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I really liked this game. I loved the mix of 'MS Paint' style art for the menus, level select screen etc and the clean art for the actual gameplay, I got heavy Flash game vibes from back in the day. Speaking of the level select screen, that and the music gave me classic DOOM vibes which I love! 

Overall the game was really fun and a cool take on the theme trying out different gun combos. As another commenter mentioned, combat was a little tough from time to time, in particular I think the time it takes to assemble weapons could be shortened (I assume you were going with the idea he's modding the weapons on the fly, thus taking time) but in particular on level 3 getting a weapon at the start I sort of had to wait for quite some time while just getting shot at.

I think this is a really cool concept and you could make it into a bigger game with a bit more polish. Well done, a great entry!

Wow, what a treat! Really enjoyed playing this. I won't lie I got about 3 slides in and got stuck briefly then felt like an idiot when I solved it haha! Also loved the 'hidden' puzzle element within the game, great addition! 

You should be really proud of this game, you've done a great job! 

A well made game! I enjoyed playing this, the presentation was great, good choice of colours and the music was nice on the ear. 

Very well done!

Cheers for playing!

Glad you liked the graphics. Would have loved to have added a playable tutorial but just simply didn't have the time. Glad you enjoyed what you could. 

Thanks for playing and giving great feedback other than the major flaw! After the rating period we'll definitely get it fixed, and yes, that's the jam life, live and learn! 

I think it is great game but I think it does not need a life system, as it is just frustrating to go back to the start.

This was a really cool idea and fit the theme well. I did manage to beat most of the levels, some taking a few attempts. I know on the game page you wrote down the stats but it would have been nice to see them in game. I understand this is a jam and not everything gets finished. If you take this idea forward though I think that would make the biggest difference.

Cool game! 

Really fun little game, I could imagine this being fleshed out into a fun mobile game. 

The physics at times had me laughing out loud as my skydivers flew around the level, bravo!

Sometimes the controls were a little unresponsive and the skydivers just would not move, other than that I really enjoyed it!

Wasn't entirely sure how to control the top player but somehow managed to get both players stuck in the top of the level and essentially dodged all enemies. 

I like the premise and it fit the theme nicely, I think to make this a bit better a short screen at the beginning explaining the premise/controls would help a lot, even if it was just simply on screen text. Also look into making the esc key close the game as I got stuck in the game and struggled to alt-tab out. 

Keep the games coming! 

Like others I sadly could not get the game to run. I also tried to put it in the D drive as stated in another comment but it still would not run :(

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Cheers for playing!

Sadly there was a major bug last second, the game worked perfectly in the engine and was even challenging! On the built version however the bullets just have a mind of their own and the firing rate has effectively broken the game. We ran out of time so we just had to upload it as is.

We're going to fix it asap!

Very nice looking game, and addictive game play.  I like the unique concept of the  chicken turning into a rocket, made for an interesting game.

A good game that could use a few changes. For one, I think that it was kinda hard to tell what was a wall and what was a floor at some points. Another would be restarting from the beginning made me lose interest. But otherwise this is a well polished and good game!

A very polished and fun platformer! II love the use of the art and the lighting. However, I would have liked to been able to use space bar to jump, but that is only a small issue. Great game.

Great rhythm game, enjoyed playing, the art is used nicely and the music is good. A few things I would have liked to have seen is being hit was more obvious and maybe a sound effect for when you hit the beat right. Well done on the game.

Thank you for playing!

Very well polished! The gameplay was super engaging and got me thinking, was kicking myself when I missed a few of the gems haha. I really liked the respawn effect it was so cool. This is a great game good job!

This was so much fun, I just sort of got engrossed in trading my carrots and pillaging the islands. It was very well polished and the music was nice and chill. Great game!

This was so much fun, I just sort of got engrossed in trading my carrots and pillaging the islands. It was very well polished and the music was nice and chill. Great game!

Really enjoyed this, I was upset when it ended though :'( You could definitely adapt this into a bigger game with more levels. Also for me personally, movement was a bit sluggish, but I was imagining rooms every few boss fights where you could get upgrades, please take this idea further it was super fun, congrats!

it was nice to play something fast paced. I liked the death animations and splatters left behind and how you had to act quick on your feet with choosing the weapons for the right situation. Maybe I'm just really bad at it but found once I got to the first checkpoint the difficulty ramped up, I don't know if it's because I didn't respawn with previous weapons or again, I'm just terrible. All in all though I enjoyed it!  

Interesting concept. I liked the use of the sprites being used to create different areas and the general atmosphere was nice. The dialogue was also interesting. I couldn't particularly work out a point to the game other than exploring and I imagine I missed a hidden thing or two dotted around? 

Overall though an interesting entry!

Great atmosphere and somehow a red smile chasing me managed to cause slight discomfort, never thought that could happen! The music was also perfect but my favourite part was the effects, great job on this!

Had fun with this and i think you have a good foundation for a more complex game and room to implement more mechanics. 

A few suggestions:

- I did like the level design and the use of the art assets however they could definitely do with a little cleaning up in some areas. Some of the wall textures were a little blurry and some still had their background colours which were noticeable. 

- In terms of gameplay: For me the shotgun hit detection didn't work a majority of the time and the movement felt a little sluggish for my liking.

Keep it up, you're on to a good idea here. If you decide to flesh it out in future I'm sure it could be a great game.  

Thank you for the feedback it's really appreciated, glad you enjoyed it!

Really enjoyed this. The movement was exactly what I want from a shooter of it's style and man that boss fight was brilliant. when I saw him I was just like 'Oh!' lol. As others have mentioned only thing I would change is when you have done the tutorial once it'd be cool if on respawn you just spawned at the king again. Cracking game and good job!

Wow! That was hectic and I loved it! I'm typically not one for rhythm games but this was awesome, the way you dodged the enemies while responding to the incoming music was so good and that was such a cool idea for a boss battle. Visuals were super nice and it felt super polished too. Also +1 for the dialogue from the other characters, this is one of my fav entries so far for sure! 

Really glad you enjoyed playing, cheers!

Thanks for playing and the feedback :)

Very cool game and very well polished. I love how you started simple and then quickly ramped up the difficulty, the level with just the train was my favourite and I loved how in the end you used the entire level and it looped round multiple times, very creative. This could easily have tonnes of levels added to it (especially like the last where you start having multiple vehicles) and be a thoroughly enjoyable stand alone game, great job! 

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Funny little game and although simple there were some cool little moments, the stairs felt nice (strange I know but it was a cool little visual moment) and the way the wall just flew away was great in 2D. I know many have mentioned it already but it would look a lot better if the dog didn't have a background. Other than that fun little entry :)

Enjoyable and quite challenging. The only thing for me personally was my brain kept wanting to press space to jump. I know this is purely preference and you wouldn't be able to appease everyone but it made it a tad difficult for me. Good job though

I think you have a good foundation of a game here, the mechanics such as jumping, shooting etc all felt nice and overall it was quite well polished.

My main critique would be the level design. I do really enjoy games where you are free to explore, gather items that help open up new areas etc (Metroidvanias I guess) however I think making the areas so open (and large) didn't work to the games advantage. You could have got so much more out of scaling it down, as an example I dropped off a platform and there were spikes below but I had no idea they were there as they were out of view. Again I think there's a great foundation here it just needs some tweaks and visual queues to give the player a bit more direction. Good job though :) 

Very fun and well polished. Beat the game with majority warriors but from some of the others comments it would seem that isn't the meta ;) Great entry

Really enjoyed this, some good humour in the dialogue and characters. Great entry to the jam :) 

Cool little entry, As others mentioned there was a strange graphical glitch which caused white lines to appear across the screen. The only other thing was sometimes when the crate got trapped in a corner it was a little difficult to get it unstuck, maybe the crate could very slightly bounce off walls? Other than that had a fun time playing, keep it up :)

Very interesting concept. Loved the atmosphere, theme and the use of colours and lighting was great. Struggled a little bit at first to get my head around it. I read some of your responses about how this was your first time making a game like this and FPS etc, I think you're on to a great start and things can only get better from here, good job :) 

thank you! :)

Wow! This is really impressive for a game jam. I'll admit I didn't have enough time to play for any length but I would love to sit down for an hour and really get stuck into this. It's very well polished and the music was very nice. 

As others stated it does throw you in fairly fast and the tutorial did feel like a wall of text a bit, although I completely understand with the time limitations. If you took this project further a tutorial level which eased you into each mechanic would be awesome.

This is a fantastic entry and as someone from the UK I got a great laugh out of the Scunthorpe name and 'Rural Hellscape', well played!

Great game, enjoyed this. The use of the art assets was super nice and sort of reminded me of Paper Mario a bit. The gameplay definitely had Pikmin vibes too, great entry!