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The game looks really good and plays well, although not very challenging.

The music is nice but I barely heard any sound.

I missed what the text said exactly when I reached the core with the two sentries. I got stuck in a dead-end afterward so I stopped playing there. I wish there were more distinguished visual landmarks to find my way around.

But overall very good especially for a first jam and solo!

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I spent most of my time frenetically pressing arrow keys until I found the next part. I would have been more careful if the bodies rose up in my back.

Great simulator of “I don’t know where I misplaced this item, and I’m looking everywhere except the single place where it is”. So it reminded me too much of my daily life to be truly enjoyable unfortunately.

Got too frustrated on 3rd or 4th level because I could not find a map. I can’t bother making my own and I don’t have the spatial memory necessary

no problem, feel free to DM me on Discord (Vikfro#4956) if you have issues with the scripts, I wrote them!

The concept is interesting and original but I did not understand what to do with the batteries?

I feel “falling of the edges” was an unnecessary mechanic, I’d rather have my character not be stupid and collide with the edges :D

The laser sound loop gets annoying quite quickly.

I kept deactivating the connections instead of pushing enter :( It’s a bit annoying to have to move out of the area then come back to be able to reactivate it.

If you’d like to get rebindable hotkeys and volume sliders you can check

The rest is alright, good job overall!

Pretty good overall! I like the graphics and the music is alright, great job for a solo entry especially since you made everything yourself.

There’s some implementation mistakes:

  • the fire rate depends on how fast you press the tab button. IT should be tied to a cooldown and you should be able to hold the button down.
  • It looks like monsters outside of the screen can’t die (the projectile disappears?). Since they move super fast that did not feel great.

The TAB key for shooting is weird. I suggest implementing rebindable controls for next time, you can check for an implementation.

That was great! Nice polish, very cool GWJ intro and lore sequences. (Nice that you can speed up to adjust to your own reading speed).

The concept is cool but the brick breaker part feels a bit anecdotic and clunky. You seem to check with collision only in the direction where the ball is moving which gets really frustrating to move it where you want. So if my space ship hits the ball from behind, it does not alter the course at all.

Really liked the music, did you make it yourself? Those 32th kicks and bass were quite brutal.

Really cool mechanic to have the projectiles orbit too!

Too bad the levels are super short. Would be more fun if the enemies struck back.

The graphics look very nice. A bit lacking on the audio/accessibility side. Overall solid entry, especially solo.

Check out if you need some rebindable hotkeys and volume sliders :)

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In my first seconds of the game, I bumped into the ring, it sent me flying away and spinning super fast… Was not a great start :D

I’m sorry but the camera is quite terrible. Or the physics of the rotations more specifically. It takes super long to stop rotating and gives some motion sickness. Especially with the quite big FoV. The rotation should stop very soon after stopping moving the mouse! I could not bear it to play the game to the end, though I’m not particularly sensitive to motion sickness (I can play VR without problems for example).

Anyway I think it’s a good and interpretation of the theme and quite original compared to the other submissions. The graphics are alright too.

Oh and it’s nice that you have some procedural generation in there!

oh and your fullscreen does not support more than 1080p screens:

That was… something :D I like the weird and original aesthetic. Some effects are a bit too epileptic for my taste.

Took me a few minutes to figure out the mechanics (I didn’t read the description just to see how intuitive it is). The concept is interesting but it feels like there isn’t a clear goal to achieve.

Controls are responsive.

Sounds are pretty good, too bad there isn’t a lil music track too.

Fun and intriguing overall.

I agree with the slow projectiles, especially since the debris moves quite fast too. Might help to give some friction to slow down the movement when no input is given. Anyway thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game and my music.

Interesting idea! It’s a bit hard to pre-visualize your targeted point. The collision is a bit finicky sometimes but the game is quite fun overall. I did not manage to get past a level where I think you have to alter your course using a black hole.

The art looks nice, it has its own style and a pretty good polish (the black hole animation is great)

Actually one of the most fun games I have played so far.

oh and also you don’t support more than 1080p screens with the downloaded version, it looks like this:

Good and original interpretation of the theme! I tried to create a carrot constellation but it looked more like a dick.

I almost missed the arrows at the bottom of the notepad and you didn’t mention that right click removes the previous drawn line. It was easy to draw connections though.

Feels quite Life is Strange-ish, could be in a mini-game in such a game.

The audio fits the ambiance nicely.

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Chill game, the controls are quite good. The boids do tend to fly away a bit too much and miss on the combat action. But boids are hard. The audio pairs well with the ambiance. Did you make it yourself? I don’t see any credits. I recommend checking out particle systems to easily juice up the game, for example the trail effect and maybe some explosions.

Thanks for trying it out! I did not know that serie of games but I can see the similar chaotic feeling. Glad you enjoyed

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Hey, congrats on your first jam ever and hopefully the beginning of a long list!

The controls are well implemented except the vertical movement slows down the scrolling. The scrolling should happen independently of the player’s movement.

Good idea to have a choice to use your score as ammunition, it creates an interesting choice of risk vs reward.

If you want some tips to improve:

For audio I recommend checking out these free packs:

they’re quite heavy, I recommend downloading via torrent where you can choose which subfolders to ignore (there’s tons of different car sounds for example that are not so useful for instance). I really like but don’t forget to credit the creator(s) in your description/inside the game. SFXR is a great simple tool to create your own (, I recommend this improved version:

For graphics you could look into parallax for the background so it scrolls at a different speed, it will give it a nicer look. (See

Also the style for your ship looks nicer and different than the rest. It has an outline while the asteroids/carrots don’t, it’s best to either outline everything or nothing.

If you want rebindable controls you can check out my scripts there:

If you ever need help I recommend posting in the dedicated channels in the Discord server :)

Thanks for playing and the kind words :)

They want to bite your big juicy carrot satellite of course! Thanks for trying out.

Thanks for playing and glad you liked it! A friend actually managed to slingshot himself out of the screen…

Thanks for playing John! We had an idea of an ammo system that you would pick from the destroyed debris but we focused on bigger priorities (we didn’t have the aliens until some hours before the deadline…)

I agree the art is inconsistent since we had two/three artists. E.g the earth planet sprite should be a much higher resolution so the pixels are the same size as the rest.

Anyway glad you liked it.

Thanks, glad you liked it! Will try yours Soon™

Thanks for trying it out. We had an option to brake to stop but in the end we weren’t using it much so we removed it. Maybe the character should brake automatically when no movement input is given.

Glad you enjoyed the game and my music!

Thanks for playing and glad you liked it! I was afraid the music would be a bit off-topic given the graphics style. But I find it’s good to fight the “pixel art = chiptune” stereotype :D

The rocket was the very last addition so yeah we didn’t have time to balance it much unfortunately.

The art looks good and original. I feel the game kinda lacks a lose condition, maybe something that chases you if you take too much time? Anyway you do what you can in 48h.

The music is alright, it leaves enough space to think and doesn’t become annoying. The walking sound of the dog gets quite annoying though.

Overall great job!

Fun stuff! I wish more games had this Epic War / Age of War gameplay.

I would have preferred to be able to preview the trajectory but that would make the game much easier in the current state and it’s probably not an easy feature to make.

Good art too!

Cool concept! Took me some time to understand my magic turns the rabbits into shrooms. Thought it was growing the shrooms bigger.

Felt like trying to harvest the shrooms on the ground was pointless. My strategy was just to multishot some rabbits and turn this into more spellcasts. Didn’t manage to collect the shrooms in time though.

Good graphics too, love the CRT-screen effect.

Pretty good twin-stick shooter controls!

Felt a bit too easy but I did notice the difficulty was dynamic. I think it stopped increasing at some point though and I quit when I had like 3000 something score.

Good idea for the transmutation wildcard to turn them in animals.

Original and interesting concept to have the camera be dissociated from the robot. Good take on the jam’s theme!

I would have loved to have some complex level where I would have to control the robot while shooting enemies away. Also maybe when you start damaging a machine it would spawn flying enemies to shoot while waiting.

I died on the second mission thinking some bricks in the background were a platform to jump on.

Oh and at first in-game I was reading the Z as a 2 because of the font for the shooting hotkey. So I was quite confused since 2 was already assigned to left… I went back to the gamepage and got it.

Grats for the game!

Reminded me of Destroy All Humans! While playing the first level I was thinking “would be great to get upgrades” and then I did after finishing it :D

I got a bit of framedrops when firing the laser in like level 5, maybe because they were too much people or aliens.

I suppose the game never ends until you lose? I found The difficulty was ramping up quite slowly and I just stopped after like level 7 or 8.

Simple graphics & music but they get the job done and weren’t annoying.

Good job overall!

Overlord was the main inspiration actually! Yeah the boss is a bit random due to the AI I think. On rare occasions your pigs will basically all focus Boarminius instead of choosing a few different targets.

Glad you enjoyed and played through the end :) Thanks for playing.

Thanks! Some people had some trouble with the controls but glad you didn’t.

Thanks for playing! Recruiting does not have a cooldown or cost anything, it’s just the hitbox that was hard to hit then. You don’t have to be in front either. I know the game runs a bit poorly on some machines too, that could make it harder.

We wanted to make the “recruit or not” choice harder but with the transmutation wildcard we didn’t have time to come up with an easy alternative.

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the game and the music!

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huh I hadn’t made the comparison with the three little pigs tale :D

Yeah the immersive UI wildcard made it challenging to give good visibility to the currency system.

Thanks for trying it out!

ha I wasn’t even aware of this bug. Good catch. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for trying it out :)

Thanks for playing and the kind words!