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Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed!

On the first level we tried to explain how to move the indicator but we definitely struggled with explaining many mechanics in the game. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!

You die by either not killing all the enemies with a single slice or you colliding with an enemy.

Wow, this is really cool! I love the idea and kept thinking of it becoming a cool point and click style game but instead u have to guide two idiots around. Also totally nailed the classic aesthetic.

Really good stuff here guys!

Love the concept. Wreaking mayhem is always fun. With some more polish I could totally see this being a super fun arcade style game.

Nice Job!

Wow, this is hilarious! Cute little mayhem game with a ton of polish!

Really well done!

Cool game. The mechanic is really interesting and was used well. One thing is some of the audio was a little too loud.

Great job!

Great game man. All around solid package of cool mechanics, good difficulty scaling, with fitting art and music. Amazing!

Cute, fun and innovative great work!

Cool game. Idea is really neat. The 3d effect made it hard to see sometimes. Also, maybe have the pickup be a toggle. Also Also, checkpoints would make the game less frustrating.

Nice work!

Cool game! Cute monsters!

Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks for playing!

Yea so the the dash slice works by slicing again through any other jiangshi that aren’t in the same direction. So if you slice up then after it will search for any other jiangshi that arent up or where u came from to continue the combo.

We just tried to make sprites that were hopefully understood in a few pixels haha.

Thanks for playing!

Yea the mechanics can be hard to understand. We needed a better tutorial.

Cool idea. I think the physics of the ball could be a little strange at times. The art is charming.

Nice Work!

Cool idea. The enemy Ai was kinda hard to follow maybe add a intent to the enemies so you can see where they will move.

Nice work!

Really good ideas here. I think a faster style of fps would fit the gameplay better. It was really easy to train the enemies, and players can just focus on playing blackjack their best. I think this style would be at its best if the fps gameplay forced the player to play blackjack sub optimally. Great game would love to see it more fleshed out.

Glad you liked the game!

I did make the music but I don't really know what I'm doing lol. I don't have much background in music and I only started making pieces for my games here on itch. Glad someone is able to like them.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is my first time releasing a game with this much complexity so I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of tutorials. :)

Thanks for playing

Cute game. Nice bass

The concept and gameplay loop is cool. I accidentally skipped the dialogue at the beginning and still was able to figure out what to really quickly so the design is solid. The camera follow feels a little weird and when i went through a door i often got killed by enemies instantly.  Good job none the less.

Cool game! Camera movement feels really good and the effects were nice. I think typing to cast spells is a cool idea but i don't think it suits this games movement style. It feels awkward to have to keep moving your hand from the mouse to the keyboard. Still a really unique game.

Thanks for playing!

I have a lot of mechanics so i knew the game would be difficult for new players. I really wanted a more in depth tutorial but didn't budget time correctly :/.

Thanks for playing man!

I wanted to add in a better tutorial but just didn't have the. A settlement on the first level would have been a great idea, can't believe i didn't think of that. 

Hey thanks for playing.

I ended up not budgeting time correctly and didn't think i had time for a proper tutorial. Thanks for sticking through it.

Wow! The polish is insane for a jam game! Funny and engaging. The animations bring a lot of life to the art kit. Well done!

Cool game really good for a first jam. Physics were funny. Keep it up

I have no idea how its possible for a jam game to be this polished. The content to polish ratio is way higher then any jam game I've ever seen.  What would take most people weeks you do in 48 hours. You have some serious skill friend. Keep up the good work

Thanks for playing!

Yep that's why you don't make last minute changes to your scene order. :(

Yea I know what you mean. Increasing difficulty over time is a type of dynamic difficulty. The problem is the balancing, if I make it infinitely scale with time then it will eventually be impossible. Getting a good difficulty curve required to much time and wasn't one of my goals this trijam. My game I submitted to triple trijam had scaling difficulty that I spent about 30 mins tweaking and most people still thought it was to hard. I may polish this one up a bit post jam so if I do I'll make sure to add your feedback. Thanks 

Hey man thanks for playing!

Didn't have enough time to implement everything I wanted. Glad you still enjoyed it though

Hey thanks for playing!

My last two games I submitted for trijam got the feedback that they were too hard so at the end of dev time I vastly lowered the difficulty. I guess without dynamic difficulty I can't please everyone. 290 is a lot wow i had ideas for more depth its just trijam is 3 hours. Still thanks for the feedback I really do appreciate.

Really cool game. Shame about the controls.

Hey thanks for playing.

I noticed after making the art that the enemies blended in really well with the background and just decided to make the enemies slower to make it more fair. Glad you liked it.

Hey thanks for playing!

I did go a little overboard with the 2 theme lol. Its just such a broad theme that I put it anywhere I could think of.

Hey thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the suggestions!

Unfortunately we kinda stumbled towards the end so there was still a lot of polish we didn't manage to get in. We have a lot of ideas for a post jam version, will make sure to add yours to the list!

Hey thanks for playing man glad you liked it

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing