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Oh no :((( I'll try to upload another linux version soon!

Did you play the html version? It often crashes, I don't know why... The other one I tested is the Linux version and it works like a charm. I guess it's the same for the windows and macos versions :) 

Wow, I loved it!!! You guys did a very good job, the concept is good, the art fits really well in the game and most importantly, I enjoyed playing it :)

It is also well balanced, I had a hard time fighting the south boss with 4 dices but once I got my 5th dice, it became easier and I destroyed those blobs who taunted me. 

I think there is a small bug in the display when we sacrifice a value of 7 dice to double the power of our dice. When we put the first dice of value X to heal, defend or attack, the value is not doubled. The value is only updated when you put a die of value Y but the total climbs very quickly from X to 2X+2Y.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Thank you, it's a pleasure :)

I didn't see this bug either, oops aha!

Thanks a lot :)

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Damn, that's too bad... I was a little short on time and I suspect there are a lot of bugs left but I never got this one.

I will try to fix the bugs and upload a post jam version if I have some free time in the coming weeks.

Thanks anyway for playing and taking the time to write a comment, it's nice!

Thank you :) 

Thanks for playing :)

I really like the art style ! It's cute :)

Thank you! :)

I like the art and audio work, well done for a first game jam ! The levels were very simple but I think you can increase the difficulty by adding other puzzles or game mechanics.

The Windows build should be fixed by now ! :)

Your game is beautiful and polished. I had a lot of fun playing it !

Very fun game, I liked it a lot ! I was expecting to fight the boss cook in the end but there was nothing :(

Yes, that's a cool idea ! Thanks :)

Yes, I liked the idea of the radar but it only indicates enemies. I think you could also indicate the houses to be delivered. 

For exemple, when the houses are nearby, there could be an icon on the radar and when they are too far away from the player, small triangles on the edge of the radar that point in the direction of the houses would be fine.

I loved this game ! The story is funny, the art and audio are well done. Nice work !

I found the culprit the first time :)

The art looks very good and I loved the cheats you added to the gam. Nice breakout game !

I liked your game, it was quite fun to play ! Well done :)
The steering is a bit ankward at first but you get used to it quickly.
I would have liked to have the customers on the minimap to move more quickly towards the goal.

It was fun ! I really like the power up system that boosts the damage of the burger. Well done !

The idea is super interesting. Well done !

This is one of the best games I have played in this game jam ! The pixel art is gorgeous, the music and gameplay are also pretty good. It could have been nice to add power ups to make the runner a little more dynamic but it was already great. Well done guys !

A simple game that I particularly liked. I replayed a lot to try to beat my best score and I ended up with 60 points. 

Well done for your first jam !

Very nice game ! I did not manage to finish levels 2 and 3 but I was close and I liked the mechanics. The tutorial was also very well done .

The game mixes  well the 3 themes of the game jam and the power ups adds so much to the game ! It was very fun to play :)

I loved the concept of baking in hell and the mini games were fun - especially the flappy toaster one.

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Thank you very much !

To be honest, I couldn't find a way to shoot while running so I opted for a state machine in order to correctly display the character's animations. That is why when you shoot, the character stops and it slows down the movement - something I don't like too much in my game by the way. I need to figure out how to deal with this.

I also found  during my tests that the conditions for victory weren't right, but I didn't have the time to correct them.

The controls for the QWERTY keyboard have been forgotten but that's something I'll take into account in my next games!

PS: I fixed the Linux build ;)

Well done, you have proved that you are a true warrior ! It was difficult, but you found the way.

Thank you for the remark, I will try to work a bit more on the controls (and on audio also) next time.

Of course, it's just a small prototype and adding power-ups, mechanics, enemies and environments would be very interesting ways to improve it.

Thank you very much !

I thought about the controls for my AZERTY keyboard  but i forgot about QWERTY - my bad... Adding a small menu to change the controls might be helpful.

Yes good suggestion, I thought of deactivating the physics of dead mammoths but I ran out of time (as for the audio unfortunately).

Well done !

I wanted to introduce levels of difficulty but I ran out of time. I had a choice between a fairly easy game or a challenging one and I thought it wouldn't be fun if it was too simple. 

Good remark, one quickly finds oneself blocked by the pile of mammoths. One improvement that I also didn't have time to add was to disable the dead body physics.

Oops, I did it for Linux but I forgot about Windows - very sorry about that... I'll do it when the submissions are available again !

Simple and super adictive, I love it!

Very polished game, I love it !