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The Seven Ships - Godot Wild JamView game page

Go through the 7 ships as a brave space explorer and try to avoid the spikes!
Submitted by NonStateSolidDrive — 1 hour, 45 minutes before the deadline
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The Seven Ships - Godot Wild Jam's page


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Game Description
A space platformer about teleporting to and fro 7 ships


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Really cool entry, I love the music! The art is really good too, although the orange piping in the background is a little busy.
I have two pieces of feedback. The first is that it feels very strange that falling after a jump is floaty and controllable, but if you just walk off a ledge you fall like a ROCK. Just straight plummeting.
The other main thing is that the level design definitely needs some work. In the sixth stage, there's an entire section of platforms to the right that if you touch, you just have to kill yourself on the spikes to start over. You just need to fall into an earlier hole and hit the teleporter, which you can't really know until you've gone too far. The level design issues were most egregious in the final level, where you can't see the spikes below you, so it's just a trial and error of dying until you find the correct path, and that's really frustrating for the player.
Overall though, a really great entry, and I had a lot of fun! Great work!


GREAT Music in this one. I loved that track. I want to echo the feedback below as far as the hitboxes go. One thing that I would change is the background art. The bright orange was a bit distracting against the character and I think something a bit more subdued would be easier to look at! Solid effort here though, I would love to see it tightened up a bit more because you don't really ever see floaty platformers like this.


An interesting platformer that definitely got me with the spikes more than a few times when they did appear.  Though I've gotta say I was wondering where they were for a few levels but they definitely made an entrance when there was the level that insta-killed you if you didn't move.  The controls were interesting but.. a few points:

  • The gravity gave some interesting control mid jump which was cool and definitely fit the setting though sometimes it was a bit weird especially trying to aim for some of the very tiny platforms in combination with other issues.
  • Speaking of other issues, the hitbox seemed to have some issues with ledges where it would slide off quite a bit. I'm not quite sure what your collisionshape is for the kinematicbody but maybe adding some feet with a box shape or something could help solve the sliding.
  • Though the sliding wouldn't be as much an issue if there didn't seem to be a consistent force applied down when the player is not jumping which leads to a very fast descent as other people have commented when you're not jumping.  So maybe just some small check to see if the player is on the floor and stop the gravity could solve that?  Because it ends up rather punishing especially in the final ship when you are doing a ton of blind leaps to hopefully live. 
  • Speaking of the final level that's gotta be one of the weakest points for me.  Due to how much it relies on blindly leaping to attempt to make it to the bottom without any indication of where the actual area you're aiming for is.  So I'd definitely recommend reworking that level, some indication would be really helpful.  That was the main cause of most of my deaths throughout the game.  

Overall though an interesting experience and a cool game.  Definitely would've liked a bit more level complexity but it is also a jam game so..


Thanks for such an extensive comment! I' ll definitely use some of those ideas to improve in the future

I actually planned the final level to have a laser chasing you down for some variety, but didn't manage to implement it in time


I do agree with below comments: Falling off the edges of the platforms is not so great, also there is unfortunately nothing to shoot to justify the existence of the gun. However, I did beat your game twice because I enjoyed the mechanics - the only issue I had with those is that, if you don't jump and walk off a ledge, you fall seemingly at the highest speed possible immediately. Apart from that, great job and it definitely has a lot of potential!


I beat your game. I noticed a few issues. I like the idea of a rather floaty platformer + run and gun combo, but there's nothing to shoot at to complement the style, so it's just precision platforming by itself.

I also noticed that it feels like you used a capsule or sphere collider for the player, as sometimes you can fall off the edge of platforms without using. 
I recommend using a box collider to prevent issues like that in the future. There also is no terminal gravity, meaning you can't run off of platforms without your gravity being extremely high compared to the expected rate.

I enjoy the music, and the art style is pleasing, although the background and tiling could use some touchups. I think if you kept working on this it could turn into something really unique!


Thanks a lot! I figured out that sliding might be caused by a box shape, but haven't though of adding a terminal velocity for falling. Will definitely implement this in my future games


good platformer , i stuck in some level and  don't what gun is for ,


A decent platformer. I like the floaty controls and the music. But the background mate my eyes hurt when I jumped 


Personally I found the controls frustrating - I thought the horizontal movement was too fast, and the horizontal acceleration was too slow. But, I really like the aesthetic, music + character + tiles.


Pleasant platformer! Movement feels pretty good. Not too slippery which I really appreciate! I think velocity down is only cancelled out when you jump. Sometimes I would walk off a platform (without jumping) and rapidly plummet to death on spikes o.O

After the 7th ship I almost left the game open just to continue listening to the music haha...