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Pilot your drone through twisting tunnels. Made for Godot Wild Jam 37
Submitted by Callum — 2 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used

Game Description
Fly along twisting tunnels avoiding obstacles while the clock ticks down, once you secure the Nucleus you must reach the exit before time runs out.



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Participation Level (GWJ Only)
Solo dev: 1st time

Participation Level across all Jams
Solo dev: 1st time

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The game looks really good and plays well, although not very challenging.

The music is nice but I barely heard any sound.

I missed what the text said exactly when I reached the core with the two sentries. I got stuck in a dead-end afterward so I stopped playing there. I wish there were more distinguished visual landmarks to find my way around.

But overall very good especially for a first jam and solo!


This game is so good it sparked competitive juices to try and get better at maneuvering the drone. To me, that's the best! The lighting was great, the level and models were great. I'll offer some critical feedback even though overall the game is a winner.

- You made a really nice options menu, but I couldn't access it while I was in a run. Makes it hard to tweak sensitivity without going back and forth.

- I think if there was a bonk sound when you hit walls it would really make things feel more "real"

I loved this game!


I was adding the bonk sound in the last few hours but it was just triggering constantly and I gave up on it. Hadn't even considered the options on pause that would be easy to add. There will be an update to this in the next few weeks.


It is too amazing that you can create such a beautiful game in such a short period of time.

I was very impressed.

By the way, I timed out four times, but I was able to clear the game on the fifth try.


I'm glad you persevered to get the win I hope you enjoyed it. I'd be happy to share the source code if anyone wants it, but it's probably a hacky mess lol. Thank you for the kind words 

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This game throws me back into my nintendo64-forsaken-time, I like it :)
I appreciate the intuitive controls!


Yes! Forsaken and Descent were just absolute bangers!


Great leveling and modeling, nice neon style! It feels like in the machine actually. Going back is also interesting experience, like me going back in mental process, looking at thoughts I doing when I pass in. Great!


Super polished graphically, I'd love to find out what settings you used on your WorldEnvironment and render quality. It was easy to play and easy to complete. A bit repetitive after a while, but for a week long jam that's not too bad!

I was also confused about the lockdown bit at the end. But overall this was a great first entry

I love how the game looks but I feel like the player moves a bit too quickly. You can't really get lost in this game but it sure feels like you're getting lost! That's not necessarily a bad thing, either.


I really like the controls, it's like 0 gravity but with air friction. It just feels so good to speed through the corridors.

Some subtle indicators of which direction you're supposed to go would be nice just in case you get disorientated (like some glowing arrows on the wall).

Graphics are well done, the lighting looks really good.

I was confused on what I was supposed to do during the time before the lockdown..


Hello, I loved the graphics of your game, I needed some time to get used to the controls and to understand what I had to do. Once I had the controls, it was fun!


Thanks for the feedback I'm glad you enjoyed it. It can be a little tricky at first, more gradual introduction to the controls would have made a nice addition I just had no time left.