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Welcome to GO GODOT JAM 2!

GoGodotJam is NOT a jam. It's a month-long Festival with a Jam. That means, for the span of a full month (November) we, a lot of Godot Creators, will release content every. single. day. Either livestream or premiere video, you will be able to interact live with us.

Are you curious about the events for GoGodotJam 1?  Here is the full youtube playlist.
You can also go to the full youtube playlist for GoGodotJam2 here.

Why have we created GoGodotJam and what's its purpose?
The Festival was created with several reasons in mind. The most important one is to make Godot reach its true potential.
To make this happen, we need a bigger community, more content, more updates, more events. Basically more everything.

While we cannot tackle all of these issues, we do touch a lot of them:

  • GoGodotJam is an Online Event that brings people together and celebrates the community
  • GoGodotJam leaves a trail of great content for beginners and advanced users alike
  • GoGodotJam aims to help the Godot Team, Godot Content Creators and more people in the ecosystem

When is it all happening?

  • Full event: 1st of Nov - 5th of Dec
  • Game jam: 19th of Nov - 30th of Nov
  • Voting: 1st of Dec - 4th of Dec
  • Final Session: 5th of Dec

(!) the dates are specified in UTC0 



!NOTE: for every GoGodotJam 2 game that is on both (for the official jam) and on GOTM.IO, the latter will donate $5/game to the GoGodotJam Funding!



  • Participate Solo or with a Team
  • The reuse of code, previously made assets
  • You can, and we encourage you to start learning Godot even before the contest starts


  • Make sure you have a web version of the game
  • Follow the theme of the jam
  • Make sure your game works when submitted

Your game will miss ratings by not making sure you followed these ones.


  • Only submissions created using Godot Engine will be accepted
  • Only submissions for this jam are allowed
  • Don’t submit already created games! Instead, create the game during the specified Jam period
  • Your game must not infringe any third party's rights or trademarks (music, assets, etc)
  • No late submissions are allowed. Be sure to check the's counter as this is the most accurate one
  • By submitting your game to GoGodotJam2 you acknowledge that the music used is safe for streaming
  • Not allowed: discriminatory, offensive, or NSFW content or behaviors or that does not abide by the Godot Code of Conduct 

By submitting your game to GoGodotJam2 you keep the rights and intellectual property for your game
By submitting your game to GoGodotJam2 you give your consent for our streamers to stream your game in the official events


  1. Technical - Does the game work? Does the game show off the engine? Does it do anything particularly impressive? Is it feature rich?
  2. Artistic - Is it pretty? Are the sound and visuals effective and fitting? Is the style coherent to the gameplay? Are the text boxes legible?
  3. Design - Does the game teach you how to play it? Do the mechanics make sense?
  4. Gameplay - Is it fun? Does the difficulty scale? Are there accessibility options? Have I played the same game before or is it innovative?
  5. Theme - Does the game fit the theme? Is it surface level or is the theme at the core of the game?

All participants and jam organizers can vote.


Current Prize Pool: $251

  • 1st place 45% of the prize pool
  • 2nd place 32% of the prize pool
  • 3rd place 23% of the prize pool

* the prize pool starts from $0 and is based on the Fundraising Goodies Package. More info, on the main website.
** the prize will be given to the team leader (the one who uploads the game on itch).

Fundraiser (1st Nov - 5th Dec)

Why Support? 

The Godot Community is a tightly knit one. Most people know each other, support their projects and have a great time together. 
And this is what separates Godot from other Game Engines. As most people joining the community keep praising its friendliness and openness. 

Unfortunately, the rate of growth of the community is slow. And this has a number of consequences like: 

  • Godot not having enough funds to work properly on the engine 
  • People choosing other engines because they have more coverage, tutorials, events 
  • Developers that are using Godot missing features or updates because the size of the team

Why not head directly to Godot and donate there?

By choosing one of the packages below not only you help Godot but you also help the Godot Creators to make even more great content in form of tutorials, tips & tricks (and more) and this event which aims to become a go-to checkpoint for all Godot Developers and more. 

But Godot does fine as it is. Why should I give funds at all?

If you are reading this, most likely you are interested in Godot succeeding. It’s up to us if we want the Engine and its community to succeed in 1, 2, 3 years or 10+ even more. Some content creators might even leave all-together to greener fields. 

You can be the change the Godot Community needs. 

How are the funds split?

50% -> The Official Godot Team 
40% -> The Event Organizers and Content Creators
10% -> The Prize Pool! 

Support Packs

$10 -
$50 -
$100 -

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