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Really neet idea and pretty good implementation. But it could be quite unforgiving at times. I think for precision platformers like this one, using a rectangle collision shape instead of the capsule could help.

And yeah. the controls. I'm so used to playing with up as jump, this was unnecessarily hard.

Very cool! Liked it a lot!

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I'm glad there was stuff you could enjoy and very sorry for the problems with the controls.

We did test this a couple of times on different devices and with different people. Still there are so many people that have problems that I can only believe it has to do with the devices.

I would have loved to make something like a calibration screen, where you would press a sequence of short and long and it would see how fast you pressed. Unfortunately we didn't have time for that. 

Just in case it helps anyone, the short press is actually VERY short and the pause between the actions too . The game input was inspired by Morse Code (which can be written REALLY fast) and yoh can even play an early test morse code prototype by right-clicking the bunny in the bottom right of the main menu.

Also a right click on the big bunny to unlock all stages. Maybe this way you can skip a stage and see wether you can do another one?

Thanks for giving our game a try!

Looks realy cool, but I didn't figure out what to do. I got one cake in one of the first room but everything else was either empty or locked. There were these strange unexplained dots. No idea.

Unfortunately the Controls and Credits menus aren't working so there was no help too. 

BUT it looked really pretty. I had some fun only flying around the world!

Hey not bad for your first time! It was a bit hard to know what to do. Some small explanation would have improved surely. And also some music and sounds, but you probably know that.

Nice anyways!

Looks and sounds great, but I didn't manage the third room. By the time I got there I didn't have a any boost left so getting to the middle platform was basically impossible. 

Would have liked to see more.

Can only agree with the others! Very well done!

This was a great game! I loved the art and sound and the gameplay was pretty balanced. I was able to play through the whole game. Not sure if I wanna join the Hedgemony though...

But really, I'm amazed by the difficulty. It's the number one thing game jam games fail at imo. But you did it good (At least for me). Very good difficulty curve, in my opinion. 

Great stuff!

Hey this looks super cute and sounds super cute, but I didn't made it past level 5. Maybe that's just me, but I was always flying into the walls. Would have loved to help the cat...

It felt a bit to easy and I thought it was open-ended but then there was an end.

It was very cute and stylish and very satisfying knowing my carrots were safe ;). Some more choices woul'd have made it more interesting but it was defenitely a fun experience.

Hey cool game. Unfortunately it was way to hard for me. Some of these planets were rotating way to fast (for me). But I liked the graphics and that you inclouded at least some sounds!

Cute! But it really misses some sounds/music. And it could've gotten more difficult faster, at least for me. Had fun nonetheless!

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Hey thanks for your review. Difficulty was something we were very afraid of. Rest asured we already made it WAY simpler after our testers didn't manage the first stage :/. But yeah, I think it takes quite long to get used to the controls.

First time voice acting for a game....

Glad you liked it nonetheless ;)

Although it was very simple it was quite fun. I didn't make it through though, as I would have to start from the very beginning every time I died.

Also I had a weird bug where the game would stop after a few seconds everytime I hit start, after I did the tutorial.

Liked the simple visuals.

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Hi Korvin.

Thanks for all the feedback. You are totally right some of the movements are either a bit hard to use or glitchy. I think swim is especially annoying due to the level design...

You are right the boost only reloads when you are on the ground. 

For the depth of the story, there sure is probably a lot that could be done, but I was going for a short experience, and it was the first time for me writing a story like that.

Especially level design wise I would like to expan on this. Didn't have much time for that. But other movements would be cool too. 

I'm happy you found it interesting!

Hey I'm glad you liked it. I was a bit worried people might stop playing when I started with the "This is incomplete stuff". 

You are right about the music and sound. It wouls have made it better, just hadn't time for it... 

And yes, the endgame isn't perfect in any sense. But there are more boxes then necesary. Also you could have used the pausemenu to restart and get a new selection of movements... But that is quite frustrating and never explained.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks. The movements are the heart of the game so I'm glad they worked. I will probably expand the game after jam. Especially regarding level design I think there is still a lot to be explored.

Thank you very much. Happy you had fun.

That's a great compliment. I'm glad you liked the humor.

It's nice to hear, that you liked the movements! Was not sure how intuitive they would be.

Liked it! High score: 108.

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very well done, liked it a lot. Only thins to change: Please make it bigger in the browser, or just enable the fullscreen mode. Also a music or sounds (like rain) during the actual game would be cool. Only the shooting sounds get a bit on my nerve, after some time. Everything else: very cool

Have to agry with the others, the first level is way to hard. nothing against hard games, right? but you should probably do with a better learning curve. Art and music are, from what I have seen, very nice!

Hi, very nice one. Enjoyed it, although it is quite short. I think it would have been cool if you would have focused on one thing (Game Design, Art, Sound) instead of doing all three (which is impressive). Still I think all three seemed unfinnished to me, and I believe it could have been better using premade assets or sound, so you could have looked more to the other. Now both seem a bit rushed. Anyways I liked it. Keep working

Hey that's nice to hear. Was a bit unsure about the balancing, but sounds like you could manage to do it. Pretty cool ant oc: thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Animating is really not my strength. It was the first time I did something like this in godot, and considering the time limit I am quite happy with it. Have a nice day!

Jep, while it is in the text in the beginning, there is no actual visual feedback (besides the numbers) during the game. Thanks for the idea!

Well done. Only things is, that I had some crashes: when I was spotted, the game would just silently close. I'm on windows. Other then that great. 

I would personally not want the respawn button show the main menu because that's one click more, annoying if you die multiple times.

Also the door in the room with the switch does not show the E symbol. Was confused for a moment what to do. Keep up the work, with some love this could be really nice! Music +Art -> lovely :)

Thx. I'm glad you like it. It was our first ever published game, so it's very nice to have some positive feedback.

Thanks, glad you liked it.

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It's very hard for sure. Do not forget to feed your children with the blood you collect, or the game will end. If you collected blood, just go back home and click the left mouse button. The longest I survived was around 50 seconds so yeah, it's not that long :).

Very nice. I really like it. The simple concept is brilliant.

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Hey really cool. Nice art, nice sound design, nice story (so far). I just haven't found a big connection to the theme Plague, maybe I missed something. Still very impressive, especially to someone not talented in art at all like me.

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Yep, that's something we will definitely work on. It is our first ever published game so it could just be some missing experience. Also the programmer always knows the perfect way of playing, so it's quite hard to balance without more play testing. Thanks for the critique, happy you had some fun.

Glad you like it!

Oh and what about that title? Doesn't seem to have to do much with the story, or did I miss anything? But how could you say no to a pun.

Well done. Cool art, interesting story ;). It would be nice to see some greater diffrences between the stages/levels, but quite cool already. The only thing I really miss is a music of some kind. The sounds seem a bit odd alone, espacially after some time. But nice!

Well one bug is intended but not the one you are describing. You are playing online or what version do you use? Sometimes it might seem like you get smashed by the hand but instead your children are out of food. Don't know if it helps. Thanks for your feedback! I will tell the artist you liked it.