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Thank you!

Thanks! I really wanted to make the jump depend on how long you held it down. I think it would have given a lot more control when timing landings and avoiding the turbines. Just didn't have the time... but it worked ok.

I'm to blame on that one and may have gone slightly overboard with the clouds haha. We tried to make them a little transparent, but with such a small character it can be hard to see at times. Glad you enjoyed it though!

Thank you, really appreciate the kind words!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Definitely the most interactive menu I've done for a game and it worked out ok!

The wind turbines are quite unforgiving aren't they? We considered allowing a few hits before killing you... Glad you enjoyed it though! Haven't played Floating Point myself, looks cool though with the grappling hook. I was thinking more Teeworlds myself.

That geodesic dome is gorgeous and the animation! Very strong visuals and I like the juggling the tasks at the various stations. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment but I wanted the difficulty to ramp up more. Seriously though, that dome... OMG!

Very impressive and polished. I didn't realize the game page had a breakdown of the different components, but I was able to logic it out as I played. The only minor issue was physically moving the objects around was a bit finicky. You even had mapable controls! Very solid entry!

Very nice and relaxing match-3 game. Nice job on the sound effects and little juicy tweens when matches are made and pieces fall. This is a great entry!

The sound effects were great! It's amazing how much good sound can add to a game. It could be fun to have some zero-g platforming to navigate around (jumping off a platform in a desired direction). Though, how it is now I just imagine having a jet pack. Very nice 3D architecture too!

I couldn't help myself from filling up the region with tons of offices. Gotta have that cash flow :D It's impressive the variety of buildings and content you added. A city builder genre is hard to do in a game jam time frame!

So much character to this game. Frantically cranking to recharge your gun was hilarious! It could use a settings menu for mouse sensitivity, especially since the enemies were small, fast and tons of them! But seriously, was laughing out loud at the premise and the main mechanic. Thoroughly enjoyed the game!

Very peaceful and relaxing! Part of me wanted a difficulty ramp, but the other part of me just enjoyed the relaxing nature of it. Well done!

Short and sweet, but lot's to like about it! I would have happily played a few more levels. The robot dance after completing the each level was especially enjoyable :)

The pixel art was great and the music gave a very epic feel to it! Our teams had very similar ideas. You know what they say, great minds think alike ;-) Great job!

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! It was made for a game jam and definitely could use more polish. So happy you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much trying it out!

The ramp / difficulty curve is definitely off! I really need to improve my game balancing skills.

As for the plants, when plants have a low pH they start pulsing in size a bit. Which can help if colors can't be distinguished. Also, when the plant is close to dying there is an alert sound effect that plays for a few seconds and some radial particles that come out of the base. I actually had number of other accessibility ideas but just didn't have enough time to implement them all :(

I love to see 3D platformers! I also completed the game after I think 4 or 5 crystals on accident. The dark environment and the master passing away gave off a darker tone. I'm convinced that I helped revive some terrible monster o.O It did seem to uphold its end of the bargain and helped me out of the cave!

Adding a mouse sensitivity setting would be nice. But, I totally get that we are all time constrained.

Really well done! Amazing amount of polish and balance. It was pretty difficult and there were multiple levels I just could not beat, even with the upgrades :) But, that's not a bad thing. I think the difficulty ramp combined with the upgrade cards was just about spot on. Unique style and mechanics.

Totally thought the heart bullets would give me health. I was terribly mistaken!

A couple more levels at the end may have been nice. Only needed to move around towers in the last wave.  But, I only say that because I was having fun! Nicely done. Good ramp and overall strong entry.

Very polished and enjoyable game. Just the right length for a jam. The effects really gave an impression of being under water. A vague story that leaves a lot to imagination. I'm always impressed when someone puts together a unique puzzle game in such a short time and you did that well to. Fun to see the picture of your brainstorming and prototyping. Just well done all round!

Very nice entry! Started with keyboard but quickly switched to a controller and glad I did! Movement and attacks felt good. The art was wonderful!

What's this INFINITE CORN mod? Why did I active this macro? Should I be scared of this chicken? Do I even like corn? P.S. I had fun :D

The standalone executable seems a bit better, but still stutters too. Interestingly, the stutters don't happen when editing the project. It seems like the first time each scene (rain, drone, turret, etc.) are spawned, it stutters. Then it's good from there. I wonder if I could hide all this with a custom loading screen and secretly load all the scenes? This has effected another 3D game entry of mine too.

Thank you so much for the in-depth feedback! I love it. Also, really fun watching you play the game on stream.

I do wish the plants had to be spaced out. Though, you and another play-testing friend both were excited about exploiting it as strategy :D

There is a little bit of vertical auto-aiming that lasers do to try and hit higher drones. Picture worth a thousand words?

It ended up working OK-ish, but you can still 'feel' like your laser should have hit. The making drones glow with a little outline would have been amazing... Where were you when I was trying to solve this problem haha.

All my friends had issues with the tutorial panels as well. This was the first game I tried to put the tutorial into the main game loop. Still have a lot to learn on how to pull that off well. Ended up sprinkling "if Global.tutorial" all over the code and it became quite goopy.

And, darn did you escape my game? I'll need to lock it down more next time :P

But really, a jam lesson for me is that both the title scene and pause menu should have a "Settings" menu. That way players can always find the full set of options.

Love in-depth feedback like this!

The changes to the turret would probably help a lot! They do seem a little weak especially as the game progresses. I really struggle to balance my games actually. Other than play testing, I wonder if there are some rules of thumb I could be following. Need to do some research!

The plant variant idea is great. I tried having the drone lasers hit all objects, but that opened up the strategy of sandwiching yourself between a bunch of plants and not worrying about drones at all. Plant variants would really open up a lot of possibilities.

For the rooftops, I originally planned to have zip lines between them. The idea would be you create a little plant growing engine with turrets protecting them and then move on to another rooftop. But then... suddenly it was Sunday :( Still recouping from my sleep loss haha.

Happy to see you noticed the slight vertical auto-aim :D

This game surprised and impressed me repeatedly! Such a creative and fun application of numbers / math. The variety of enemies and weapons was phenomenal. Such a classic joke of 7 8 9, and then wow... Just grinning the whole way. Really well done. Top marks across the board from me.

Great job on implementing so many mini games! I'm a fan of the WarioWare games too :D

Loved the anubus enemies. Great job with the graphics and animation!

Anything that gives me a retro computer feel is an A to me. Enjoyed the graphics and dialogue!

Those darn badgers can follow me everywhere! I got so lost trying to find the 7 sacred dragon *cough* I mean mushrooms. The maze did it's job :P

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Loved it! I'm a sucker for a 3D platformer and I really enjoyed the snarky humor. Great stuff! Also it looks really nice!

Glad you liked it! The pause menu (escape during gameplay) should have volume sliders. Mute, master, music, and rain. It's not on the main menu though :(

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Thanks forgiving it a try!

I really need to learn more about Godot's performance profiler, I tried clicking around a bit in it but couldn't quite figure it out. Always something to learn for the next jam! Probably half of what I implemented could have been better haha...

Out of curiosity, what kind of machine are you using? Do you have a dedicated graphics card?

Pleasant platformer! Movement feels pretty good. Not too slippery which I really appreciate! I think velocity down is only cancelled out when you jump. Sometimes I would walk off a platform (without jumping) and rapidly plummet to death on spikes o.O

After the 7th ship I almost left the game open just to continue listening to the music haha...

The voice acting was truly wonderful. Great job giving each character a voice and personality! I did have quite a few crashes, but made it through! I couldn't seem to get the save/load to work.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Ahh, being chased by a giant horde of enemies! Every time I was low health I was scared to teleport into the horde, even if it would heal me.

Really nice job getting the environment looking so good. Great style! The straffing to dodge bullets worked out really well. I felt engaged while shooting back.