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Ghosts Hate ToastView game page

Stop the gluten-free ghosts!
Submitted by Nisovin (@nisovin) — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline
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Godot Version

Theme(s) Used
Bread, Spooky, and kind of Prehistoric

Wildcards Used
Cheater! (and kind of mundane)

Game Description
Defeat the gluten-free ghosts trying to escape the museum!

Yes, linked on page

Discord Username

Participation Level (GWJ only)
2nd jam

Participation Level across all Jams
4th jam

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Great mix off all 3 themes due to context given by background and enemies. Only shooting toaster in archeological museum doesn't make sense though...

Gameplay is nice due to verity of enemies and weapons. Great job on this one!

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Cool game!

Where do the sound effect come from? x) Very funny, but also definitely spooky on my side, probably because the middle sized-ghosts sounds like No-Face from Spirited Away.

I was a lot more fun with the cheat codes, probably because you don’t get enough power-ups in the “normal” game, and your lone toaster gets quickly overwhelmed by ghosts. And there is a lot of power-ups, so you don’t want to skip them! In my opinion, the game is also too hard without them, especially if you’re unlucky and don’t get any purple ghosts. But I see jdbuenol still managed to get a pretty high score without any cheats, so maybe I’m just terrible at this game?

I really liked that if one ghosts passes through, you get a small help from the corners! If you loose a life, it’s likely because you are having trouble, and it helps getting back in the game without loosing all lives at once.

So well done!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! My wife and I made the sound effects ourselves. Most of them are pitched down.

I agree that it is sometimes too difficult. The randomness made it hard to balance, sometimes it felt like it was way too hard, and then other times it felt like it was way too easy. The luck on whether you get the right powerups at the right time plays into it a lot.


nice game.


An interesting game, I admit it took me a while to figure out you could move left and right. It played pretty well though I think moving and shooting should conserve momentum or something cause it just kinda looks weird when you move and shoot in a horizontal direction. Cheat codes were interesting and a definitely bready game!


The game mixes  well the 3 themes of the game jam and the power ups adds so much to the game ! It was very fun to play :)


Really cool game, the ghosts design is a bit simple but still it's nice. The powerups are the best part of the game, my fav one was the extra toaster, the cheats are really cool too, specially PanDeMuerto, my high-score was 12500 (without cheats). The music is a bit simple but the SFX are nice (specially the ghosts sounds).


Great stuff, loved the sound effects. Nice idea and well executed. Enjoyed my go with it. I think the only thing I couldn't figure out was why I only got some of the power ups -- did they just not fall close enough to me?

Nice entry!


Yeah, you just have to be close enough. It's pretty lenient, but there should probably be some kind of indicator. It doesn't change with the triple toaster either, which could be confusing.


This was very fun! I liked the fact that you were supposed to lead your shots a little and can't just spam directly at the ghosts, which forces you to actually think about where you're firing. The power ups were a fun addition, I especially liked the one that when you killed a ghost, it spawned two more breads.


The ghost sounds are hilarious - it had me smiling all the way through! Really fun to play! ^^


Thank you! We had a lot of fun making them.


Very polished entry. The audio effects were spot on with spookiness. 


Very nice! The ghost sounds are really good! Even though the game mechanic is simple and there's only one scene we get to see the entire time. It is a very well rounded game in all category .  I can't really think of much negative things to say except More faster shooting toasts please! Great job and I had fun!


Glorious soundeffects!!! :D

The powerups were a bit hard to catch, in my opinion.

But the different ghosts and amount of differen powerups made the game very entertaining!

Very nice!


Yeah, it feels bad to miss one. I actually made it much easier than it was originally, but it still is difficult at times.