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Fight the mammoths and prove that you are a true warrior (made for the GWJ26).
Submitted by Oberyin — 8 minutes, 45 seconds before the deadline
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Game Description
Fight the mammoths and prove that you are a true warrior.

Yes, here:

Discord Username
Oberyin (GWJ)

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1st time

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1st time

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Great visuals!

Sound would have been nice. And I got my self stuck once between the mammoths I killed, maybe the collisionshape could be disabled when they die.

Otherwise pretty solid entry IMO! Congrats!


Thank you :) 


Where was my glory! I was supposed to be...covered in it (actually, never mind) - great entry, enjoyed it. Like any good game like this it's about learning the system to get good. Agree with most of the other positive feedback here my addition would be that the edge of the area wasn't immediately obvious to me. Very nice :)


Thanks for playing :)


Hah! nice little game! very hectic and lives up to its name. I liked that the mammoths affected movement, but I kinda wished it would have only slowed me down rather than completely blocked me.  Also, I kept wanting to move and shoot since the game was so intense and standing in one spot was kinda terrifying, but these are pretty minor gripes for a jam game.  nice entry!


Thank you! :)


This would be a banger game if it had audio. It was a nice touch having the mammoth bodies have collision, although it is really easy to get stuck and I think it'd be cooler if the mammoths could push the bodies around or they try to avoid them.


Yes, that's a cool idea ! Thanks :)


Nice little game, i feel the controls a bit stiff, having music and SFX would be great, the large mamuts are really hard to defeat but still i managed to beat the game. It was fun but still it could have more stuff like power-ups or more variety in enemies.


Well done, you have proved that you are a true warrior ! It was difficult, but you found the way.

Thank you for the remark, I will try to work a bit more on the controls (and on audio also) next time.

Of course, it's just a small prototype and adding power-ups, mechanics, enemies and environments would be very interesting ways to improve it.


Nice first jam submission!

I really loved the colour palette you used!

The game was pretty hard, you got swarmed by the mammoths faster than you could shoot, and fleeing didn’t work because they slightly faster than you. (And you slow down when shooting arrows.) I finally found a decent strategy, you start my running and shooting a few arrows, and once there are too much mammoths you spam click.

I also reach higher scores that 15, up to 29/15 I think. But I did win once, at ~20/15 after killing a big mammoth. But some other times I had also slayed the big ones and a score higher than 15, and still didn’t win. I’m not sure if I didn’t understand the actual winning conditions, or if it is just a little buggy.

For the control, it felt pretty good moving around, targeting and shooting. I would have liked the WASD keys for movement for confort. There seems to be the WASD equivalent of the AZERTY layout, but yeah I had a QWERTY.

Anyway, well done for your first jam!


And I forgot to mention a small detail: you added a linux build on, but marked it as a android!

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you very much !

To be honest, I couldn't find a way to shoot while running so I opted for a state machine in order to correctly display the character's animations. That is why when you shoot, the character stops and it slows down the movement - something I don't like too much in my game by the way. I need to figure out how to deal with this.

I also found  during my tests that the conditions for victory weren't right, but I didn't have the time to correct them.

The controls for the QWERTY keyboard have been forgotten but that's something I'll take into account in my next games!

PS: I fixed the Linux build ;)


I really enjoyed the graphics and overall the game was quite well made, my only criticism would be that the controls are kinda hard, it would be nice if it was WASD instead of arrows because you are shooting with the mouse, the other thing is the fact that dead mammoths still have collision and i would often find myself surrounded by dead mammoths, unable to move. Apart from that and the lack of sound, it was a nice game.


Thank you very much !

I thought about the controls for my AZERTY keyboard  but i forgot about QWERTY - my bad... Adding a small menu to change the controls might be helpful.

Yes good suggestion, I thought of deactivating the physics of dead mammoths but I ran out of time (as for the audio unfortunately).


I like the overall idea and the art you have here. I got up to 20/15 a couple times. I'm not sure if the plan was to have levels on reaching the goal, but after the big mammoths came it seemed about impossible.

The mammoth corpses having physics makes this a bit more difficult. That may be intended, but it definitely can make movement difficult.


Well done !

I wanted to introduce levels of difficulty but I ran out of time. I had a choice between a fairly easy game or a challenging one and I thought it wouldn't be fun if it was too simple. 

Good remark, one quickly finds oneself blocked by the pile of mammoths. One improvement that I also didn't have time to add was to disable the dead body physics.


I was unable to run the windows build. It says the pck is missing, did you embed it in the exe?


Oops, I did it for Linux but I forgot about Windows - very sorry about that... I'll do it when the submissions are available again !


The Windows build should be fixed by now ! :)