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The spider enemies are super creepe and effective! Great atmosphere. 

Thanks for your reply and I am really glad you made it through to the end! I am still thinking about ways to improve the cave labyrinth without taking away too much of the feeling of being lost and disoriented ... I am planning at least a little update after the jam, lets see if I will come up with something :)

Reading the Sandia Report the game was based on was a such a weird/eerie experience o.o I am really glad you got it and working there must have been quite interesting!

Really cool game! Great pixel art and cool gameplay idea. I especially how it "flows" between the levels and how it escalates. I also lost a few lives on the borders until it clicked, but then I had a blast with the game.  Great job!

That was incredibly well executed! The way story and gameplay work together was really captivating. Kinda like a little "Papers, please" located in Silicon Valley. Definitely one of my favorites in this jam.

Thanks for playing! There are also symbols on the wall that should help you find your way through the cave labyrinth (the heart beat might lead you astray in the beginning). But yeah, I definitely had some troubles with the "glow stick physics" :D

I used the arrow keys at first, but quickly changed to a gamepad, which felt a lot better to control (but I am more used to gamepads ...)

Very nice game. I like the clean visuals and color palette. I agree with BroReNata that aming with the mouse might be a good idea to try out. Anyway, well done!

That's pretty cool. The art and animation is really cool.

It's really hard though (but I am also not great with shooters ...). I appreciate the invincibility option, so I could at least see the later levels, which I would have never been able to reach otherwise :D

Good job!

I enjoyed this game. Clean, cute pixel art and cool music. I liked how everything ramps up towards the end of a level and then the next level starts again with a more relaxing speed. Makes for nice changes of pace overall :)

I like the idea of managing the heartbeat by having to decide how many hearts to "get" and how much to let through. It's just way too fast for me.

Really cool game! The visuals are really nice, and it feels quite polished (love the different pallete options). Also the feedback for your actions (success and failure) feel really good.

Yeah, I noticed too late that it might be a bit dark for some (most?) setups. I will definitely add some brightness settings/or add a bit more light, after the voting is over. Thanks for playing :)

The neon-80s-cyberpunk-synthwave (or whatever) visuals are amazing. And the gameplay is also very interesting and executed really well. I can also see a lot of potential in developing this idea further.

Really fun game. The cartoony art style also fits perfectly. And after losing a few limbs, the game was much more manageable :D

It's really an interesting idea that the game gets easier the worse you do but at the same time the consequences in a way are quite horrific (and a little bit morbidly funny).

Cool, thanks for playing! I actually had to tone down the labyrinth quite a bit because almost no one testing it managed to get through it to the weird stuff I put at the end (myself included) :D

Excellent presentation. Love the clean minimal look and the relaxing music. Movement feels really great too. And then the black smoke enemies come and kill me :D

Really tough game, but also a neat idea. I needed some time to get into the rythm, but than it was really cool way of playing a plattformer. Great work.

That a really cool take on the flappy bird formula. A lot of fun and surprisingly difficult, but also quite addictive.

I think it would be neat if a level restarts automatically after hitting a bomb or missing a heart (I had to press "R" quite often :D)

Really cute game. But also quite hard, the poor old lady didn't got very far :D  Maybe a bigger shot (or more generous hitboxes).

Anyway, nicely done!

It's a weird little game (in a positive way). I liked the scribbly art style. I thought that fits the memory aspect very well (maybe the final scene should be in a different style, or just left out altogether). Anyway great work :)

I second the "miyazaki-vibe" comment.  Very nice atmosphere, visuals and sound. And I totally love the little guy :D

But I have to confess that I didn't make it very far, as I had a hard time getting the attack timing right. But I also suck at rhythm based tasks, so that's probably my fault.

I really like the atmosphere of the wood. Ominous but also somewhat relaxing. Nice little game. 

Obviously I went into the opposite direction as well to see whats out there, just to fall of the world :D

Wow, really impressive amount of content for such a short Jam! I think I cheated a bit by using my graphics tablet :D but it's a cool (and bit stressful) gameplay loop with a good sense of progression.

Very nice audio game! The stitching motion on the keyboard is a neat idea.

Interesting game. I really liked that it keeps changing constantly. The music, simple graphics and texts resulted in a pretty strange mood (which I enjoyed :D )

Hey, does your game has sound? I couldn't hear anything.

Anyway, I still finished it and liked it a lot. I think the minimal gameplay really helped the story, as you really feel detached from what goes on outside the mech. On the UI side, maybe some space between the messages would help to make the chat log  a bit easier to read.

Thanks for the game :)

Very relatable game :D Getting in the right position to kick the objects sometimes felt a bit to finicky to me. Having a bit more leeway might have help to keep the momentum and mayhem going more fluidly.  Love the cat sprite :)

Great art! I especially like the color palette. Just having a lovely time thrashing a super market :D

I enjoyed this a lot. Love the vaporwave aesthetics. I also like the reduces aiming (only horizontally). It makes the game a bit more relaxing to play (I am really bad at shooters....). I think, I kinda want a full roguelike game in this style.  :D

Weird and strange little game. Awesome, had a lot of fun with it!

I have to agree with everyone else: great job! Cool idea, very well executed.

This one made me smile :D Just very cute and wholesome, especially for this theme I think that's awesome.

Well done. For me the color scheme/art has a strong 90s vibe to it. I like that :D The idea of being able to push enemies back is also interessting, as you have to manage multiple incoming enemies (in different speeds)  at the same time.

Cool game! Interesting way to move/attack, and its quite satisfying to blow things up! I had the most problems with the instant-death when you get to the end of the level. Maybe an indicator that gives you some time to correct your course might help :)

Nice, I really like the art style. The stone golem is really cute! I agree with the others that some hitboxes should be a bit more generous (I had the most problems with the trees). 

I was quite impressed with this game. It has great art and sound and seems overall very polished. I agree with the poster who said that the bomb jump seems a bit overpowered. I too was mostly relying on it, ignoring most of the walls. But it was fun :D I also encountered a few bugs, ending up on walls where I shouldn't be.

I really like this game. It's a fun idea and well executed. The art is cute, and I can relate to the theme :D As someone es mentioned already, I also found the normal difficulty the easiest, since the turn speed is really slow in the easy option. Great work!

The characters are really cool and I liked the overall aesthetics a lot. 

I would reduce the screenshake effect a little bit, but maybe thats just my preference. Would be cool if you develop it further, I like this kind of isometric action games :)

I love the aesthetics of the game. Really well done. 

I enjoyed solving the puzzles, and only have some small nitpicks (like the "Fire" button position, making hearts a little bit more visually distinct). 

Great game :)

Great game! Looked and felt really polished already.

Especially the puzzle-esque battle system was a lot of fun and with a bit more variety I can see it work really well in a full game :)