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Thanks a lot!!

Thanks a lot for playing to the end!!!

I put big share of work on that last song, is nice to see it recognized!! 

Thanks!!! I can't deny the Beethoven influence on my compositions!

For my next project I've already paid more attention to the size of the enemy hitbox, I also expanded the range of the player attack!

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks!! It's nice to see my dungeon master years being recognized hehehe

Thanks!!! The tents also serve as checkpoints!

Lots of research to find the more adequate Sfx, next game I wanna produce them myself

Thanks!! I really try to bring a nice bg story for my projects as the RPG addict that am I

Thanks Leandro!! 

Thanks Dr!!

I will try to be a little bit less dramatic on the hurt Sfx of my next project ahahaha

Thanks!!! I did reduce the time span between attacks now so it feels more dynamic, but I will keep the stamina system exactly to prevent spamming attacks.

Thanks! Will keep it!

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks! After playing your game I was hopping you play mine, I thought you would like it and would be able to give me some nice feedback...

I'm working on my next project for the Metroidvania month Jam, and thoe two points were the first things I gave attention.


I thought it was a little bit too dramatic, but didn't had the time to record myself for the Sfx, next game I wanna make all the Sfx myself.

Thanks!! I did my best, already start a new project for the metroidvania Jam, all the feedback is being really nice for me to continue!

Nice Game!!

Nice storytelling!!!

It's really nice to see the scientific based games 

Simple but fun!

Looks nice! It just wasn't made for my setup.

Wow, really innovative concept


REALLY FUN to play game!

I love that the mouse sprints in Naruto Style

I never want to be a party pooper in your events...

That damn mushroom is faster than Jason in Crystal Lake woods.

A really fun to play game!! Some song would help to set the mood.

trumpet-heavy album really got me

I loved this game, although I couldn't get through the first part :/

The graphics are amazing!

The programming of the movements and animations is really great.

I didn't understand very well what was happening when i fall, looked like changed to a random place

Nice game, I played until my browser crash with so many turrets shooting 

I liked the mechanics of the game, It was something i haven't seen before.

Nice work!

Nice design, the song is great!

Wow, frenetic game!

Cool game! Challenging! Those robots took the best of me to get through them.

Nice game, it would be great if the story and the tutorial was in the gameplay.

Really cute art, gameplay was fluid, nice work!

Just an amazing work on music and art!

Seriously, some games in the jam just surprise me, this is one.

Amaaaaazing art.

Some things, the camera movement could be a little better at the edges, the scale of the objects compared to the character is a little bit awkward.

And the greatest problem was that I couldnt get out of the first scene and I REALLY wanted to keep playing this game. Please keep on with the development.