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Is that police Impact? I FEEL LIKE I’M SCREAMING ALL THE TIME. I’m not sure it’s the best choice it’s not super readable for longer texts.

Hey there! It took me some time to understand how to properly interact with the blocks, at first I was pushing enter while being on top of one. Nothing would happen and I was confused. I found out afterwards, maybe it’d be better if the first level clearly told you how to move a block.

Anyway I like that mechanic, there’s multiple dimensions to it (having both the position and the right rotation).

The character game reminds me of a submission to GWJ from Snopek ( It’s also a bug and with a similar art style. I like the colored light effect and how it’s affected by the player’s sprite.

The music gets annoying quite quickly. I think it lacks silence, there is always this 4-note bass line that never stops.

It’s nice that there is this little story told with the pictures, it gives incentive to the player to finish the game to know what happens next.

In some later levels it’s quite easy to miss a jump and get stuck. It forces you to reset not because you failed at the game (which is the puzzle) and does not feel very nice. Having a bit higher jump and/or a double jump would have been better I think.

It’s also nice there is a level selection, in case someone gets stuck on a level. Which can make people abandon your game early when they want to rate as many games as possible for the jam.

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Hey! I came from the GWJ discord, here’s my review :)

I like the art style, I think it would look better if the minerals would form big uniform lumps, like in Terraria (see

The UI isn’t super clear about the upgrades. I don’t see how much minerals I need to upgrade.

It’s better to include some “call-to-action” instructions inside the game, like some text at the beginning that says “WASD to move, drill down”, then when reaching some depth another text that says “space to explode”, then “press F to upgrade” when you get enough minerals for your first upgrades.

The gameplay is fun and quite original, but it would benefit from a clear goal instead of just a highscore. Would entice to play the game longer than a few minutes.

I would love to see some combat mechanics, something like bugs trying to attack your vehicle, and you could use the explode ability to burn them off

The sounds are nice and quite complete but the game would feel better with some music. Have a calm ambient loop most of the time, then switch to a stressful rythmic one when the player is overheating!

You did this game with Godot right? I’m curious how you implemented the vehicle movement with the different parts chained to each other.

Anyway for a solo jam game it’s really good, congratulations on the great ranking for the jam!

By the way I like to stream indie games on Twitch to live test and review them. So if you have more polished games you’d like input on, feel free to hit me up on Discord (VikFro#4956)!

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I really like the art style. Reminds me of point and click adventures of like 90s or early 2000s era.

Interesting choice to lead the player with direct hints on what to do. It can alleviate the frustration you often get with these games, where you don’t know what to do with what you found. But it might shorten the game and puzzle aspect too much.

I guessed SPOILER ALERT the monster was the big thing on the right but I didn’t understand it was a turtle SPOILER FINISHED, I think that means it’s good level design. You see where the end goal is right away, but you’re still attracted by discovering what it really is.

Did you animate the character sprite by sprite or did you use skeletal animation? I think you could benefit productivity-wise on the long-term by using skeletal animations.

Music suits the idea well but the tempo might be a bit too fast. Adding sounds (footsteps, a sound for each interactive object/interaction, …) would greatly improve the liveliness of the game. You can probably find some on

What engine did you use btw?

Thanks for playing! We originally had a tutorial level but not enough time to polish it so yeah the skill cap is a bit hard unfortunately.

Thanks for playing :) Yeah JestemStefan made a really nice and productive work, I was impressed and stressed by his speed of delivery XD

Good that you take the criticism well :) I try to use the French Critical Thinking (TM) while staying polite. And also I take in account the fact that you were alone etc. Imo people should have to precise the amount of work put in the game, some people have the time to spend 70h on it while others barely 20.

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0 / 5

Ok maybe now I can make a real review.

Theme is respected but did not feel like was a big inspiration for the gameplay. I mean it’s a story-based game and the story revolves around the Millers, but you could change the theme by something else and it would be the same game basically.

The controls were alright, there wasn’t many mechanics so I can’t judge much on that. Would have loved if there was a lil point & click puzzle.

The audio was cool but it’s freaking MacLeod so I can’t give a high rating when you compare to people who compose their own music. But the moody detective ambiance was really well transcribed, with the typing machine sound. So good job on the design/track choice. Also it’s not one of the most famous MacLeod tracks that you hear all the time on YouTube.

^I like the graphics with the mix of 3D and 2D character (I guess because it’s much easier to make and animate? :D ), especially with the “dropping down” animation that was scaled properly.

I think that was the strongest point as well as the originality!

Here’s the cut playthrough:

Hey! Here’s my review from the live playtesting.

Congrats on the Theme part, it is very well respected and at the center of the gameplay! A lot of the other submissions feel like it’s just a lil family story slapped onto a game that could be about anything else.

The game was pretty fun though I’m not into platformers as I said (especially punitive-ish ones like yours). But good that you thought about me with an easy mode and level skipping! (I guess that helped testing during the development too).

The graphics are nice, I remember you said you didn’t do any of it but still they are pretty cohesive together. Could be improved with more polish like simple tweens here and there, particles maybe, lighting…

I can’t remember the audio really but I think it was okay, nothing spectacular but it was complete at least (the wheelchair making a sound while it’s still moving for example, it gives more feedback and information to the player).

My average rating should be around ~4

Btw here’s the cut playthrough:

Hey hey! Here is my review finally.

So my first impression was that the menus had a quite good UX for a jam game, that was nice. Also surprised by the gamepad support (although there’s this little bug we discovered, but it was nothing major).

The controls / camera movements felt a bit clunky at first but I adapted quite quickly without thinking too much about it. You explained later than it was intended for the platforming phases. As I said I’m not much of a platformer player, and even less in 3d.

The theme is respected but I didn’t feel the game was truly connected to it. As in family was just “patched” onto the game. I would have preferred a main mechanic involved some family. Like “Don’t be late for dinner”, the 2d platformer with the baby/grandma/… or the foxes game Willow played live.

Graphics are probably the most polished thing in the game, I mean it’s 3D and there’s quite some assets that you all made yourself IIRC. Also the effects for the smelling mechanic was well made and cool looking!

It’s a bit more original than a regular platformer with the exploration/adventure side and story focus. Felt a bit like a n64 / PS1 era game

I can’t really remember much about the audio except that the music was really simple and quite ambient, which is fine for the feel of the game but could be improved. I haven’t composed for a game in a long time but I’d be interested in trying to make something if you’re interested (I think you said you wanted to polish/expand the game).

Btw here’s the cut playthrough:

Hi Golden, here’s the review :) It’s the first game I try out from you.

Congrats on the game, I think so far it is the one where I had the most fun!

Theme is …respected but not obvious, I know you’re already aware of that. Honestly I don’t care, I didn’t like the jam’s theme much because it was quite close-minded. Our composer came up with the idea of making a Mafia game which I really liked and I was tempted to make some action-based game around that (nice that’s been done by others).

Anyway the core platforming gameplay is well-implemented which is probably the most important aspect. I like that I already found speedrunning strats on my first run :D

Animations and hitboxes looked quite precise which is important for the genre. Difficulty was well set, and I’m glad the boss was that buggy XD

As I said in the Discord good control scheme, although my brain was too used to the “space = jump” paradigm in the beginning.

I know you didn’t make most of the assets but they look nicely put together and it’s quite complete with the background etc.

The game was quite lengthy for the short amount of time you had to spend on the level design, so good job on that!

Congrats! My average rating should be like 4

Thanks for playing! Yeah lots of people said that. I’m a bit surprised because it feels too easy to us but that’s the bias of having developed the game :D

We had a tutorial level planned but we cut it out because we did not have time to polish it and it’s best to show everything you’ve got from the start!

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Sorry for the spam, but I forgot to send the link to the playthrough:

Speaking of Zicman, he makes really great Pixel Art and has been using Godot for some time now. You can find his stuff at

Hey hey people! Congrats on the game, overall it’s one of the best I’ve tested (with no surprise given the team composition).

Theme is well respected, I like the humanization of the robots with their different family role and personality.

Quite original to see a tactical combat game, which is a genre I enjoy. FINALLY NOT A PLATFORMER! And also, it’s EASY to do the actions, you do not have to go through 52 menus every turn like in some very famous J-RPG series.

Like Zicman (the French guy who hanged around in Twitch chat) I was pretty amazed at the level of polish and length of the game, a quite original upgrade system on top of multiple levels. Cool that you managed to have 2 programmers collaborating well, it can be a challenge!

The biggest reproach I have is… Well the game wasn’t that fun for me. Like Willowblade repeated a few times, it was much too easy and I would prefer if I felt compelled to optimize the upgrades into builds. Also the few UX issues I pinpointed during the testing would really help with that.

I’ll end with a note that John is getting good at making music. Also the art style reminds me of F&F2, in slightly better? Bonus to the whole team for the effort of making all the assets and the cool shaders.

Congrats! Average rating should be like ~ 4.5

Nice to hear and thanks for the rating.

I will play your game later today. I’m streaming some games from the jam later today at, so if you want to hang in chat and see my play-through live feel free to come by. It should start around 4pm BST!

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Yes HexenMapper (Tom Jensen) made great tracks, with inspirations from Katamari Damacy (e.g ) and others. Glad you liked it!

You can check other stuff he made on his profile:

Hey Restart, here’s my quick review :)

What I liked:

  • pretty unique art, reminds me of some old PC era point-and-click games
  • I like the punch effect comics-style KAPOW BOOM

Possible improvements:

  • a few sounds for the punches would make them feel really better and impactful
  • the fighting system is a bit weird. At first I thought the other crab in the arena was bugged, and then saw it rush again. I think that cooldown is a bit too long.
  • a small animation before the enemy crabs start rushing, right now you have to predict the timing and it’s a bit surprising
  • you can cheese your way by just spamming left click in the direction of where the crab(s) will rush to you
  • hit boxes are a bit giant but I think you told me GameMaker is kinda bad to tweak them


  • I got stuck:
  • the dialogue for the boat “find an alternative” shows even when you have the keys, that can be confusing
  • what is this “0” at the top left?

An additional note, I thought at the beginning the fighting would be more of a classic Action RPG where both the player and enemies have health bars and damage each other. Not really an improvement but could be nice to do

Overall short but pretty nice, it probably was quite hard to find an idea with the theme “Crab”. Plus maybe it’s a different kind of gameplay you’ve never implemented before? So you’ve learned more :)

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Also, I like the anti-littering message. It might not be recognized a crime legally, but it is indeed a TERRIBLE CRIME!!!11!!

Hey, cool little game once again! Here’s my feedback.

I was confused the first time I reached the bottom I thought I was going to die and did not expect to teleport at the top.

Also the pause at the beginning to read the help is way too short to read and understand the whole thing.

There is a weird sound that seems to activate quite randomly, I think it’s something regarding policemen but I did not get it.

Stamina was in a fact a nice mechanic to add, especially combined with the loitering mechanic. That constitute hints at how to play the game the way it is designed to be played.

Not sure if there is any dynamic progression regarding the time left. It would be nice if there were more spawns of policemen the closer you get to the time limit (maybe more trashcans/loiter signs too). Slightly accelerating the scroll could be another thing too!

Grats and hope you’re getting good ratings!

A very cool puzzle game! I haven’t playthrough-ed it entirely yet but will continue another day.

The biggest strength and achievement imo is that this is a puzzle game that does not feel so much like a big-brain puzzle when you play it. The action space at a given configuration is often limited, but the whole level is a still complex and quite large tree.

Also being able to undo your action with backspace helps a lot with that feeling. The way I’ve been playing is not to figure out the whole solution right away but rather experiment with the different possible actions and choose what “felt right”, i.e most optimized in terms of steps.

There is enough JUICE to give you diabetes and to quote John, “more tweens than an Imagine Dragons concert”.

There is even lore given in a smooth way to make you understand the setting of the TV gameshow. I’d love to hear an announcer giving lines corresponding to what’s happening in game, e.g “Oh… Looks like our contestant likes his roses toasted!” That would also help understanding all the smaller mechanics because it’s sometimes hard to see everything that happened after a flamethrower activation.

I managed to complete ~25% in around 1h (more like 1h30 but with livestreaming and all I was slower ofc). So the game should be at least 4h long, plus some insider told me there are super hardcore secret levels to unlock :O

This game would work very well on mobile devices. Any plans on that John?

Anyway great game 11/10 will mindfuck myself again

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I forgot the link to the Discord… Here it is:

Basically I’m trying to build a community of indie game devs (and gamers in the general sense) to help each other, give feedback and collab!

Sounds awesome! Cool that you’re expanding on the game. There’s definitely some potential there. I’m following you on so I’ll see your updates.

You can bug me any time when I’m live at to talk about it.

You can also join my discord ( and post in #game-jams, #digital-art and #music for feedback & collab! I’m trying to build a community for indie devs & gamers in general to help each otehr :)

You’re welcome, I’m following you on so I can see your updates in the future.

I can help you with composing the music if you want!

You can also come to my stream when I’m live and chat about game dev or anything else

There’s also my Discord with the #game-jams channel if you want to post updates and ask for feedback :)

Hi I saw your intro in the GWJ discord. Here’s some feedback.

Cool mechanic to be able to rotate the bar! Helps with starting & finishing levels. Adds some additional skill to master compared to a basic brick buster. I find the angle maybe a tad bit too wide.

However, that bugged out after I finished the first level and could not angle the bar on the second level. That was on the windows version, haven’t tried the rest. I got bored out and did not go further.

It’s a bummer, I was curious to see the other types of enemies (the spiders and the worm). Do you need to dodge the enemies as well as hitting the ball? That would get interesting (and too hard maybe :D)

I was thinking you could have crabs that move like in Invaders, going left to right, slowly crawling up to you.

Anyway the art is simple but looks nice. I think you could try to remove the black outlines, usually it looks better imo. Try to replace the black with a darker green, maybe you will need a third green to transition between the two. You could also add a shade of lighter green for a shiny effect.

For additional “juice”, which is very important in this kind of game, you could have a trail effect on the ball (instantiate a temporary copy of the sprite with some blur/transparency effect), some scale deformation on impact, particles, …

The music works well but could be refined as well. Players might expect chiptune to go with the pixel art style. Do you know anything about music? (Innocent question, not trying to bash you!)

The animation of the green blobs seem to be synced with the beats or almost synced. Not sure if that’s on purpose but it’s a nice detail.

Lacks some score mechanic but I suppose it’s in the works. You could use some formula including the time spent on a level, i.e the faster you finish the more score you have. Maybe additional points for a “combo”, i.e quickly destroying multiple enemies in a span of few seconds.

And of course there needs to be tons of bonuses (and maybe maluses too?) that give you additional balls, magnetic effect, etc. Maybe one where you can rotate indefinitely by keeping X or C pressed!

Oh the “literally unplayable” was a joke :D I could play no problem. I was just nitpicking that detail about the centering of the sprites. It’s a meme:

Hey! I tried the new version and it’s definitely easier to understand. Maybe you could go further and add some in-game help with a (?) button.

It sucks that when you link the submission page does not show the description of the game page, where you can explain the instructions.

Is there a win or loss condition yet? It feels like I can play indefinitely.

I just realized, the sprites are not centered inside the boxes. Literally unplayable:

So I didn’t understand anything, I can exchange the position of houses and crosses but not do much more. Sometimes I place some mail on the ground?

In anyway that feels irreverent indeed but not sure if there’s supposed to be an actual game behind that :D

Oh and at some point I arrived to a layout where I could not do any actions:

Cool art style btw

Interesting idea to be able to move the houses and not the character. However it collides with the mailman, I’m not sure if it’s intended or not? It could be seen as not respecting the first “but”, because technically the mailman moved. I don’t care for my review btw. It was pretty irreverent.

When the house pushes me outside the screen I get the “you got aducted” screen, that is a bit weird. Especially since I tried achieving that before encountering my first alien.

I didn’t go super far into the game but it’s pretty fun for what it is!

I’d love to see the houses move by themselves in some patterns and be able to flick my papers moving my mouse. I click to launch the mail then I can kinda influence its trajectory moving my mouse left or right.

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You’re welcome :) I think the zoom is actually nice for the theme but maybe a tad bit too strong.

Anyway feel free to add me on Discord (VikFro#4956) if you want more feedback / help in the future!

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I understand better the relationship to the theme now :)

About the difficulty, you could adjust it by adding some health bar. Like you get hit 3 times before being destroyed (with some invincible frames). You could have a different sprite to see a half-broken ship before exploding too!

I’m a pretty “HC gamer” and I think the first level took me the most tries, mostly because I was learning the gameplay.

Anyway if you think about expanding that game it could work really nice as a mobile game too. Feel free to hit me up on Discord (VikFro#4956) if you want more feedback / help in the future :)

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I think that’s actually my favorite game so far! Despite it does not fit the theme so well to me? Maybe you could explain your vision about that.

Anyway I like the quite unique art style, the level design is super creative.

I think there’s a small bug, I have to fire the laser 4 times to change the level. Also a bit frustrating if you die during that (or destroy vegetation by accident), but maybe that’s a feature?

Annoying that the music loops from the start at every death. It would be better if it went on.

To make it even more challenging you could make weirder orbit-like trajectories for the obstacles, i.e ellipses that are not perfect circles. They could also progressively change in time so you can’t stay safely on one spot.

Cool stuff, grats on the theme, the 3D and finding the time to do an intro.

The intro would have looked really nice with some space shader to fill the background. If you could skip the intro step by step it would be better for hyperactive people like me.

It took me some time to figure out what was the point of jumping on those weird nova things (to recharge the shields). Spawning a text +1 shield at the place where the nova is would greatly enhance that!

Was there a “minion” death effect as well? I had a hard time telling when it happened.

I could not figure out what expand shield (RMB) was supposed to do? Or how to use it?

I think the difficulty could ramp up a bit faster, and maybe divide the gameplay in levels increasing in difficulty (spawn rate of the missiles, more/less population, …)

Also good that you worked on the sound design!

Simple but well done and original gameplay :)

The art could be better more coherent. The zoomed-in effects makes it adhere to the theme well.

I don’t like the gray shadow on the buttons though, It feels out of touch. I think it would look better without? And maybe shade the green with a darker green as a contour.

Good that you found time to add some music and sound effects. Helps making the game feel even more dynamic.

Overall it’s a real good job!

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Yes it is confusing both on purpose and not. It’s the main reproach people had. It was an expansion of my submission for GMTK which theme was “Out of Control”. I did not have enough time to debug everything and balance the game :/

The rules are described on the game page, basically you can left click to target a unit but only one at a time. Then right click to order it to move or target a money printer (only yellow jackets can target the boss). Otherwise they have some kind of stupid AI and the point was to make the player babysit them one at a time!

Originally the yellow jackets were also attacking each other and I think that mechanic is important for the original idea but it would have felt even more out-of-control for GWJ.

Thanks for trying and I will give some feedback on yours soon too!

Cool that some people managed to understand how to play! :D That’s the main reproach people had. The rules are explained on the game page btw, but it does not appear on the submission which is quite sad.

I had a toggle-able help text in game but forgot to activate it back before submitting :( Same for the music.

Next time I will go for something simpler, I will also already know a lot more about Godot. And livestream less when I’m purely programming because that’s really bad for my focus :D

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Thanks for trying! I originally had a help text that you could toggle but forgot to put it back when I submitted. The rules are explained in the game’s page. Basically you left click to target one unit, then you can right click to target a money printer or move around. With a yellow jacket you can target the boss.

Otherwise the units resume their stupid AI and the point of the game was to babysit all these units, one at a time. I lacked time to debug and polish the balance. I did not have enough time to do all I wanted (plus getting sidetracked all the time with livestreaming), but I learned a lot about Godot :)

Also about the UI, you could display the coins and crystals at the left and the current wave at the right to let it breathe even more

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Hey, the game looks really nice! I did not go very far (wave 3) because I was too lazy to mash C and to go back to the far left to activate the next wave.

I think the waves should be triggerable with a keybind, or maybe spawn the lamp close to the player on the ground when the wave is fnished, something like that.

The duck’s beak could look more like a beak, right now it looks more like a mouth to me. But the sprites overall look good!

The UI could be better, the texts at the top left feel a bit bloated. A health bar instead, above the character. Just like you did for the enemies. It also helps the player notice the current health better because it’s closer to their current focus.

The controls are well implemented but I would have loved being able to press down C instead of spamming it to shoot continuously.

No sounds or music, that’s a bummer. Games always feel “empty” without that. If you need help with that or anything else for next games hit me up!

Overall it’s a very good solo composition for the quite small amount of hours put into it!

I got demotivated to start again from the beginning so I could not experience the full game, it seems fun though. I’ll give it one more try when I have more time!