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I'm still looking forward to full release of Point Rescue Arcade. All the best for your new job.

Awesome game.. loved how relaxing it is. Very well made. Thank you for sharing.

Would like to know which leaderboard service you are using.. is this local leaderboard or online?

This was crazy addictive game. :) Just my kind of jam. (pun intended) :D

lovely game. The controls for movement of the character and the feedback on shooting was great. The melee combat can use some more jazz. The enemy design was great as well, level design was on point with me never having to think about where i should go next.  Lost almost 30mins playing this one :) very fun game. 

The music was great and the rhythm game works for the theme :) 

Enjoyed the game art and the mechanics of the game. Thank you for sharing. 

Very polished entry. The audio effects were spot on with spookiness. 

Loved the cheats. Well done :)

really cool cheats. Loved playing with the cheats on :) 

Well done.

Thank you for your continued work on this tool. It's been very helpful.

love how simple yet engaging this is. Thank you for sharing.

oh yea that one :) will fix that. Thought about it later in the cycle but didn’t fix it. Again thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback.

Good job on the game. Was pretty engaging. 

Surprised to see multiplayer version in game.

great game. Loved the fact that you can draw your characters for the game :)

Thank you for such a detailed feedback.  Will work on fixing the difficulty curve. 

Thank you for the feedback. The enemies to attack but agree that they are not aggressive enough. Will be working on variations of this to see which one is fun to play

nice fun game.. love the boomerang implementation.

it was so franatic. Love the combination of rts + roguelike :) 

one of the few games i actually finished till the end :) The setup was so funny i love it.  Thank you for the submission. 

It's the first time ive' seen the crafting + platformer mix. Pretty impressed by the entry. 

was short and sweet. I love one tap / key games and this fits the bill perfectly. Thank you for making it. 

good game man. The possession mechanic was great.  Thank you for sharing your creation. 

The game looks great. I loved the use of lights around the level.  Had fun playing it. 

oops.. didn't notice that.. will try it out again. Thank you for the tip.

The reload of arrow didn't seem very intuitive. I would think the character is ready to shoot, but it would fire after a while.  Some feedback on when the arrow is ready would help. 

Great entry.. was super addictive. 

shooting feels a bit floaty but fun little game. 

Feel sad for the crab family.  For the first time i actually enjoyed reading the dialog  in a game. 

Well done . 

The mechanic of moving walls was great. Would love to see  this explored further. 

took me a while to figure out how to start the game :) i thought i was already in the game looking at the text on the screen :D

i liked the movement system. Good combination of rythm game mechanic into the rpg game. Well made.

simple yet challenging :) Yay to the use of playing cards. 

Was anticipating the AI to take over for the second player, that would have been a great addition, but i understand it might be hard to do it in the jam. Overall looks very polished. 

i like the way you take on the armor pieces. The movement felt slow  but the combat was fun.  I had fun playing it.