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Relax... calm down... breathe...
Submitted by Martin Šenkeřík (ohin) (@ohinCZ) — 2 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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This game had a very special mood. I'm happy I played it. Well done.

Submitted (2 edits)

This was a mixed bag for me and I mostly appreciate what I believe to be the game that you intended to make rather than what is here right now.

I finished the game but I was happy for it to be over. I liked it, but I'm unsure if I enjoyed myself and I'm also unsure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. This definitely felt like a case for "games as art" as I felt the mechanics very stressful(and not in a fun way) but quite evocative of the intensity of confronting oneself and performing deep inner work. The very long initial sequence with the bodies is the best example of this, definitely had a sigh of relief once that was over. The same goes for the reuse of level graphics, the simplicity and repetitiveness of the gameplay, the sluggish movement of the character. All of these things got on my nerves but in the context of the story  make sense. The story/writing was lovely and  was definitely the main hook that kept me playing so well done there but it was filled with little spelling/grammar errors that took me out of the experience and there wasn't really enough of it before going back to the repetitive gameplay. The art and music were really great though and I appreciated the mixup of symbolism for the obstacles/environments.

Overall I think this was a good effort and I gotta commend you for doing something a little different. A little more time in the oven to fix stuff and polish the gameplay and this would have probably been a favorite.


Nice sprite work and atmosphere! Was really digging the vibe. Nice job. 


Nice sprite work and atmosphere! Was really digging the vibe. Nice job. 


You have managed to create a really great atmosphere. Once I got the rythm of the pigs and crayons the game got pretty easy. Could have used some more gameplay mechanics in my opinion. Awesome visuals and easy to read fonts. Well done.


The atmosphere and the sounds were great and I liked the theme as well. Sadly I ran into too many obstacles to finish the 3rd type of background.


Fantastic! The gameplay was simple and polished. The music and sound design were gorgeous. I love how you communicate the "less is more" concept through breathing slowly and reflecting on it. Impressive work!


Loved the art, and the narrative was really deep


The music was fantastic, and the story was touching. I liked the faster gameplay at the end the best. You all made a lovely game you should be very proud of. Great job :)


Very interesting idea! Writing, art and especially music and sound design are really good.

The only thing I didn't like was the 'blip' when you loose the rhythm. I thought it was too harsh, because when it happens you get a lot of that sounds, stressing me even more out, which I think is not the intend of the game :D Maybe something softer would work or some kind of soft reset / center mechanic where you center yourself and get back into the rhythm on your own term.

Anyway, great entry!


Thank you for your constructive feedback. We really appreciate that! We didn't have much chance to do enough playtesting, so we missed these kind of things. :) 

You are right we don't want to stress the player out too much. We will reconsider that for future updates.

I hope you enjoyed the game regardless this issue!


Interesting story and I love the pigs! 🐖💛


Thank you! We are happy you liked it!