaries to either room, allowing the duck to fall off the edges, haha.

Thanks for letting me know about the treadmill. I’ll find a way to avoid this next time.

Hi Stephann, I liked this concept. The art was cute, the searching sound was catchy and mediated the searching time well. I liked the upgrades along the way. I wish there was a cancel search button. I wanted to explore the islands too, I wondered what could be on them. This is a great concept, with a lot of expandability. Excellent stuff.

Hi  Nisovin, I really liked the concept and the variety of weapons. I liked the boss battles, and how the respawns were close by. It was real fun and enjoyed your game. My favourite part was the mid-jump pause while using the infinite ray. Excellent work!

Hi Knuffwolke, I liked the creepy atmosphere of the broken godot face. It was hard to see the platforms as there was limited light. I liked the pattern matching, that was good.  The mouse sensitivity was high, wish I could change it. The jumping and moving was good tho.

I really liked the player animations and all the tools. This game is pretty open to expansion. It would be exciting to see a polished version.  The pickup button was pretty general, and would pick up stuff I didnt want, and the access points to the other areas were rough to find, but there is a lot going for this idea, I like it.

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Hi EroAxe, that maze was huge. Wish I had a map. I liked the visibility gauge. Wish I could turn up my mouse sensitivity on it. I liked that some of the lights turned on and off, it added more difficulty. I also really liked the tutorial, it was set up very well with the timing of the enemy. Good job.

Hi N8M8, I liked the catchy soundtrack. I died the first round figuring out what to do to beat them. I liked the vibrant animations (winner, the hit animation, the spinning 7's). Good stuff.

Hi Anomma, I like the recharge mechanics and the teleport. It was good fun to run around shooting things. The music dependent upon the mouse position was a bit odd, but both soundtracks were good! Nice job.

Hi Cool Bounana, I really liked the creepy desktop. There is a lot of potential for expansion and sneaking in more unsettling things. I liked the 4th wall breaking interaction, it made it feel more real. Great job!

Hi codsythedumb, I'm a big baby, so when I saw the "play with headphones" I was like: "oh boy... here we go." But I did like the art style and the creepyness of the eyes. I like the light management, there's a lot to balance. I liked the sound effects, that brought in an extra layer of fear. I jumped, was scared. Good job.

Hi Morgan, I really like the concept of the sunflower. At first, I didnt know I could move until I panicked when I ran out of petals. I finally figured out the reload and thought the growth image was real cute. I like the idea of growing your ammo and fighting flies. I wish the music looped, and was a bit quieter, but all in all, I liked it. Good stuff.

Hi GabrielRRussel, I really liked the feel of this game. The controls were smooth and felt good. I liked the frog double jump animation. The music was fun. I liked the final level with the multiple boots in the air to fly to the end. I was sweating every time a new cycle of the level arrived, thinking: "what is it this time?" It was great, good job.

Hi Mousemysak, I liked the tutorial part, it was good to explain what the attacks do. I liked the concept of attacks interacting with each other (setting gas on fire). I was confused when I didnt see any fire or poison effect, but I got the idea. I can circumvent the whole ability mechanic by spamming the dice button. Switching between the arrow keys (menu) to the mouse (main game) took a second to figure out. Overall, good stuff. This has lots of potential.

Bugs I found:

-If there is a fire fist sound, it doesnt play. But the other two abilities do.

-The second enemy crashes the game upon spawn

Thanks! Ya I didn’t even think to make a horizontal boundary to the stage or workout room, haha oops.

A blocking mechanic would be good, aye. That bombardment is brutal.

Thank you!

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haha, I totally forgot to make the stage fall-proof. I can upload the code later on the page for sure.

EDIT: I have the whole project zip on the page now for your download.

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Hi Bastioner, unfortunately the windows version needs the .pck file with the .exe for it to run, which was not included in your post. I was unable to play your game. The game made good use of dying = progress. I liked lighting the torches and loading the gem thing. That was fun. Good job.

Hi PillowTalkStd, I liked the concept of hiding, not just yourself, but another helpless person from a monster. It adds additional difficulty and could be worth exploring more. With the horror vibe and all, it would be enhanced with jumpy scares or spooks. But secretly, I am glad I simply just died, cuz I'm a wimp and cant take that crap.

Overall, good idea!