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There is an auto scale option for WebGl Unity games ;-)

Works as intended (it's not a bug if it's a feature)All memes aside it's a really good puzzle game. I don't have enough time to finish it in one sitting, so it would be really cool if there was a level select cheat.

I hoped that I could outsmart the browsers with the use of plugins, so that everything runs from unity natively without any extra code. Turns out the Browsers outsmarted my outsmarting. I will have to go back to the roots, but the experiment was not a loss. Popup warnings are still annoying, they can be used.

Javascipt is still javascript, compiled or not unless you minimize it like unity does I can read it quite comfortably.

The Silent Hunter Series is indeed very good! I have yet to see a modern game that lets you destroy ships in such a satisfying way. Sure there are u-boat games out there, but none rip a destroyer in half in a glorious blaze with sailors flying in all directions. Perhaps one day my lust for blood and destruction can be satiated.

Neither Chrome nor Firefox want to launch this. I am sad.

I kind of got the hang of things on the godot level. This game proves ponce more that a game with a grappling hook cant be bad.

It was intended for the popups to actually pop, but I just couldn't get it to work from within Unity and was too lazy to put it in an iframe where I can get them to work thru javascript. Browsers are super strict on things like this nowadays. No popups unless you press a button, no sound unless you have interacted with the html in some way or have controls enabled. At least the doxing -eh geolocation works (if the user accepts). So many horrible things that are not possible. Honestly I should have just used image download prompts. They work.

Google Translate did a good job. Almost no mistakes. Also excellent use of alternative word translation. High quality crap!

Ein wahrer Meister seines Handwerks!

Die erzeugten Browserbugs lassen meine geblockten Popups im Staub zurück. Ich war so beeindruckt, dass ich Ihre Daten heruntergeladen habe um Ihre Technick zu erlernen. Mit Ihrem talent können wir die Videospielindustrie in eine neue Era des Abgrunds führen. (Das ist lustig, weil das U-Bot im Abgrund ist)

Weiterso Herr Kaleut und das Ritterkreuz mit Eichenblatt gehört so gut wie Ihnen!

You should rate as many as you want to. There should be no obligation to rate a set amount, since such rules would turn Jams into Jobs.

A bigger number of ratings legitimizes the winner. However not everyone will win the prize. I think that real feedback (not the "nice game" variety) is much more valuable than star ratings. When you rate you should concentrate on helping your fellow game dev rather than rate for ratings sake.

I have not a single clue how I managed to find my brother. I was about to stop playing when I saw this fat troll thing. How nice that arrows cannot hurt him.

I don't like walking sims especially those that make you walk forever in a monotone environment. In my own game making experience footsteps are persevered as annoying. You should use Unity's change pitch functionality so they at least sund slightly different every time and have plenty of other environment sounds that are louder.

Also Itch has an auto detect size option for the unity web player that makes it fit better than the manual value.

The game feels rather unapproachable. I got the impression that it doesn't want you to play it with all this borderline bs happening in the first few seconds. I barely have enough time to find my bearings before I need to act and that usually just ends with me flying head first into death.

While the movement system is unusual, it is functional and if I was to invest more time probably decent. Graphics are serviceable, I just can't wrap my head around the reason that you put a coordinate grid in the background.

My biggest gripe was the fact that the movement is bound to the arrow keys, which means that I have to quickly take off my right hand off of the mouse. This then results in me dying withing seconds, so I take my right hand and put it on the mouse to restart. This is annoying for such a fast pace game. If you expect me to loose quickly, I expect to be able to return to the action effortlessly.

Pretty sure that these are your browser settings, but I hear you. I will have a look at the plugin to force a confirmation for all mime types.

This must be the first time someone submitted a makefile. I am bad with makefiles, so there goes any hope of playing the game.

Also mind telling me how monster hunter music made it into the folder?

That falls under engines. We allow all engines.

Looks like there is no game

Well that was one hell of a funny buggy mess

Yep that is definitely art.

Restart at the end is hilarious!

Unleash the Craken! My poor kerbonauts have to suffer

Ÿ̷̨̢̧̨̬̟͇̯̙͙̟̜͓̓͒̈́̄͗̐̊̓͋̀͒̊̚͝O̵̬͎̦̞̙̞̰̻͈̩̣̫̐͗̿̍͒͜ͅU̷̧͚͓̖̺̗̅̓͆̍͐͆̍̈́̏͜ ̸̛̻̬̰̆̌̓͂̔̑̎̓̒͑̃Ķ̵̨̹̳͓̞̺͓̩̰͇̼͔͙̟̂̄̓̂̀̈́͋̀͒̃Ṉ̵̹̄͌͆͛͂̔̏̓̋̉̕̚Ở̶̬̮̦͖̠̮̳̦͓̦̝̬͂̂̀̽W̸̧̛̰͖̼͒̈̀͋͑̕ ̸̨̛̲͓́̚W̵̨̧̛̝͕̰̦̝̘̎͊͗͜Ḥ̶̙̼͗̂̎̇̅̀̄̓͆̚̚͘̕̕͝A̵͈̎̎̑͐̎͝Ț̷͌̑͒̅̃̔̌͘͝͝ ̴̠̘̯̯̜̮̉̆̎̚Ţ̵̹̗͙̮̪̘͍͖̋̉͂̌͋̋̕Õ̵̻̀ ̴̼͈̝̻̮̟̪̀D̵̨̜̗͙̗͉̫̺̬̥̥̃̔̀͜Ö̶̧̳̙̪̝̺̭̓̍

For your eyes only! Keep data  confidential. Remember: Secure Contain Protect
Experiment Nr.:
Reaction to new environment:
slight confusion, random button presses, discovered correlation between score value and number of mouse button 0 inputs
Reaction to audio stimulus:
loud noise caused startling, long term exposure caused adaptation to stimulus
Reaction to video stimulus:no reaction
Reason for experiment termination:
too tired to click on track pad
Subjects mental state:
stable, no changes noticable
Additional notes:

Look now it is """playable"""

It's only private man, I will remove the restriction today. See this is called building hype that I can't satisfy in the end.

Hey I know how to make bad games! And my actual GMTK submission for 2020 would have been an excellent fit for GBTK#3! But alas, no use crying over spilled milk, let us cry over horrible games instead!

I cannot wait to unleash a monstrosity of unrivaled putridness upon this world, your cancerous growths will get cancer!

The game has been updated. Thank you for your feedback.

Brute force *scoffs*!
I am way more sophisticated than that! See you have made some debug logs. I can read those logs.
Regarding the puzzles themselves they're probably good, but my brain doesn't work that well at night.

I don't get it, but I know how to cheat...

I had a stroke reading that

I know that it is cool, but I also know how hard it is to make. Things like portals are doable, but creating curved space renderer is on a level that few people are capable of programming. Unless you have some free engine that you would like to provide for a jam, I do not think that it'd be possible to do.

JeffJam #1 community · Created a new topic Rules?

I get that the game should be about Jeff and we have one hour to make it, but like are there any other rules?

Can I just dig thru my code library for 30 minutes, pick out my favourite assets in 20 minutes and cobble everything together in the last 10?

(1 edit)

Excuse me sir are you mad? Have you ever looked at the math required?

Looks like there is a collider missing in the last level. I am not complaining, this made the second to last step easier :)     (I also know the legit solution so we cool)

I had a lot of fun playing it! My only critique is that when the king dies and you have to go thru the menu to open the last level, which is a tad annoying. Also the inclusion of pause is bizarre to me, since there isn't anything happening when you don't press any buttons.

Straight forward game. I think that the music fit the tone very well. My laptop is kind of crappy, so there where a lot of sudden frame rate spikes resulting in me running straight into spikes and not being able to walk and attack at the same time. Needed a few more retries than usual.

I'd love it if you made a few checkpoints and maybe had the companion a bit earlier/had more tasks before the end, since that part was rather short. Character sprites could use some work, but you probably know that already.

What are the odds seeing you here! Apparently not zero :)

Looks like the first ambush is a bit too heavy on the bullets. Starting off the player surrounded by trigger happy apes is a little scummy in retrospect, but at least you got to see why they are stronger together.

Hey, hey hey... Look who it is, my favourite Indonesian game dev. I'll try to get a hold of a Windows PC before the rating period ends.

Did you place the characters on the opposite to their controls on purpose? I constantly messed up and had to redo, but it was fun anyway!

Did it break?