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UI looks great! Excited to see more card art.

Hey - thanks for asking!  This is a pretty old project and I'm not sure what I was thinking, you're totally right.  I'll update the project shortly.

I love this game & the description.  awesome job capturing the PSX vibe.

yea, the original intent was to give the arrows an arc, but towards the end of the jam we just needed to get everything functional!  Thanks for plhaying!

Thank you very much!  We were thinking of adding more types of obstacles in the levels, but time wasn't on our side this time.

yeah, I wish I had more time to give it some UX love, just a basic tutorial would have worked wonders I feel.  Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much for playing!  not sure if we'll keep working on it yet.

really cool cave ambience audio.  also loved the character art.

Thanks for playing!  I realized towards the end that the only part of our game that didn't use the mouse was moving around the grid, so I added the context buttons pretty late in dev (and shortcuts to the dice rolls, so someone could potentially play exclusively keyboard or exclusively mouse).  the game works great on phones now, which is a huge plus.

hahaha yup!  for a while arrows on attack roll was the only item we had working, so late-game builds had tens of arrows flying around the screen every roll.  Thanks for swinging by!

thanks for playing!

Thanks a ton for dropping by and playing  😊

Thanks for the kind words!  Yeah, I had all these plans to teach the mecahnics better, but... jams.  Thanks for playing.

really love the mechanics here.  Definitely jumped the gun going after the alchemist though!

Really neat!  took me way too long to realize one of the powers I had collected was a double jump.  love the visuals, great eye for colour.

really digging the music in this one, but found it hard to remember all the weaknesses in my head. also would have liked a click-and-hold to shoot implementation.  great art!

Thanks for the kind words!  Let me know if any of those scripts need updating, I hate to think what kind of code sins I committed when I wrote them originally.

This is a lot of fun!  I've been chewing on arcade game with combat taking place in polar coordinates like this (melee though).  playing this, it was a lot of fun to see some of those concepts imagined in a different way. Excited to see future updates!

Thanks for playing!  I'm not sure what bug you hit there, but the first floor should be identical for every playthrough (the monsters you slay determine the seed for the next floor), so I suspect (and some light testing confirms) that you should be able to consistently kill that first sword-holder every time.  I wonder if some deeper bug is rearing its head here :(

thanks for the kind words!

curious!  Thanks for reaching out and following up.

thanks for reaching out!  I haven't personally hit this, and neither have a handful of friends who played it and tested it. Can I ask what browser your using?


New Palettes
New Snakes
New Crystals
New performance issues (some)
New Scene Transitions

Fixed Restart
Fixed Consecutive Login Screens


bugfixes for the snake enemies.  

replaced the snake test spawn data with the normal reflect spawn data 

beholdin' community · Created a new topic beholdin' v8

it has been a while.  moved beholdin' to fb for a while as mack and i sorted out leaderboard stuff & auth etc.  with gdpr and general antipathy towards FB, i moved to GameSparks' basic Auth and here we are, back at itch! yay!

This build rotates  between 2 map archetypes during the week.  I'm currently shoring up some bugs, resisting scope creep and... ok mostly bugs this milestone.  I'm hoping to attain  public beta / early access within a few months.

Let me know what you dig and what stinks if you take it for a spin.

Appreciate the android build!

ran like a treat on my iPad Pro!  Gesture recognition is very good too.  Got around 4800 points.  I appreciate that the drawn gesture takes on the color of the currently recognized icon.

love the UFO pixel art and all the builds available!

Reminds me of a game I would have gotten on a shareware CD long ago!

Super excited about this devlog!

Beholdin' v32
fix for letter 'm' input in high score area.
vis FX
increased ortho size of camera
made enemy bullets bigger, slower
made slimes faster.

Called the latest Build v4, but its really an incremental upgrade, so I'll revert to a minor numbering scheme for these from here on out.

  • art asset changes
  • you can see the explored Map with 'm' key
  • fix for Mack's door hack

July 25
    AM - Planning v3
    PM - break

July 26
    AM - started Floor Gen
    PM - Floor gen alpha working. need some test assets.

August 1
    took some days off there for an internal Gamejam at Work.
    AM - Floor gen tests with new assets.  cleaned up a bunch of edge cases.  unity crashed and lost my scene changes, so rebuilt some prefabs. c’est la vie.
    PM - weighted pool of rooms.

August 3
    AM - varying pool depending on task
    PM - more fixes to the generator with higher numbers & edgecases

August 2
    AM - Main Path + Branches.  Coloring for debug.
    PM - Seed-driven generation.  fixing up methods from ‘quick and dirty’ code to ‘actually usable’. Keeping track of door and room objects for later use (determining enemy spawn strength, spawning bonuses, critical path, tunnels? etc).

August 8
    AM - woah WFH Friday and long weekend means big gap.  cleaned up some allocs and an infinite loops.  verified metadata is 100%
    PM - broke room generator into standalone class (not Monobehaviour).  Started architecting production-ready implementation. Started Building out Floor.cs.

August 9
    AM- basic tool for converting PolygonCollider2Ds into Meshes.  Should be able to build some basic wall pieces with them and start constructing proper rooms.  Had an idea for doors + locks!

    PM - started making a real room!  finished it actually.  lots of work, might make a tool or two.

August 10
    AM - Did 4 more rooms!  the system works.  could use automated process for collecting doors, making bounds poly, and setting the directory.  at least need to prevent unwilling overwrites.
    PM - safety for overwrites, mroe rooms

August 11
    AM - so close!  got 1 more mesh to make on the last room.  gif tonight I think.

August 21
    AM - Hookups
    PM - Hookups

August 22
    AM - Hookups
    PM - Hookups

August 23
    AM - hook ups
    PM - I took a week off in there to do some other work, but im back at it as of August 21.  Spent the last few days slowly hooking the systems of the game up to the generator.  its close!  Added OnBumpPlayer to the collision handler,  altered my WorldEntity class to trigger a callback on state switch.  its fun to make this thing.

August 24
    AM - player gets sucked into rooms now.  need to unlock doors based on remaining enemies rather than crystals.  should non-enemy rooms pull the player in?  need lots of vis work soon.

    PM - Cleanup.  doors pull you through, rooms unlock from enemy deaths, score resets properly.

August 25
    AM - some tests, some cleanup.  seed generated based on days since my birth, forcing daily challenge.  flow complete.  v3 close to being done? Secret Doors separated from critical doors.

August 28
    AM - plan and re-evaluate. Removed health, expanded UI.  Reset Multiplier On Hit.
    PM - removed some sprite flashes. mesh generator can flip on the x axis, use vert and horizontal gradients.

September 8th
    Spent the last two weeks getting my leaderboard service running.  learned new things.  just today getting it all hooked together and running.  Need to get it posting your score to the backend (should be easy).  fixed a render issue with my UI canvas. need to build meshes for the crystals.  future plans for perspective camera, giving the game some depth might give the basic mesh visuals a bit more complexity, be interesting to look at.  Excited tohit the finish line with this build.

September 11th
    Final UI (name entry) and a couple of playtests.  got backend service up to date this past weekend.  making a build!

beholdin' community · Created a new topic beholdin' v3

v3 - Map Generation and Back End

v3 wasn't supposed to be so manyt hings, but the nature of the time I had to work on the game meant that when the originally planned v3 was complete (map generation), I was already halfway through the back end work.  Normally I would have stuck to the plan, but for the sake of closed-doors testing, I just went with the bigger release.

Map generation - I generate a new floor every day.  each floor is just a set of rooms slammed together with some restrictions.  Mostly the game tries to make a primary path, then branch off it a few times.  The Map generation goes as far as to determine which enemies spawn in which crystals, so everyone is playing the exact same map + contents every day.

Back End - I don't do this much (at all), so it was a learning experience.  basically the game uses server time so you can't fake a different day to play a different map (easily).  The current build of the game requires internet, so I'm probably just going to be making WebGL builds from here on out.  The leaderboard service makes a new leaderboard every day.  I assume there is some work to be done securing it, and making the game work with slower connections, but baby steps.

July 11th
    AM - revert camera hack and build skeleton camera controller.  debug code for starting game from any scene.  Fix for shard pooling.
    PM - camera fits a proper scaled 16:9 frame visible at all times, during screen resizes a runtime too. gives me a safe zone to work within

July 12th
    AM - Camera Bounds & slime adjustments.
    PM - SlimeRenderTexture changes and fixes (for multiple resolutions at runtime)

July 13th - WFH (no dev) July 14th - WFH (no dev)

July 17th
    AM - finalizing new player asset & hookups.  Death State and a Health fix for the player.
    PM - UI work to show you when crystals are out of bounds

July 18th
    AM - Break
    PM - Ripping out all my UI stuff because it is stupid and I hate it.  Building WorldInterfaceController for collecting Shards.  Crystals handle their own OffScreen Indicators with a Handler now.  cleaner, less traversal through larger systems.  everything handles itself better.  potentially harder to built systems that affect all these systems as a whole, but that’s a problem for future Kyle.

July 19th
    AM - offscreen indicators with temp art.  new bullet assets.  Built vis for Drone, skeleton of Entity class.
    PM - Drone states.  fixed component mismatch on crystal.  functionality added to thrust component.

July 20th
    AM -Finished off drone flight pattern.  Started building class for the Mine.  Will need bullets I guess?
    PM - watched TV

July 21st
    AM - basic Factory for IPoolables.  not ideal for all situations, but most.  Work on the mine.
    PM - New Bullet.

July 23rd
    PM - some dev time. got drones dropping mines, mines shooting bullets.  

July 24th
    AM - Drones and Mines 100%.  Starting writing code to generate Spawnable Enemy Lists.
    PM - finished up Enemy Spawn placeholder code.  non-deterministic score value needs to be fixed.  v3 Planning.

beholdin' community · Created a new topic beholdin' v2

v2 - Camera Feel and Entity Work
Minor user facing changes this version.  Most notable are probably some of the new assets + the new enemy, which actually consists of 2 entities and a a new bullet type.  The Drone Enemy flies in your general direction for a bit, dropping mines as he goes.  you can kill it while it reboots after hitting a wall or timing out, and killing it will explode all of it’s mines.  Mines explode by firing bullets outwards.

Other than new ‘content’ I’ve cleaned up my little Entity-Handler subsystem inside Unity.  it is effectively a set of architectural limitations around States, Entities, and Handlers,  and serves to circumvent using Unity’s more verbose system, which would be Scripts, GameObjects and Components.  I’ve basically built little world inside of Unity where non-physical entities(score controllers, camera’s, etc) can subscribe to Unity’s architecture like usual, but anything that exists as an entity in the world of beholdin’ directly (Players, Enemies, Bullets, etc) all use this system I’ve put in place.  We shall see how that goes.

Enjoy this release, maybe.  v3 is looking to be procedural generation of the world!  so probably a longer dev time before I upload the next build.  Upshot: more time to make new art assets & rejig existing ones.