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You must be embracing spooktober haunting me in such a place!

You're welcome! Honestly the difficulty in blender is learning all the things that you can do and memorizing the hotkeys.

I noticed you actually made a 3d game. Got some help, or was it the asset store?

Oh and in between massages those rascals at Blender updated to 2.90 :) They update regularly, but don't be alarmed the tutorials still apply. Honestly they should have called 2.8, 3.0 instead, would have been more appropriate imo.

I used the tutorials from Blenderguru from waayy back. Just following his step by step guides for different projects.

Then he did the infamous donut tutorial (atleast in the blender comunity, thats when everyone started to post picktures of donuts made with blender) for blender 2.8. It is made very well and got me up to speed with the new version. Since you don't need the actual rendering bit it will be quite fast for you.

You should be interested in the following:

Blender beginner tutorial part 1 to part 4 (51 minutes, double that as a rule of thumb), after that comes sculpting and rendering, which is a little more complicated and not actually necessary for low poly/low fidelity game models.

It will teach you the controls and the bare bones of modelling.

When you done with that you can do the Blender beginner Moddeling tutorial part 1 to the end (3 hours)

This one has a little more complex geometry and actual texturing

You might want to check out CJGeek, he has a different style and his tutorials are faster, but he has some good stuff that might be of use. These two videos should be a condensed version of almost everything you need.

Unfortunately I don't have any new tutorials for character animation on the radar. The old tutorials held up for me and I never needed to refresh my knowledge. Didn't watch this one fully, lllbut it should be good.

If you get tiered by this point you might want to just skip the animation part or reduce the number of bones to a minimum. You can spend hours on that shit.

Last but not least you might need a way to export your result to Unity. Just google it and click the first result that stuff is trivial.

Most of the stuff you want to make has a tutorial for blender. It might be an older version though and look drastically different (we had a UI update like a year ago), but the work flow is generally the same and most hotkeys still work, so you can adapt. Most tutorials are good.

Sorry if I overwhelmed you. 3D is a big thing and learning new software is a difficult step. My offer still stands. Direct your questions at me and I will try to help.

Good choice. It's not actually that hard especially when you try to emulate early 3D graphics. Extrude some boxes, unwrap them and add bones for animation (if you get that far).

If you choose to work with blender you can ask me. I got a little experience ;)

(That was 2017 I am less pathetic now)
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Why that? Dr mario 64 looks looks pretty 2d to me. Plus I faintly remember some Simpsons game that I am certain was on the N64.

Also the rules sort of allow you to use premature premade assets.

If you want I can make you some knock of danky kangs and mirios with the silliest animations I can muster. Just note that I am unavailable for this jam, since I will be participating in the ludum dare this weekend. But I am sure I can spare you 12 hours between this jam starting and the actual ludum dare. It's good practice plus they are slightly delayed.

Looks like the trail your car makes when moving isn't rule compliant! I will only deduct one star since it is a minor violation.

The visuals and car handling are good.

Also I noticed that you manually set the web player window to full HD. There is an option to let unity handle the window size it for you.

Someone need to tell the VAT that they need to invest in better gyroscopes :) . Turning doesn't feel too responsive.

First you need to find out weather the problem is on your end or on Basically dose it run on your computer at all?

Since you haven't corrected me I will continue asuming that you work with unity. Is your original webgl build file still on your computer? You shouldn't be downloading it from every time you want to test it. Just open the index.html file in a browser.

Please give me the exact error massage. "Some java script failed" will only get you the answer "then fix it".

Can you show me the errors?

Can you give us more details? From what I can tell you work with unity. If the game doesn't load at all you might have this problem:

Else you will have to check your code for errors. Try recompiling with developer mode and have a look in your browser console.

They require a pc to make a windows build? madness! (or I'm too pampered with my unity idk anything about gms)

I should have made the angular drag greater. That would have prevented ridicules rotation rates, or you know remodel a vehicle that is more stable and doesn't flip and some special camera script?

I prefer the term lord of the hard surface noobs (sculpting and complex geometry frighten me to this day). 3D for the win! The lesser dimensional beings won't see us approaching form the z-axis!

Interesting game. It was fun to play. It would have been helpful if you mentioned that you can interact with object by pressing e (I only learned that from your screenshots)

There was also some weirdness with the hydrant that produced a terrible sound bug.

What engine did you use? Some engines support cross platform compilation without special hardware. As far as I know only the CPU architecture plays a role in compiling.

Looks like there is a problem when you enter the book store. Judging by the sound of my spinning fan blades and fully occupied processor core there might be a while loop with broken logic.

Not much to look at, very minimalistic. Personally not a big fan of narrative stories, but from what I saw the writing was passable.

Oh, yeah I remember now! Btw it dosen't load in firefox for some reason, but chrome is fine.

That's too bad. I would like to wish you much better luck for your next attempt!

It's the illegal character bug. I heard it happens in the latest Unity 2020 version. Unfortunately I don't know of any fixes.

Hey, looks like you didn't submit, that's a bummer! I was hoping to see what you were cooking up.

Don't forget to give credit tho!

A little late for finding a programmer. You need to have this sorted out a couple days before a jam.

Plus making something like a simple platformer is super easy. I even have a movement script for download on my itch page. Just add some platforms and a reset button as well as some checkpoints and death conditions. It will not take more than 5 hours.

No problem

It takes some time to get familiar with c# and unity. What programming language have you used before?


transform.rotation *= Quaternion.Euler(0,0,-10);

Sorry I mixed things up.

Change eulerAngles() to Euler() and the error will go away. I was thinking of a deprecated methode, but it is spelled as EulerAngles. Anyway since it is depricated you should use Euler()!

Personally I wouldn't mind as long as they are not too bloomy or reflective, but I don't know how harsh the other contestants judge.

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I would like more of an explanation of what you're trying to do. As far as I understand you want to rotate

If you are using rigidbody anyway you shouldn't be using transform.position instead use _rigidbody.AddForce(new Vector3(movement, 0, 0) * Time.deltaTime * MovementSpeed) or so.

I don't understand why you change the scale, but I foresee your character getting stuck on something.

Now the actual rotating part. If you just want to rotate your character (lets say 10° every frame)

private void Update()
     transform.rotation*=Quaternion.eulerAngles(0,0,10); //EDIT: it should be just Euler instead of eulerAngles!

I had my falling out with Quaternions, but now I bested them. Rotation in Unity is represented by them and unlike normal vectors you can't add them you must multiply them.

Alternatively you can use the rigidbody to rotate.

rb.AddTorque(new Vector3(0,0,10*Time.deltaTime*roattionSpeed));

While I wouldn't use any post processing that produces radically different colors (lens flare, chromatic distortion) I wouldn't obsess over stuff like anti-aliasing and shading from shadows and light sources. You'll be spending too much time writing shaders (depending on your engine and game type).

I won't be rating games by checking every pixel. If the colors look vaguely right you're good to go in my book.

As far as I understand it you don't have to. It's like a box of crayon, use the colors you like.

working fast, that's good

Thank you for the  unique challenge. Sadly I didn't feel anything, but nevertheless I wish you the best of luck.

I sort of saw it coming, but still wanted to try and see how bad it actually gets. In my opinion making a game in only one hour while an impressive challenge is not very appropriate for a jam.

When I usually participate in a jam I use the first hour to make a concept and plan for my game. What gameplay I want, what graphics I will use, how much time it will take and so on. I think planning is a very important step for every game and due to the nature of this jam it kind of falls flat. Now today I was sort of lucky, since the theme literally said do whatever you want (so I turned a joke game idea into a game), but if we had a high concept theme I would have wasted a lot of the allotted time gathering ideas and planing a game that I could make in something like 30 minutes (super impossible for me, I can't type that fast let alone think).

Another way of going about the jam would have been to have all prewritten code ready and simply adjusting the graphics and story or whatever to the theme. This imo is possible, but sort of counter productive. Jams are supposed to be a place where you try new things to create something out of the box. This method however would result with you staying in your comfort zone and basically churning out asset flips akin to following the latest gaming trend (not a character trait I would like to see in my cojammers).

I feel like this jam has a cursed problem. You simply cannot combine speed and originality. You ether get "rebranded" and "reskinned" games or you get halfbaked mutants and dnfs. I don't see a solution to this, which is why I probably won't participate again.

I would like to hear your thoughts though. Maybe I am just dumb and don't get it or lack the technical finesse. idk

I guess you had the code for the minigames armed and ready.

Daim direct x required... Can't do that with my wine

How do you move? Sometimes wasd and pressing space moves the cube, but it is inconsistent.

Hmmm... Physics... My arch nemesis... So we meat again... En garde! (I still have no clue how to rate these)

Always nice to have a linux build. The gameplay needs lets say direction.

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pretty good for an hour! I will be back and adjust the ratings when I have a feel for the level of "quality" for this jam

Edit: now that I have played all the games it is imo the best. (I don't count the host since there is an obvious advantage)


Might wanna jump in and test how bad I am at speed coding, but I don't have discord. Will the theme be announced here as well?

Oh, I completely forgot that there was supposed to be a theme...

Don't worry my audio still sucks. We will get better eventually.

I just realized that there are 3 worlds. f me I can't do that!