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A 3D platformer with a quirky story.
Submitted by TreeTimes
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Game Description
It is a quirky story-3Dplatformer mix


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Really awesome game, a lot of fun. The intro was super cute, the dialogue with the narrator really set up expectations in one direction, and then used humor to knock them down - really smart setup.
Controls felt smooth, gameplay was solid as well.
Nice work!


Great idea, funny story and a fun little puzzle game. I really thought it was going to be incomplete, but it felt like a complete (albeit, short) experience.

It could have used a little background music. I’m not sure when the music stopped after you first started playing, but I noticed near the end that I had almost no audio (sounds or music).

Sadly my random combination of movements and boxes resulted in a couple unreachable (as far as I could tell) boxes so I couldn’t progress through the endgame, but I had fun nonetheless!


Hey I'm glad you liked it. I was a bit worried people might stop playing when I started with the "This is incomplete stuff". 

You are right about the music and sound. It wouls have made it better, just hadn't time for it... 

And yes, the endgame isn't perfect in any sense. But there are more boxes then necesary. Also you could have used the pausemenu to restart and get a new selection of movements... But that is quite frustrating and never explained.

Thanks for the feedback!


Definitely not what I was expecting and an interesting story for the game overall.  Not too much depth to it, but it held up and had some interesting interactions with the creator ingame which was nice.  I especially liked the portion around where jumping was being introduced.  As for some specifics:

  • The intro is a pretty awesome way to handle a tutorial especially with how concise the descriptions of the abilities were and how it limited your movement capabilities to force you to discover the limits of different abilities.
  • As well I know you don't like balance, but I've gotta say that the "boost" was by far the most powerful ability since you can spam it and get a mass amount of velocity.  It's a cool ability to have nonetheless tho and not as broken as I thought since it only works when on the ground or.. seemingly once in the air?
  • Speaking of kinda broken, most of the control scheme worked pretty well, except in my personal experience the climb ability was relatively difficult to use.  Mostly because it seems you have to be looking directly at the wall to use it.  Which lead to a lot of situations where I thought I would climb and didn't.  So I'd probably recommend making it a bit more lenient in terms of where you can be looking.  Or possibly sticking the player to the wall when they jump and then detaching them through some other means, wall running esque basically.
  • On the same topic (I'm gonna try and avoid going through every ability individually) the "swim" ability was a little annoying in that it forces spamming space it seems?  Which did get a little repetitive, especially on top of the fact that it was very difficult to leave the surface of the "water" to get to the land above.  So personally I would prefer if it handled with a pressed input or something + launching you out of the water slightly (that ends a little overly picky sorry).

Overall though a really interesting setup, I'd definitely be interested to see more of the actual story at the start of the game, but it'd also be interesting to see the waves expanded upon with more abilities and variations.  Maybe even maps etc.  It's interesting.


Thanks for all the feedback. You are totally right some of the movements are either a bit hard to use or glitchy. I think swim is especially annoying due to the level design...

You are right the boost only reloads when you are on the ground. 

For the depth of the story, there sure is probably a lot that could be done, but I was going for a short experience, and it was the first time for me writing a story like that.

Especially level design wise I would like to expan on this. Didn't have much time for that. But other movements would be cool too. 

I'm happy you found it interesting!


Hi TreeTimes, I really liked the fluid movement. Gliding, climbing, and boost are my favourites, I feel like I can fly. Its great.


It's nice to hear, that you liked the movements! Was not sure how intuitive they would be.


Good job on the game! I enjoyed the story and the mechanics, nicely done


Creative first person movements! I will be following the development of the game if you are planning to expand the game after the jam.


Thanks. The movements are the heart of the game so I'm glad they worked. I will probably expand the game after jam. Especially regarding level design I think there is still a lot to be explored.


Great humor. Reminds me of The Stanley Parable. Great job


That's a great compliment. I'm glad you liked the humor.

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Loved it! I'm a sucker for a 3D platformer and I really enjoyed the snarky humor. Great stuff! Also it looks really nice!


Thank you very much. Happy you had fun.