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Thanks for trying our game! And I am glad you like the little touches with the animations, I sometimes go overboard and get looks from my other half who has to implement them. lol 

yeah I feel bad about the backtracking that everyone is having issues with.  Besides the rooms looking a little too similar, we didn't make it obvious enough that you can move the Oldman from the beginning room to the courtyard after his younger self unlocks the door in the past.  Which I think would have reduce the backtracking a bit. 

As usual, I won't comment on the movement. But it's obviously something a lot of the players feel can be tweaked, so I'm sure the team would look to improve it if we do further work on this project!

Thank you for your comments! I think we spent a little too long working on the concept/story than we did on actually making the game, but  I'm glad you picked up on it.  Originally the team wanted to make both old and young player to have equal portion of gameplay. With the time constraint, they were only able to focus more on the young player.  But I am glad you were able to discover the upgrades for the Oldman, I know that part wasn't super obvious! 

We also weren't sure if we would have boss music, but Jason totally came though with it last minute. :) About that one song getting a little repetitive. Maybe we can beg him for a longer version or maybe just another variation of the theme for the non-combat area. That's definitely not something that was super obvious to the team as they are so use to beating the game quick. 

I'll let other team member comment on your feedback on the movement . :) Mini-map is a great idea and I think very likely something that would be implement if we work on this game more.

Thank you so much for your feedback! I agree with you every room looks really similar currently. Probably because they were all build from one set of tiles that were meant for one room. lol. I meant to provide our level designer with more background tiles but got stuck trying to finishing off just the enemies and boss sprites.  :( 

I'll let other team member comment on their portion of the game. :) 

I feel like the gameplay is definitely the most strong player in this game. It's got very interesting jump mechanic.  The fact you can access fancier attack moves the longer you are in air is really cool.  I really liked the save spot feature as well, helps a ton for those of us who are terrible platformers.  I love that there are helpful text (even if some of the keyboard instruction isn't correct) everywhere I acquired a new ability or that I am about to run into danger.  I thought the music was also very nicely done, it was simple but suits the game very well. Feels like I can really use a sound when enemies are getting hit,  as well as maybe a visual hint(maybe they flashes red for a second to show they have taken damage). 

 I notice Anya can move quite a distance horizontally and I for some reason had trouble estimating where she would land sometimes. I am either pleasantly surprise how she was able to make a jump that I thought I for sure have missed or I overshot her and she cleared right past the platform that I thought she was going to be able to land.  But this might have more to do with my poor platforming skill than the game. :p

 Being a graphic person, I do wish Anya's sprite was done with a little more detail. But I understand since the artist was also the coder that it's difficult to  do both job perfect for a complicated game like this in a month. 

Overall I thought the game was very well designed, and really well done for a team of two. :D

Extremely good music and sound effects. And there's a different song every room!  The art is a bit mixed in terms of details and styles and sometimes I feel like they are fighting each other a little bit.  Gameplay wise, while there's no enemies, it was still quite fun hopping around gathering food items while listening to catchy tunes. Some of the jumps did end up too tough for me to make even after obtaining double jump, and I kind got stranded on the bottom of a level and couldn't get myself out. (But that seriously could just be me and my terrible platforming skill)

Overall I enjoyed the experience!

Call me slow, but it finally sunk in half way though the game that I was playing as a kidney bean in the land of diabetes where sugar and treats are the enemy. :P  I like how your concept of the game and your graphic elements came together and the subtle sense of humor that was presented. The art is simple but very very charming  and I thought suits the game very well. The music was very nicely done and catchy. I was quite bummed when it went missing in one of the level. The visual blood effect when enemies are getting their whacking is nice, but I think a sound effect to go with that would improve the audio experience greatly.  Also I couldn't figure out how to get the booster to work after beating the red bear, pressing shift didn't seem to do anything.  On one of the level, the candy cane charging enemies was able to pass though walls and I wasn't sure if they are suppose to be able to do that. 

For a second game, it is very good. You have pretty much all the elements in, all working. There's a few things to tweak and bugs to exterminated. But it was a very enjoyable and playable game. good job!

Wow this game is oozing with personality and style. The quality of audio and graphic is very high. I especially like the look of the enemies.  Gameplay wise, the instant death pits might be a little brutal for someone like me that isn't terribly good at platforming game. But I can see more resurrection point would easily offset that.  Sometimes, my character would standup briefly after a jump like he has made it on the edge of the cliff  and then falls down the cliff.  It's not a real big deal, just something I noticed. Not all the features that are visually presented in the game are working, but I can totally understand it's hard to get everything in and running in a jam game.  The phase shifting ability is very interesting,  I feel bad that I am a little too dumb to figure out how to use it properly by myself.  Consider put in a little in game hint on how to use it? 

Overall it is a very cool looking game and I hope you keep on polishing it. :)

You definitely nailed the fun with this game!  There's something very appealing and satisficing about a little cat in a spacesuit wielding giant weapons against all odds to rescue its owner.  The recoiling physic in this game is simply awesome.  Music is very good and sounds are excellently used here. It totally blew my mind that I can actually hear the cat reloads its gun.  The pixel art feels very professionally done and so is everything else really.  I can't think of anything I don't like. Maybe a little more story?  

Very very well done!

I really like the aesthetic and sense of humor in this game.  Graphic and music/sfx are very well done. Everything feels very polished right from the start and stayed consistently polished . I'm terrible at platformer so I couldn't finish the game, but I can tell there's a lot of care and details in the level designs and tool upgrades. The auto save is a great feature! If you ever decide to work on making the game more accessible to more of us not as good at platforming, maybe consider bringing the player back at a safer spot (a projectile free zone) after they have lose all their tomatoes.  It would give those of us not as great at jumping a chance to collect our thoughts rather than continue to jump poorly. 

Overall a very visual and sound pleasing game with really interesting tool mechanic. excellent work!

Thank you for the fantastic comment! We were a little disappointed that we weren't able to put more tricks in, but so happy to hear people still feel like a magician anyways while playing. :D

Ha ha, I have to give credit of the crazy town names to my brother Paul, who coded most of the game.  John and I gave him super vague direction at the beginning for the map, so he made up most of the town and village names by himself and probably thought we would change it all out later.   

Guess now we have an excuse to do a sequel. :D

Glad you liked the twist! I wasn't sure if we had time to work it in, but John insisted so we did. :)  Not sure how far we can go with this game  at the moment considering how difficult it was to just do two tricks. But we are definitely considering implementing a bit more base on your comments and others. Thank you!

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Aw that's a super nice comment! Willowblade. It is definitely a team effort, I agree. Art by itself doesn't stand out in a game if there isn't codes there to make it dance, or sound there to give everything life. :) 

Very happy to hear you mention like seeing how the bunnies work inside their box during practice but not seeing them during the show.  It was a rather complicated idea that we weren't sure if we were going to pull it off, since it require so much from both art and codes. We are happy that it is working and you noticed it. 

Oh, we might take you up on testing a third trick... assuming we don't get lazy like we usually do after a jam. 

P.S. I ran into that same bug you experience during testing, not all the time, just sometimes.  John couldn't debugged it last minute because it doesn't seem to happen to him. But now there's two of us,  maybe he'll do more looking.  :P

Thank you for commenting and playing our game! Yes we thought people might panic when them see that third card last minute, we decided it would be wise to let it run itself instead giving anybody heart attacks. ;) It would be cool to have a much different background for inside the castle for sure! I wanted to add more noble looking audience as well.  

It was a lot of fun watching my kid go at it actually!  He was jumping on top of the beetle like a pro by the end and doing moves I wasn't probably capable. Controller did fine. I had trouble jumping on top of the beetle myself, because I keeping expecting to be able to move in mid-air like some other people has mentioned in other comments.  But that would be the same with keyboard, so not really specific to controllers. 

Lol, crazy cat.  I was ready to raid the supermarket for him too. Newspapers in the end were a nice touch.  Very short game, but fun. 

A really fun little game! Music is well suited to your theme. :)

This is a really fun game. Love the bee projectiles and the adorable graphic in pastel color scheme!  The  original sound effects really stand out.  One of my kiddo yank the controller out of my hand in mid game, so he beat the boss instead of me. lol.  

An extremely chilled text game with lovely pixel art backgrounds, plus loads of humor, what's not to love? :D 

Hi Carmo, It just sometimes kicks me out of the game completely after I finished a level. And I think the first time it happened to me I was finishing up level 3 and the other time might have been level 5? It didn't seem very consistent. If it helps, I have window 10 and use Chrome as my browser. 

This is a really well made game! There's not a lot of graphic, but what's there is very well used and your presentation is super. I really liked the music and your sound effects are right on. I was able to beat all the planets but needed *cough" my other half's help to beat the last level. Not necessarily because I couldn't beat it myself, but he snuck in while I was taking a tea break. 

I hope you get more ratings soon, it is a solid game. 

There's a crazy amount of features here! The fact the world is big, you can zoom in and out and left and right to see ahead is very cool.  Love being able to upgrade unit via buying equipment. 

Unfortunately I didn't read one of comments below where the developer said you can press a spacebar to make the caravan stop.  Instead I spend half the time yelling at my caravan, because who ever is driving kept automatically bolts out of town leaving me no time to equip anything. I usually ended up chasing him half way across the map just so I can press the horse icon to make him stop, by then some jerks has jumped him and is beating the crap out of him. (and he deserved it, dammit)

Needless to say, your caravan driver and I are currently not on speaking terms. But it is a very fascinating game with tons of details, graphic and audio both compliment the gameplay really well.  I can see it being a hard game to quit especially if the developer do decide to make equipping easier. Either equipping can be done during town or if the caravan simply stay put until the user tells it to go would do it. :)

Cool little typing game! Was it a design choice to have some of the alien space ship end up right in middle of the window frames with their names partly covered ? Half way though I noticed I start targeting those ships first so I won't end up guessing their words once they are right up to my windshields. :D

I think starting us off with single words might help those of us not as savvy with keyboards to play a little longer, also would love a stage where we get to repair or recharge our shields. 

This is a fantastic jam game! It's got just the right amount of design, graphic, audio, and as a bonus a bit of humor in between levels. The Browser version bugged out on me a lot, after two tries I gave up and downloaded it instead. :) Also a little bummed that I didn't see any any witty villager commentaries at the second stop. I really look forward to those at the end of each level. :D

OMG, this totally brings me back to days of  RPG games where we wander aimlessly for fights just to get enough experience to take on the boss so we can see the story progresses.  However instead of random encounters you have balance you game perfectly so that as long as we find and eliminate all enemy on board, we are able to proceed. Which I thought was a really nice design choice.  

Pixel art were simple, clean, well made and consistent throughout. I chuckled at the character's talking animation and dialogs. :)  Sound effects were great, Music has a great deal of personality and is well suited to the theme of the game. 

Thank you for this slice of nostalgia, and I really can't say there's anything here I don't like. Very well done and I am super impressed. 

This is a little creepy for my taste. But I have to say that I do look forward to see what you guys make every jam, as they are always really different and with certain level of artistic quality.   Good audio and voice overs( as usual). Really nice  and interesting visuals(as usual), controls were smooth and I was able to find my perfect host in the end with all the cheeky hints and feeling a little sick to my stomach afterwards.  

Very smooth gameplay and a decent take on the theme! I agree with BrokenCogGames that it was really nice to have the controls info at the bottom at all time to reference to. Simple graphic style but  very well made and is consistent all the way though.  I cheered with my follow tribesmen/women when we found the artifact. :) Were there any audio? I didn't hear any when I played. 

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The concept of eating mushroom and making an offering is really neat. I liked the sound and music, they were  quite good.  Moving around and picking things up is a little challenging, but didn't stop me from keeping going. I did had to restart the game one time because I was being a pig at first consuming everything in my inventory for fun not realize I should save one of them for later.  My brain also tells me I want to see a brief description of the items I have pickup in inventory.  But the game is not that long, so I don't think that matter too much. 

Overall, a short but very complete experience, good job! :)

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This game draws me in right the way with its opening cut scene. Original music score was very nice and sound effects back it up nicely.  I gave it five very serious tries before giving up looking for the road. (My heart couldn't take any more dying after that, sorry)  I got Niko killed via thirst like three times before I figure out how to harvest water from cactus plants. I think if the instructions to play was in-game like you did with the battle system, it would have helped me greatly.  The battle system was simple but fun. I agree with dunkelgrau that it was a little jarring going from main game to battle system. But I think you can fix that simply by putting a grid over some terrain tiles from the main game instead of using a plain background over a photo backdrop. 

Overall a neat game and I wish I could have seen more of it!

Very nicely done!  The hexagon tile design gives me an immediate feeling of playing an epic board game. Quality pixel art here throughout the entire game and I enjoy watching the wagon and horse turning and making their way across the landscape. Music and sound is very immersive and urges me on. Definitely has a good feel of the theme, I feel the agony of the nomad lifestyle as I made slow progress across the world while painstakingly trying keep everyone fed and safe. 

Not a quick game, has a bit of a learning curve to it  as you learn to micro manage your tribesmen.  I have yet to make it all the way across after 4 tries.  But beautifully done and I'll come back to it later. 

 I can totally relate to not having time to test anything, that describes the majority of our experience with game jams so far.  :P

Thanks for the tip on using the full screen, it is a lot better. But I'm afraid I'm no Willow. lol 

I probably should have supported that idea with more graphic varieties in the background, but I ran out of time tweaking. :P 

 I was trying to be clever hinting that going north is uphill, therefore she can only waddle up slowly but can slide in the other directions. She's also slightly faster going down the hill. It was probably not very obvious, sorry for the confusion! 

Very impressive and clever design! This is probably the most I have chuckle to myself while playing a game jam game. :) Love your use of simple, clean graphic with bold cheeky text that gets me when I am least suspecting.  My only nitpick is that I wish the chick would stop rotating and stand up properly on its legs for a second or two so I can aim properly for that jump on a slope in level 1. :P 

Sound worked fine for me and feels like it's done at the same standard as everything else, just a really super experience overall.  

OMG it's like playing basketball with an egg! I got stuck on the level where there's a long tunnel I have to pass the egg though, and I simply can not figure out how to give the egg enough momentum to go though the entire tunnel so it can roll off into the basket on the other side. 

If you had any audio, I didn't hear them, but still a very fun experience!

I like the way your egg moves. It's very elegant and smooth in a mesmerizing way.  I also like how your take on the bamboozled wild card introduce us to a very typical element in the platform game that, non-typically in this game :D Spring is a fun mechanic to play with, not only does it make a really fun sound. I can also blame it fully for not landing me where I want to instead of my awkward ability to jump usually. :P

A well done game with a nice minimalist style. You seriously put just enough sounds and graphics in, and not a penny more. Bravo. 

Definitely an original twist on a cooking game.  Awesome restaurant ambience in the background. Feels like I could use some splashing sounds as I drop food into my pan. I agree with studio Haiku that I like to be able to reference to all the food and their color that I have discovered from previous dishes. Like a note pad mechanic would be awesome. 

Very fun game and I usually have a hard time with platformer.  I really appreciate your sense of humor and the great use of the bamboozled wild card. :D Like others I notice the really awesome music track didn't loop really well, but it was long enough that it didn't bug me too much. Sound effects were really good during game. Intro is a little quiet, almost feel like I need a text noise while the text are being displayed just so that I know my sound is working. Visually the graphic is very simple, but well suited our rebel egg along with the black and white like color scheme. Great entry!

Good use of the diy wild card! Definitely feels like I am running a drive-through!  Pixel art is charming, audio was well put together. Using number keys to access inventory is interesting. I do find myself have to look at my keyboard a lot as my fingers aren't trained to deal with number keys.  Overall a really pleasant experience in a normally chaotic fast food environment. :) 

The part of my brain that likes productivity is really digging this game.  I notice I am yearning for just a little bit  more graphics (maybe some kind of farm scene as a backdrop instead of the that empty grey screen we stare at a lot between tabs). Music was very lovely, but  I think some simple sound effects when we make a purchase/sale or when we move eggs around would greatly enhance the audio experience. 

Like everyone else,  I found the game extremely relaxing and fun. :)