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Das UnderseaboatView game page

a submarine "simulator"
Submitted by XCVG (@xcvgvcx) — 3 days, 2 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Ear destruction#64.0004.000
Uncanny Valley#192.8182.818

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

I solemnly swear that I've made a bad game

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this broke my ears.


Ear Destruction is a rating category 😉


Ein wahrer Meister seines Handwerks!

Die erzeugten Browserbugs lassen meine geblockten Popups im Staub zurück. Ich war so beeindruckt, dass ich Ihre Daten heruntergeladen habe um Ihre Technick zu erlernen. Mit Ihrem talent können wir die Videospielindustrie in eine neue Era des Abgrunds führen. (Das ist lustig, weil das U-Bot im Abgrund ist)

Weiterso Herr Kaleut und das Ritterkreuz mit Eichenblatt gehört so gut wie Ihnen!


Thanks for playing!

I'm kind of curious about the blocked popups in your game. Was it an intended feature that didn't work in practice?

Note: I don't actually speak German, I just abuse Google Translate a lot.


It was intended for the popups to actually pop, but I just couldn't get it to work from within Unity and was too lazy to put it in an iframe where I can get them to work thru javascript. Browsers are super strict on things like this nowadays. No popups unless you press a button, no sound unless you have interacted with the html in some way or have controls enabled. At least the doxing -eh geolocation works (if the user accepts). So many horrible things that are not possible. Honestly I should have just used image download prompts. They work.

Google Translate did a good job. Almost no mistakes. Also excellent use of alternative word translation. High quality crap!


I kind of used the browser restrictions as a starting point; right away I realized there are certain things that can only be done on response to user input, and that I could finagle my way around that with a game mechanic that forces players to click repeatedly. I figured pumping out some sort of watercraft was an obvious direction, which is where that core mechanic came from. I'm not sure what led me to u-boats specifically, but Silent Hunter III is one of my favourite niche old games so maybe that's part of it.

I think you mentioned that you looked at the code I was using? If it looks a little weird, that's because most of it was written in TypeScript and compiled into Javascript.


I hoped that I could outsmart the browsers with the use of plugins, so that everything runs from unity natively without any extra code. Turns out the Browsers outsmarted my outsmarting. I will have to go back to the roots, but the experiment was not a loss. Popup warnings are still annoying, they can be used.

Javascipt is still javascript, compiled or not unless you minimize it like unity does I can read it quite comfortably.

The Silent Hunter Series is indeed very good! I have yet to see a modern game that lets you destroy ships in such a satisfying way. Sure there are u-boat games out there, but none rip a destroyer in half in a glorious blaze with sailors flying in all directions. Perhaps one day my lust for blood and destruction can be satiated.


It brought chrome to its knees. would play again Deutschland/10


Thanks for playing!

It was meant to be brutal on browsers but seems to be even worse than I experienced in testing for some users.

Deleted 183 days ago

Yeah, it's pretty incomprehensible. It was almost playable before I started adding some of the more degenerate "features". Although maze generation could still leave the game unwinnable even at that point.

The controls aren't random, they're just very stupid. Only some of the visible UI actually does stuff; I had plans to make it all work but kinda burned out and called it a day before I could do that.

The other sites are my attempted implementation of the microtransactions/ads category.

Deleted 183 days ago

Bestes Spiel aller Zeiten


I don't actually speak German so I'll assume that's a compliment. Thank you!


That's some good shit right there.


Thanks for playing, and sorry for possibly destroying your computer!