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But the thumbnails of games tagged as NSFW is shown By-default from the tags page. A better solution would be to blur them, or better yet don’t show NSFW tags unless the user opts-in to show NSFW content

If you go to and scroll you will start seeing NSFW tags.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into the browse tags page while not logged-in
  2. Scroll down and eventually you will see adult/NSFW tags with thumbnails of games associated with these tags shown.

Note: Prior to itch showing these tags and games it doesn’t ask for the user’s age nor does it ask if they’re fine with NSFW content, it shows them out of nowhere.

How it should work: Adult/NSFW tags shouldn’t be shown to the user unless they explicitly accept to them.

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Can you put the jam version for free? so it will be a demo or something like this

Thank you so much for this nice comment.

I am surprised you think I the aesthetics are good, I thought they were “meh” at best.

Never player aliens or RE for Gameboy, my main source of inspiration for this game was Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie mode, I wanted to do a demake of it.

Not sure I am going to expand on this, because I think I made enough of top-down shooters, maybe one day I am going to do something with it, I don’t know.

I am honestly really proud with how this turned out with the limited time I had.

Thanks again.

I faced three bugs in the game:

  1. The healer can’t heal your party
  2. Armor is free
  3. You can’t sell armor

and I would love to be able to see my party in a battle

Great game, but sometimes the game throws you in without you knowing what to do maybe if you show the controls while the name of the game is showing so the player knows what to press

This game was made in one day I barley had time to finish the mechanics, let alone adding sound effects


I am waiting for the post jam version to play it and finish it

I honestly just couldn’t play it anymore

forget to mention the bomb man fight was so fun

Really wanted to finish the game but the bugs in it didn’t allow me to

first time I played I get hit which sent me into the island in the sea

and once I was able to get an enemy into a tree

while fighting the archer his arrows get stuck on my ball making the ball nearly immovable and then he comes close to me and hit me, I don’t know if that was what’s supposed to happen or not but I didn’t really like it

like rover mentioned it’s hard to aim

the ball gets so slow to a point where its no fun to move it

I think it would’ve been better to remove bins and just allow me to drop items (wood, shovels, pickaxes, etc…)

I didn’t really understand the health system I only see one heart but I would actually have more

Great concept, please make it into a full game

I thought it was obvious enough

Anyways you’re welcome

Writing isn’t my best skill ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I noticed this problem, didn’t have time to fix it, maybe I’ll release a post jam version fixing some issues

Glad you liked that, what was supposed to happen is e will tell you the mission even if you did it and the he will say “You already did it?” but because of some bug that didn’t happen, maybe that was for the better

I agree with the last point I wanted the enemies to respawn once you die but didn’t have enough time to implement it so made it so alive enemies will heal once you die

I might have added permadeath but I think if it’s a jam game this will turn people away after their first death

Thanks for your valuable feedback

Great twist on the racing genre

Great controls, and the AI was fun to play against

Please expand on this

I didn’t know what I needed to do

if it had some explanation of what’s black jack it might have been way better

other than that great game

when your weapon is ready it should flash white and spawn some particles

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can you please explain some more (what do you mean exactly by “floaty”)?

I liked your game, but I think it needs some improvement

Like everyone else mentioned the physics requires a bit of work mainly how short the jump is and how much you can move while you are airborne

I don’t think fighting the enemies was engaging enough, the enemies didn’t present the player with unique choices there’s nearly no choice at all to make, maybe make the spiders swing when hit that can change so much of the combat

Also, I got stuck where there’s this fly enemy (shown in the 2nd and 4th screenshot), I entered it and couldn’t get out

Finally, this can be a great game please don’t stop

Thank you

and I don’t think there is a rhythm component anywhere in this game…

Thank you

Exactly that’s the whole point what I was trying to say is looks are deceiving sometimes

yeah when you are so close to them they try to leave some space between you and them

Really great and unique game

I wish there was checkpoints on doors

also the angle of the camera makes it somewhat hard to control the player

I agree the map is big

you can literally release this as is to any game store and nobody is going to know this was made in a jam very great game my only problem is the tutorial showing every time I play it should be hidden after the first time

the text box was so annoying it should disappear when the round starts

and maybe it would’ve been better if the camera was wider

Great game.

I don’t think there was a need for the turn animation it just takes some of the responsiveness of the controls

when I get an extra heart of a boss as soon as I move to the next level I lose that heart this happened over and over

at later levels my companions were doing all of the work and I was just watching, maybe you could have made it so companions don’t come with the player to the next level

If the point of the companions is to help the player then why don’t I have them with me when I need them the most (Boss fights)

Anyhow great game really enjoyed it

Thank you

Is there a particular reason that makes you think that making the player stop while attacking is bad? or did it just feel bad?

Thank you so much for these great suggestions

That was a bug indeed he should give you a new target once the last is killed

Someone else told me about how underpowered the sword was

making the attack freeze the player was to give the attack some risk inspired by Zelda and Dark Souls, how do you think it could be better, should I make it shorter? or just remove it?

and for the sword enemies I agree they are so easy I made faster in the last minute and thought that will fix them but apperantly no I guess another reason for this is the environment they’re in maybe I should have put them in a smaller space which will give them some advantage over the player, if you shoot an arrow at them while they are attacking they will actually block it so I guess that’s a shield maybe?

I actually only made the world in the last day that’s why it’s not that good and I’ll make sure to give the level design and world building more priority next time I make a game

I wanted to make things closer but I don’t think unity has an option to move tiles after being placed, not sure about that

I agree about the sound thing as well there were many sounds that I didn’t have time to add e.g: when the weapon os ready, when you try to attack using a weapon that isn’t ready yet, etc…

I noticed the collider issue and I didn’t know how to fix it thanks for providing a solution to it

again thanks so much your suggestions are pure gold to me

Great game, though I couldn’t finish it because there was no pause button

please after the jam ends add a pause menu

That wasn’t really clear

I got the torch and finished the game

and there were two issues:

  1. after dying the crown timer won’t reset

  2. the scene transition wasn’t smooth

If I hadn’t seen this game in the jam submission page I would’ve had no way to know this is a jam game, of all the jam games I played this is by far the best one

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Great Concept

It was somewhat confusing to control the character at the beginning

Thank you

I noticed the bow issue too late

I don’t really understand what you mean by “An indicator which characters are friends and which are enemies would be great” do you mean the people who don’t move in the castle? those aren’t really friends rather a cover

I noticed both points too late I’ll make sure to not make these mistakes next time I make a top down shooter

Great concept, but needs some polish

when I am attacking enemies there is zero feedback I have no idea if my attack landed or not and this is a big issue in a game about hitting things

I was able to get outside of the map by dashing into the screen

and it’s not so clear when I can turn into an enemy and when not is it the red bar?

Is there a torch of some sort? I wasn’t able to find it

Other than that great game

Once one of my towers was selected I couldn’t select any other unless I sell the selected one

Also, the effect of the dice wasn’t obvious, maybe if it had a bigger effect or the color of the enemy change as it get a modifier that might have drawn a bigger attention to the dice mechanic

Also hearing you liked the combat makes me happy because I spent the majority of my time making the combat system