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An FPS where you play Black Jack
Submitted by vkrishna — 5 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Creative use of art assets#993.6923.692
Overall polish#3522.7692.769

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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It didn't feel like there was a reason to mix a shooter with blackjack. They didn't do anything for each other. Progress was pure luck because it only depended on blackjack and the shooting didn't do anything to improve or reduce winning prospects. Maybe having to shoot the cards or making the enemies the cards. Trying to stay alive while not getting over with shooting them or something.

But the way it was done it didn't feel like the concepts improved each other


I am not so sure if fps and blackjack mix too well. I sort of just picked up cards from time to time and shot at npcs while waiting. Is there even a point in killing them? They don't appear to do any damage and don't give any points. Plus you only win by winning the blackjack game, which heavily depends on our lord RNGesus. I need some more explanation regarding the premise!

The only thing I really hated was the death sound. Please remove the microphone from your mouth. You're supposed to speak into it not eat it!


Thank you for the feedback. The enemies to attack but agree that they are not aggressive enough. Will be working on variations of this to see which one is fun to play


Really good ideas here. I think a faster style of fps would fit the gameplay better. It was really easy to train the enemies, and players can just focus on playing blackjack their best. I think this style would be at its best if the fps gameplay forced the player to play blackjack sub optimally. Great game would love to see it more fleshed out.


Great game, nice sfx and visuals. Cool concept!


Had fun with this and i think you have a good foundation for a more complex game and room to implement more mechanics. 

A few suggestions:

- I did like the level design and the use of the art assets however they could definitely do with a little cleaning up in some areas. Some of the wall textures were a little blurry and some still had their background colours which were noticeable. 

- In terms of gameplay: For me the shotgun hit detection didn't work a majority of the time and the movement felt a little sluggish for my liking.

Keep it up, you're on to a good idea here. If you decide to flesh it out in future I'm sure it could be a great game.  


Cool game man^^

Was a short ride but hey quality > quantity.
shooting felt pretty fun with the revolver.

For feedback for the shotgun it looks like you just done a small raycast.
Indead you just make so it hits people in front but damage depending on distance or something^^.
(Just personal opinion)

I don't get why this doesn't have more ratings tbh.

Good work!


Shooter crossed with black jack is a fun concept and the shooting felt really comfortable for a 3D game, definitely a fun concept and I would love to see more use of it.


Interesting idea, I hope you develop it further :-) The game was fun to play but the shotgun did not work for me.


I didn’t know what I needed to do

if it had some explanation of what’s black jack it might have been way better

other than that great game


Shooting, movement, and kicking mechanics all felt good.  Game play was a bit strange, and it wasn't until the very end i realized i was collecting cards for Black Jack (the card backs looked a bit like boxes to me).  Interesting idea, good work! :D


Thank you for the feedback. I realize now i should have made them pop  just like i did for the gun to make them feel like pickups. 


Mouse sensitivity too low in my case playing the webgl version. Cool idea, nice sounds (shotgun!).


would recommend you play the executable. Looks lot crisper. Wasn’t able to figure out the problem in webgl version before jam 


Looks great! Shooting felt really satisfying, and I liked the music and effects!


Love the idea! I had a bug the first time I booted the game, I could not move, but worked fine the second time. I like when games mix different genres and this was a very creative use of the card graphics.


I enjoyed playing this. Nice Idea!