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Elemental ParasiteView game page

Infect them.
Submitted by zacryol — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, Dare to Fail

Game Description
Infect Elemental beings as a Parasite


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Cool concept! I especially like the use of the dare to fail wildcard. I'm not sure how the waiting wildcard was implemented though. I found it really hard to keep track of all the weaknesses and as you can see I didn't make it very far.

(Timestamp 59:10)

Developer (1 edit)

It's a bit more situational. In some cases, you can wait for an effective elemental to shoot you so you can infect them.


you, uh, can also shoot them yourself

Like those two Lightning elementals at the start of stage 2? You're supposed to shoot them, since you're an Earth, therefore good against them.


Very interesting, got me a while to get what beats what but overall it was enjoyable :)


I enjoyed this one. It was hard to remember the weaknesses so I had to have them up on another screen. It might be nice to indicate on the enemies whether they are weak to your current element.

You did do a good job of only introducing three elements at a time for the first few levels, but even that I had trouble remembering…

This mechanic definitely opens up some neat possibilities!


Interesting game, I liked it. The concept worked for me.

I think if the bullets had been larger or slightly slower it would have been easier to track.  I re read the tutorial and I got how I was infecting others (first couple of attempts I did not get how), a visual reminder would be a nice touch.  I'm curious why you chose to not refresh the life of the enemy you infected, so you would start each enemy with full health.  I get why the health decreased because I shot it, but personally I was confused when I respawned into an enemy with 1 or 2 health, one time dying right away to a bullet.


Hi zacryol, interesting concept with the giant rock-paper-scissors idea of it all. A bit hard to keep track of what defeats what, but I like the uniqueness of the concept! Cool stuff.


I really enjoyed the gameplay! I feel like the character moved a bit too slowly, and also it was kinda hard to tell the enemy particles apart, especially air and lightning. For this game, being able to tell which enemy attack is which is pretty important, so I was a bit frustrated when I died to lightning, thinking it was air, and then had to restart the stage.
Overall, a really fun game, though!


i really like it , but  i always forget the weakness,so  add a UI for  the weakness will help


Very nice game


Cool game, it has some interesting mechanics. I kinda wish there was a reference or indicator displayed during gameplay so I didn't have to memorize the elements.

Liked the gameplay but remembering all the weaknesses and stuff was too hard so I just shot at everything that moved.


Reasonable strategy

the first 5 stages each only use 3 elements that form a triangle (Stage 1 only has Fire > Grass > Water for example) to ease players in.


really digging the music in this one, but found it hard to remember all the weaknesses in my head. also would have liked a click-and-hold to shoot implementation.  great art!


The music is CC with a link on the itch page (the jam allows some external/reused assets)

The first 5 stages also only use 3 elements each, to help ease people in to learning the match ups.