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Martin Šenkeřík (ohin)

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Hehe, that explains it :-D However, first level has great level design. I enjoyed it! Good luck with the jam!

Mmm, is the game finished? I don't seem to be able to get through the second level :D

I'm sorry to hear that! I hope the satisfaction of beating it fixed it ;-)

Thank you for the feedback! It indeed is. We will try to add more variety to it. Don't you have any ideas what could improve the gameplay?

Thank you for your constructive feedback. We really appreciate that! We didn't have much chance to do enough playtesting, so we missed these kind of things. :) 

You are right we don't want to stress the player out too much. We will reconsider that for future updates.

I hope you enjoyed the game regardless this issue!

Thank you! We are happy you liked it!

Nice game, good mechanics, thank you!

Hey Gustavo, I really like the style you used for this asset pack! We are creating a simulation game and I would love to talk to you regarding a cooperation possibilities. Would you be open for some private conversation? Maybe on Discord? You can contact me as ohin#2670.