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Finished it! Was enfuriating but hilarious! Once I figured out how his AI worked it made it a lot more fun because  I sort of knew how to control him a bit better :)

Best game I've played yet! My only gripes are that on my controller I had to use the Dpad for the right wheel and left was forward and right was backwards which made it kind of hard. And there was no goal on the second bridge level so I guess that was the final level? Great game though, really fun.

Couldn't get it to run sadly :(

Really nice art style and narration :) Shame about the bugs but I'm sure you can iron them out quite quickly !

Really cool concept, I found the controls a little hard but I think if the game had a few more levels at the start that eased you in you could learn to build your ship a bit better :) You should polish it up and I'd love to play it again!

The  Last Hurrah, more like the EZ m8!! Jokes, spent way too long on those last 2 puzzles! Really fun game and challenging. Really liked the style. :)

I liked the controls a lot! Ambitious gametype to do in just 48hrs, well done!

Hey, nice game! Very polished and juicy! How did you did that cool effect when you collect a coin thing? 

Thanks very much! I was hoping on adding an endless mode to really push the player and show off the actual gameplay loop a bit more but ran out of time sadly. And I do like that the game focuses more on the narration like you say :) 


Really nice and stylish game! I really liked how there were different types of dudes you can add to your chain! Nice interpretation of the theme too :)

Cool and fun game. The general polish was really nice :) 

Cute game. really addictive! Lovely vibe <3

Really nice audio design, and very polished. I liked the cool ps1 aesthetic aswell :)


Fantastic game, incredibly polished. Congrats!

I really like the aesthetic :)

Cute game! I really appreciate your dedication to a certain aesthetic. I did something similar in my game. A really nice story too, it really invoked my imagination.

That has to be the weirdest game I've ever played, I loved it!

A nice and short but very fun and visually nice game! Congrats!

Cool game! Glad to hear you're planning on adding music. I think that would be a great addition. The game looks great and is a cool concept!

Cool game! I really liked the art style and the way the flames split and combined. Really nice game Congrats!

Cool game! I really enjoyed the music and the laid back gameplay. Found trying to reach the little dirt balls for ages because I didn't want to have to move the plug just like in real life haha.

The art was really fantastic! Congrats, I loved the way it looked.

Great concept. The gameplay was really fun. The only 2 things I'd say are that if you get up close to an enemy they don't attack and you can just sit on them and kill them or tether them. The other thing was that once I got to wave 2 all the new enemies spawned and immediately shot me, it would have been nice to have some warning haha. Really curious as to how you did the pathfinding!

Thanks a lot Levi! I'm glad you appreciated it. I always make my games way too hard ahha, so this one I tried to make it more of an experience type of game. :)

Nice one! Really great overall vibe and fun gameplay! Really liked the mechanic of jumping while your other half is falling, such a neat trick!

Wow, so polished and well made! Tutorial was a bit easy and then  I couldn't figure out how to make the letter T haha, but was v enjoyable, congrats!

Cool idea! Shame I didn't get many enemies but the music and art and ideas were really cool!

Nice game! Once I got the hang of it I was really enjoying myself.  Hardest part was not killing myself on my own bombs haha

Couldn't get past that level with the two buttons! Really nice design and it plays really well. :)

Really cool concept and a great interpretation of the theme! Congrats, most original one I've played so far!

Wasn't sure if I'd completed it or died the first time I won so I beat it twice to be sure ahha! Cool game, I liked the repair mechanic :)

Cool game, I like the art :)

Cool game, I like how the controls are kinda like an oldschool fighting game

Nice game! Wish there were more levels <3

Cool game, really nice aesthetic :)

Thank a lot! 100% agree, that was the plan but sadly we didn't really have time in the end. <3

Really nicely polished! Great job!

Wow! This game was actually super fun and challenging! Plus the music absolutely popped!