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ow no... You don't read controls, don't you? They are even on main menu screen. You missed the point of the game :)

someone broke my game again. Those bugs never happened in my system xd I should totally  give someone to test that more

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Thank you. The only thing I really improved was that I changed 3 for 0.5 in the difficulty code and that's it ;) 

i talked with my friend who has MacBook Air and everything works fine.

Try downloading HardEdition.

Thank you!

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That's some serious bugs :O I really sorry, but i can't test for Mac :( on windows and linux it works fine :c

Really sorry. If you have access to some other PC I encourage you to try there.

Also. If you win (reach 40320km/h) the ship should fly to the rights and there should be "you escaped Black hole".

If you lose (reach 0km/h) the ship will fly left with popup: "you have become food for black hole"

Thank you for playing my game. Have you tried HardEdition?

“Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game.”  Soren Johnson

HardEdition added. ;)

HardEdition added. ;)

HardEdition added, because game turns out too easy. Enjoy beating ;)

Congratulation  for finishing your first game!

It's simple and works, but I think it's impossible to past around 20 second, becouse that's how game works
Give us a chance at least :D

“I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster."

Can't past black hole lvl. Cube didn't fit

This!  I played too much Kerbal Space Program to fail orbital movement :D Just find stable orbit and wait until data is collected

Great idea but really strange mechanics and flinging didn't work in web. Looks like great game prototype

Good game, but I would change slow rotation of ship to fast rotation and inertia. It will create interesting strategies. Also game is very very loud!

Thank you for playing my game! I work a lot on effects!

Thank you for nice comment :) I did everything in Blender and Krita. Hope you enjoy playing!

Thank you for playing our game! SilverSock (szrap) made an SFX and Music all by himself :)

The gameplay was optimized for my non-gamer girlfriend (I should mention her as Lead Game Tester :P)

This game have feel of good old arcade games.

Interesting use of Black Hole theme! Short game, but pretty and relaxing! 

See you on next gamejam!

Great idea to make TD game with BlackHole theme!

Game works, but I get confused, because there is no info how much upgrade will cost.

Very nice game! My brain went into Strategy Mode while playing :D
But for me pixel art style makes game hard to watch :c

Thank you for playing my game and nice comment!

I played your game to the very end.
After first moment that I have no idea what to do I was little mad

But then I experiment with everything and was like: aaaaaaAAAAAAA!

And then I beat the game. Great idea!

There IS actually more asteroids. The spawn rates are based on  difficulty. But maybe I should crank this up more ;) But in my playtesting it makes game impossible to beat becouse after boost you always hit obstacle :O

I have the same experience as Aemetta.  I have trackball mouse and in the first moment I thought that mouse input isn't working ;)


Game is pretty,
Music is relaxing,
Idea is interesting.

But !   trying to control ship is stressful, confusing and frustrating inthe end.
There should be also right mouse button option to rotate arrows counterclockwise.

Great start!

This game is very good, but ships are so slow that there is no way you can escape initial fire on hard difficulty. I enjoy it. Graphics are great. Modular ships are amazing! Great idea!

Hi. I played your game and it's pretty good and also disquieting somehow.

Controls are little unresponsive, making game even harder.

There is also no lose condition. You just fall down for infinite time :O

But sprites for characters are great. I really like them

See you on next game jam!

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Hi! I wanted to plat your game, but I get ".pck file missed" error in windows version.
Try uploading Game dir as zip file!

That's some serious strategy game :O I died every time :D

Sorry, but I can't rate game because of error

The spawn rate is based on difficulty and a little bit RNG. You need a little management between collecting fuel and spending it.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for playing my game :D

I totally agree. Building small game AND THEN adding features is way better then dreaming about amazing game and have no time to finish even basic gameplay.

Thank you so much for your reply!