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Shoot the zombies with your BunGun 9000!
Submitted by dardanbujupaj — 3 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

Theme(s) Used
Bread, Spooky

Wildcards Used

Game Description
Zombies are raiding the burger dine-in you're working at. Fight them using your BunGun 9000!


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Lots of fun! I got to wave 11 before making a silly mistake and losing it all. I think I'd rather have had a smart bomb or something rather than dodge as a secondary ability that was available on a recharge timer or something. Also enemies coming from other directions would have added to the challenge (that may happen after wave 11 I guess!) Otherwise it was really great, powerups were fun and who wouldn't want a gun that fires burgers :D


Thanks for playing. Glad you had fun :)

Yeah a bomb would've been nice too, but the dodging felt so nice while developing :)


The powerup system is awesome, my only complaint is that they should be topdown views, not side views! It can be hard to figure out what you're shooting at when you're running. 

The character and zombie movement is a bit wonky but besides that an excellent jam game.


Thanks for the feedback. I‘ve never done topdown pixelarte before, there‘s certainly a lot of room for improvement.

I‘m glad you liked it :)


It was fun ! I really like the power up system that boosts the damage of the burger. Well done !


Glad you liked it! Yes, this was also definitely the most exciting to implement :) Thanks for you feedback!


ended up more addictive than I expected, had a lot of fun!


Thanks for playing :D Good to hear it was fun!


Loved it, fun concept, especially the burger combo system. Although once I discovered I could just spam burgers at the door it became quite easy. I'd love to see maybe a bit bigger of a room, with more entrances that open as you get further.


Thanks for the inputs. I‘m glad you liked it!
Yeah the game isn‘t really balanced yet. Especially if you got a few firerate and damage upgrades, the zombies can‘t reach you anymore 😅 More entrances would be a great fix for that!


I really like the upgrade system and zombies are really satisfying to shoot burgers at. Ingredients on the floor are a bit hard to see, I usually pick them up by accident while shooting zombies rather than actually aiming for them. But a very fun game!


Thanks for playing and your feedback :)! I tried making them more visible with the particles, but I think they are still to small...


Nice little game, i like the music and the controls feels smooth. I also like the crosshair-burguer-thing and the fact that the burguers with more ingredients explode the larger, it was a lot of fun reaching to wave 13, the upgrades system is a nice touch. The graphics are a bit simple and maybe some animations would make it better.


Thanks for the feedback!

I‘ll definitely work on my pixel art in the future! 


I love the  BunGun 9000! The gameplay is smooth and the upgrades are more noticable than other games. I think the animation could use a bit of work, and it's also kind of odd how the zombies don't turn around when chasing you.

The zombies feel a bit fast for zombies, and they feel a bit floaty, but that's just me. I think a better indication of their location (like an arrow pointing to currently alive zombies) and a timer for when they will next spawn would be nice.

The dine-in feels a bit too open, maybe some tables in the way to break up the open space would be nice. 

All around, 4/5. Loved it!


Thanks so much! Those are great points to improve on. 

I would have loved to use more animated sprites, but I'm still very slow at drawing so I made the minimum and tried to compensate with fancy effects all across the screen :D