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These assets look great! Nice



Hi, is there a version without the background?

Hi, I think there's something wrong with the download. I can't extract the files.

Just curious, is use of this restricted to only PNGTubing?

dang this looks great, you're talented!

dang that's not a thigh gap that's a thigh cavern

Cool, I would like to see that!

I'm not sure what there is to explore, it's one screen.

I think I know what you were going for, but I wish there were less waiting in the game.

i hate to admit it but it took me way too long to figure out how to place doors lol

Duck hitbox too big, couldn't get past the third level

This looks really good, the animations are so smooth!

I really love the flower pattern!

looks really cool, i especially like the trees

this looks cool!

dang the buildings in here look awesome!

The sprites here look really good! Usually people don't make toilet sprites lol

I don't use Twitter but my Discord is "ShatteredReality" as well.

Hi, how do I contact you?

How does one contact you? There are no DMs on itch.

Hi I'm shatteredreality on discord and I would like to work with you

more like absolutely horny

Cool game, I wonder why Santa is trying to kill me with anvils though

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Nice game! ngl i think i liked breaking windows more than repairing cracks.

Really like the art in this game! I think that the things that can kill you should be more obvious, though.

I'm not sure where the rope is, but I think if you put more effort into this game it would be more fun.