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Orbital HazardView game page

Micro Metroid thing
Submitted by PixelMetalWolf — 4 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Godot version
3.2.2 stable

Wildcards used
No Place Like Home

Game description
A sorta micro metroid


Discord username

Participation level (GWJ only)
5th time for GWJ

Participation level across all jams
7th Jam Overall

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Pretty good overall! I like the graphics and the music is alright, great job for a solo entry especially since you made everything yourself.

There’s some implementation mistakes:

  • the fire rate depends on how fast you press the tab button. IT should be tied to a cooldown and you should be able to hold the button down.
  • It looks like monsters outside of the screen can’t die (the projectile disappears?). Since they move super fast that did not feel great.

The TAB key for shooting is weird. I suggest implementing rebindable controls for next time, you can check for an implementation.


Thanks :)

Agreed with all the issues, the monsters not taking damage offscreen i think may be due to the way i implemented the visibility notifier for projectiles it may clear them a bit too early so this could be why.

Thanks for the link, i didn't know how to make rebindable inputs yet but i'll look into that cause this may save me failing to do custom inputs in the input map cause i postpone it till the end when i'm too busy solving other bugs that show up last minutes or issues with builds XD


no problem, feel free to DM me on Discord (Vikfro#4956) if you have issues with the scripts, I wrote them!


My arm is physically hot lol. My years of Mario Party button mashing experience have paid off! I cleared out all 10 Hives. But man, those little critters can take a beating. I think having a press and hold fire system would have been nice, even if it was slower then spamming [TAB]. Just to have that option ya know? Overall, fun little metroid like game. I liked unlocking the different items. Was a bit sad that there wasn't more to unlock. :P

Great entry Wolf. ^^


Thanks D4yz ! Especially since you played it till the end

Haha well i didn't expect the button mash to be that much of a workout, although some mario party mashing skills sure must have helped, even if i hope no one sacrifices as many controllers as mario party claimed over the years XD 

But i took note and i think i'll patch in some auto fire.

Yeah the enemies are completely glitched here so not much i can do untill i patch this up, but nice to see you liked the upgrades, if i had more time i would have definitively added more upgrades to have more variety, but jams are jams with limited time, and there was only so much metroid vania stuff i could do :p


Yea the Jam window is certainly tight, and you're a solo dev as far as I can tell eh? So yea, really nicely done there. 

You game prompted me to find a button mashing counter online and try to compete with other members in the GWJ Discord hahah, I tried to find you by your handle, but no luck. :P Also, 100% agree regarding the controller fatalities to Mario Party hahahah, may they rest in peace.

Anyways, was awesome to check out your entry! Pop in the Discord if ever you're feeling like teaming up or just chatting with the community! Unless you're already there? The world may never know. :P


They certainly are ! 

Haha well careful about any button mashing cramps out there with such a contest XD


This is a great entry. Music is a bit repetitive but it fits the pace of the game. I think having the weapons on auto-fire, or at least an auto-fire option, would help a lot. The way it is, it's a great hindrance to accessibility as some people have difficulty repeatedly pressing a button. I've got perfectly healthy fingers, but even my fingers got tired after playing for a while.


Thanks for playing,  glad you liked the game :)

i didn't even consider auto fire but yeah in hindsight this seems like a definitive quality of life addition, i'll look into it once the judging is done and updates are allowed.


Great entry! The monsters are a bit tanky but thats aliens so what do I know :D The controls feel very nice, the gfx and sfx are nice!

I think I found a bug where the purple monster would get stuck (after jump) on the jumping player and do no damage, but it happened once and I wasnt able to reproduce it


Thanks glad you liked it ^^

Yep they are tanky but they're not supposed to be that much, poor balancing due to not having that much time to playtest cause i had to hunt and crush a lot of unexpected last min bugs on this one. SPeaking of bugs thanks for your report, i'll look into that cause that's not something i caught before subbing, can't do much while judging is still on but i'll investigate for at least post jam fixes :)


Hooray, gamepad controls! :)

I managed to get all the way through the game. I think I agree with most of the comments below on the enemy speed, etc.. really, I think balance is the main thing the game needs a bit more of.

In particular, the game felt a bit tedious, which I think is due to the 10 separate hives combined with a total lack of progression in terms of upgrades or enemy types past the point where you get all three upgrades. I ended up actually defeating the hives early on in the game last, as I went back to try to destroy the wall next to the UFO, and then exploring that whole section took a long time, and then I still had to backtrack to the hives that I had seen before obtaining the gun.

I think, however, the main problem here is actually permadeath. I don't think the game ended up actually being that long, but I was certainly stressed out over dying and losing all my progress. I think the game felt a lot more tedious because I was internally like, well, if I die, I have to do this all over again...

That said, permadeath did make the game feel more tense. But I personally do not prefer it.

An interesting phenomenon is my perception of the enemy health. I read in some of your other comments that they only took 4 hits to kill, and I thought that must be way off as it felt like they usually took like 20 bullets or more... when I went back and counted the enemy did only take 4 hits, but it definitely did not feel that way when playing the game. Perhaps I simply missed a lot of shots because the enemies are moving so fast..? Or perhaps there are usually a couple enemies on a floor, and so the shots are absorbed into several instead of focused on a single enemy, making them all take a seemingly long time to kill..? I'm not sure. Either way, I think making enemies *feel* like they only take 4 hits would be an improvement. My guess is the best way to do this would be to make them move slower.

That said, the core gameplay is pretty solid and fun. I think my perception is filtered a bit by the permadeath as mentioned--it just obscures the fun of the game by making me stress out. I'm also not a big metroidvania player, but the metroidvania formula worked well as far as I could tell in this game. Getting the boots was a nice upgrade, and when I decided to go back to the UFO because I knew there were some high platforms above it, and got rewarded with the shield, that was pretty nice.


Yeah since it's not that hard to have in Godot i always try to have controller support when it suits the game XD

The permadeth aspect isn't really intentional, it's more that for jams i never end up having time for a save system or thinking ahead and make a respawn upon death so i usually end up with a quick and dirty full scene reload ^^' so sorry about that.

The enemy difficulty is also a product of poor time management on my part, i didn't end up calibrating them all that well and so they are absolutely too fast, so they are harder to hit then intended and thus seem more tanky then they actually are, plus the gun upgrade is glitched and doesn't work as intended so they are not easier to kill with it as is supposed to be the case :/

All that being said, i'm happy that you like the core concept and gameplayand that you thought the metroidvania aspects work ^_^ 

I  put the "secret" upgrade there cause i knew people would probably be curious about what's up there and see the upgrade when jumping and then think of coming back after obtaining the jet boots and felt rewarded :p

Anyway, thanks for playing and giving detailed feedback about your experience, much apreciated :)


Fun game, but it needs to ramp up a little. I think the beginning monsters should've died in 1.  

Impressive for just a week though!


Yeah they weren't supposed to be that tanky although i wanted them to be a bit harder to kill without the shot upgrade since it's obtainable quite early in the level and is a mandatory upgrade.

But i agree with the issues, i didn't manage to playtest as much as i was able to for past entries ^^'

Thanks for playing :)


Ultimately I liked this game! The art is really nice and the controls, for the most part, feel very responsive.

That said…

  • The bullets bunching up while moving, while it doesn’t harm the game, feels a bit off.
  • The little purple monsters take a couple too many hits to kill. Even with the bunched up bullets I felt like I couldn’t take them down fast enough. Given how much of the initial area they take up, they might be a hair over powered.

Those are just little nit picks though, so take them for what they’re worth. Very nice game and well done!


Thanks ! I'm glad that you liked it despite the various issues XD

Yeah the bunching up of shots is probably related to the not well calibrated player speed, as for the aliens, they were supposed to be easier to kill after obtaining the upgraded shot but some weird bug i didn't catch makes that they take 4 shots to kill no matter what so that's why they ended up a bit tankier than i intended, plus they are a bit too fast probebly cause i didn't calibrate their speed well just like i did for the player ^^'

Thanks for playing and your detailed feedback :)


I really like your general go with metroidvanians and run & gun platfomers, though I think the ninja game you made got a lot more balancing done? I really liked the upgrades in this, I think the level design was great with your scope: you're guided quite naturally to the double jump upgrade, but if you paid attention you saw there was an upgrade close to the start so you can go back to that to find the shield upgrade.

I think the game's difficulty eased up a lot after finding that upgrade, because then you get a full recharge from killing a spider.

The weapon upgrade was a bit underwhelming but visually it was very nice!


Thanks Willow :) 

Yeah this jam had a bit more things rushed due to constant bug hunting/ fixing (many i apparently didn't catch from feedback so far) so i couldn't playtest as thoroughly as i did on Bushi Duo where things went more smoothly ^^'

I tried not to go too crazy with the scope so i prefered going for a single level and craft it the best i could and have the best possible progression flow, and in a jam's time there's only so much metroidvania style progression i can make :p

The weapon upgrade has a bug, it doesn't do more damage as i intended to (and i don't know why yet) so that's why it's as underwhelming as it is :(

Glad you seemed to like the game anyway ^^

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I had the same thing with my level-ups not doing anything in Path of Tengri 🤣 only discovered why a few months later, it's because I kept using an old variable that wasn't actually used... You'll figure it out, and otherwise drop me a DM on Discord or so :D

But yes I did! It was fun to explore the different systems you implemented :D


I agree that the current speed and camera making the game way to hard (at least for me).  Which is a shame, because I really like the presentation and would have liked to play more of it. I think, the fast movement speed for the player and the enemy might work, if the enemies would take fewer bullets to kill.


Yeah character speed is an issue i should have gone low and up incrementally upon playtesting, but i didn't have that much time to do so ^^' and the camera issue is a weird thing i didn't have on a previous platformer i made so i'm not sure what went wrong here.

The enemies were supposed to take 4 shots with the base gun and only 2 with the upgrade but for some reason they still take 4 due to some bug i didn't catch before the jam ended so they weren't supposed to feel that tanky :(

Glad you liked the presentation though :)


A nice submission overall, albeit a bit unpolished. The player and the enemies are moving extremely fast, making it hard to react.

Also, I’ve never seen tab used as fire key.

Edit: Oh I’ve seen why this happened, that’s understandable.


Thanks ! Glad you liked it even in the rough shape it's in, i clearly went a bit overboard with movement and enemy speed, and with the previously mentioned issues i didn't have much time to playtest and calibrate not to mention the remaping control issue ^^'

Thanks for playing  and commenting :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The controls and camera could use a little work. The camera doesn't keep your character in the middle of the screen, making it hard to see what's coming, and both your character and the enemies move so quickly that it's hard to react to incoming hazards in time. Also, the control scheme is a little odd; tab to shoot?


yeah the camera acted a bit unusual on this one and i'm not sure why, could be cause i didn't properly set the drag margin or the remote transform is acting up, i'll have to investigate that.

I didn't wanted a character that was too slow but i agree that i might have went a bit overboard here, same with the enemies especially considering the camera's view doesnt give much room to anticipate, can't doo much to change that while the judging period is still on but i'll try maybe to move the camera a bit more back and slow both the player and enemies to see if this improves the gamefeel a bit

Keyboard controls are entirely my fault cause i focused on controller controls first then when i had last minute issues with backgrounds not displaying properly after making the html build i spent quite some time trying to fix that, and when time ran short i patched a quick and dirty fix since i couldn't figure it out, and after subbing the build when i made the page's text i noticed i forgot to remap the keyboard controls (and i think the default key bound to the controller X/Square button is Tab so that's why)^^'

Sorry for the inconvienience on that front