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The new brick-breaker experience.
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The new brick-breaker experience.


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bitmagine studio

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1st time

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1st time

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An Arkanoid-Shmup crossover? This is very cool. Stunning visuals, sound and music, very polished feeling.

Incredible submission!


Thanks a lot! I'm so glad you liked my game.

I will continue to improve it.


This game definitely have a feeling of good old classic games. I enjoyed playing, but after few levels I felt that game is pretty slow. I miss that chaotic movement of ball from classic breakout game.

Also it seems that there are enemies, but they do something? I couldn't shoot them and they don't do anything to me.

If this is your first game jam then I'm really impressed and I hope to see more of your games!


I'm glad you liked mygame.

"Intensity" is my first participation in a Jam, but it's not my only game. I started learning Godot 1 year ago and this is my fourth game. 

 Your ship can fire with space key. You can eliminate enemies and some bricks. 


That was great! Nice polish, very cool GWJ intro and lore sequences. (Nice that you can speed up to adjust to your own reading speed).

The concept is cool but the brick breaker part feels a bit anecdotic and clunky. You seem to check with collision only in the direction where the ball is moving which gets really frustrating to move it where you want. So if my space ship hits the ball from behind, it does not alter the course at all.

Really liked the music, did you make it yourself? Those 32th kicks and bass were quite brutal.


Thanks a lot! 

The GWJ intro created it a few weeks ago with the intention of using it in my game when the time comes.

The game needs several improvements, including the ball physics.

The ball is a KinematicBody2D because I had collision problems with RigidBody2D. 

The music of the intro is a free theme of the great Alexandr Zhelanov. 

The rest of the music has been composed by another great composer: Nate St. George, which he kindly gave them to me. 


Well done! I had a lot of fun with this entry. I loved the perspective. Sometimes it was a little hard to judge distances and angles, but using the planet as the play screen was really cool.

Good music and sounds as well!


Thanks a lot!

Spherical perspective and scanlines effects can be turned on/off from pause menu (P key). 


Very cool game. Art and audio are just great. I've had a bit of difficulty with the controls though, since properly aiming at where I wanted wasn't very easy. I also seem to have found a bug. During the game if I press escape, the game freezes and I have to start over.


The game was fun, I think the combination of the ball and ship worked together. My biggest issue was the warped shader/filter over the game, it detracted from the game in my opinion, but overall a great game


For me it was a really nice game and blew me up in my face with just the splash art, like how do you even do that? I can also feel the passion and the creativity within the game. However even if it is a creative idea, i cant say that it fits together really well, the game felt a little flat for me and I dont really feel the need for having a controllable spaceship that can blast and enemies in there. The objective was really confusing in the beginning for me as well. But overall, this was a good game that I had a pleasure playing and damn, the nostalgia's good.


Thank you so much! 

The game still needs many improvements, but there was no time for more before participating 馃槈

The two main problems I have are the controls on mobile devices and the movement and physics of the ball. I hope to fix them soon.


This was a great game - I really enjoy the combination of the two mechanics!


Thanks a lot. I'm glad you liked 馃榾 


It's an interesting take on the concept in a well-polished game, but I'm not sure if it all fits together. Don't get me wrong, it was a good experience but it felt lacking somehow. Since you couldn't lose the ball you could just ignore it most of the time, which took out most of the challenge from brick-breaker part, and the enemies weren't particularly dangerous too. But it's very well made, good job!