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Some puzzles got really complex, it was hard for me to determine turn order, but it was a very fun game to play! Well done, very original ;)

This was fun to play! Closing my eyes really helped, which is a cool insight. I felt pretty derp watching the replays 🤣

Hey BlackCheshir,

Seems like you took as long to write your comment as you did playing the game 🤣 

You should go to the next room, and solve the puzzle by making sure all pressure plates are pressed and the lever is pulled. After that, you can beat some monkeys to a bloody pulp, and get the mechanic we built our game around. I do hope you give it another shot!

This was very cool! Very unique style and presentation. The gameplay was fun but of course it gets repetitive after a while. Very nice touch with the generator draining power and the lights going down. Really, very nice! Great job for the entire team, sounds, graphics, programming, design, everything was on point!

Pump it! Blast your stereo! Pump it! 

A very arcadey game, well polished, I think everybody's already given a lot of feedback, I noticed that I don't have to wait for the blood to circulate back to the heart before I can click again, so I kinda regret not spamming the heart sooner.  I love the art style :D very loose but consistent and "correct".

Really enjoyed this Cassie! Amazing how many different mechanics you were able to get in there 🤯

Fun to play a card game I hadn't played in years! Well done with the chill implementation, very relaxing.

I enjoyed it! Pretty straightforward, I think you did a good job telegraphing the attacks of the clown, always had ample time to avoid them. They don't make sense the first time which was a nice touch given that it's a clown :D

I really enjoyed it, took me back to the Knuckles levels in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the GameCube, which I think was your inspiration for the main mechanic here? I did a certain number of loops around the map, found some hearts but never found the fire punch, and felt very weak without it (died multiple times trying to take on enemies one by one). I'm always amazed by the quality of games you make as a solo developer! If you have a tutorial on how you did your asset workflow from Blender to pixels I'd be very interested in that :)

Didn't know you could do pixelart like this Vik! Twas a fun short game, though I wasn't able to get 0 conspiracy level in the second level, I always got 30 at the start 😭

Woopwoop! This one was definitely more ambitious than the eggie game, and was very unique. Somehow, a game I can only see the Sage team making 😎

It's awesome to see your output keep improving :) there were small bugs, and I think the pathfinding of the people searching being a bit wonky actually works to the player's advantage, and I was very impressed with all the UI features you added in the game, the log book, the level select, the messages, the friggin riddles I realized I was so bad at! Soph's art here was very unique, loved the broccolis and the cauliflowers, haha. But... 

Do broccolis bark? 

Hey  Sarah! I read your comment but didn't reply. However, I've been giving some though on the enemy health mechanic, and I think I've figured out something that could be nice... Something like a health bar that's grayed out at first, or invisible at first,  or a tooltip that says ???/??? at first, but after you do the first kill of that enemy type it becomes a known quantity... So the first time you're wrestling something, you're still pretty unaware and gauging out your opponent, but after that you know what to expect.

Hey John, thanks for the review! 

There's a small timeout on the dialogue before the confirm input registers, this was to prevent players speeding through the dialogue, and combined with the mantras meant nobody could say they didn't read how to play, but I get that it feels clunky when trying to speed through it. Maybe it completed and then you still need to press twice? Maybe this is an small floating point issue where percent_visible isn't completely 1 after the tween that shows them... I'll have to check this out.

The directions is something that seemed to confuse everyone. I think we were so used to thinking in isometric, where the north direction would be more like the up-left direction, east the up-right, west the down-left and south the down-right direction... But the normal north direction takes you straight to the worm haha. It's definitely on the list for post-release fixes.

I accidentally kept a slam move in the upgrade data you get with the final upgrade 😁

Bahaha, even though you see it coming, happily obliging the cat's every whim was really fun, and that ending 🤣 the newspapers really got me, nice job!

I think you chose a good art style to make it possible to make a game like this in seven days! It's I think well within your skillset and looks very charming!

I think this could make an amazing casual or mobile game! I hope you keep working on it :) I understood how to gather water a little too late, but after that it was more or less smooth sailing.

Can't wait for the next update, I realized I liked playing this a little too much! I think you've got a mechanically very interesting idea here, would make an interesting mobile game too.

This was hard! I played this for far longer than intended before I took a break on Mercury (still a work day 🤣), it's so intense! The scrolling camera definitely adds a big element of urgency to an otherwise pretty familiar sokoban puzzle, great stuff! 

Cool game! I think the main issues I had with it have been pretty well laid out below.

Will you keep working on it? I'd love to see a more polished version of this, arcadey games like this are right up my alley! I had no clue what influenced my score, for example.

This was pretty fun! I'm finally seeing the Mongolia you meant, and it's lovely! I ended up working at Coogle :D

Thanks for letting me experience this game, it was truly special. I think the sfx you added are the real identity of the game, it really makes it special and a worthy memory. I'm already memeing "Gnomore!" with a friend of mine. Really clever way of combining the wildcards too.

Love seeing Sophia's art every jam :) whether it's pixel art or more traditional, it always stands out! And she has quite the team too, letting all elements complement and enhance each other. 

This was both a wonderful idea and an amazing execution, I loved the idea of practicing your tricks, which serves to both give you a  sense of mastery over the game's mechanics, makes you know what happens in the box when you're tapping, and makes you feel like the magician opposed to the crowd. I can see how much attention to detail went into each trick's animation and execution, so I can understand that there were just the two. If you ever do decide to add an additional trick, I'd be very happy to playtest. Not sure how a full arsenal would fit into the awesome twist ending, maybe a continued game where you continue performing?

Just one thing with the first trick, when I took my time with clicking the circles, I'd get a miss on the third circle when I clicked the second one. 

Thanks so much for the kind words John 😁

Hey Sophia, thank you, that means so much to me! I've been wanting to implement some JRPG battle system for a while, and took a lot of inspiration from Chrono Trigger in this one, I'm glad it took you back to those great days where there still was enough time in a day to play JRPGs ^^

Thanks Bodhi, I got very lucky with the artists 😅

Hey, yes, it is! I'll be using the following plugin...

Haha, this was fun, but I feel like I have better success in Necrodancer than in this game... I didn't die once though, but I meant in keeping the rhythm. Quite a bit of slowdown on the final level, but I can imagine it's due to the amount of enemies being triggered...

Loved the final screen... Haha definitely gave me a chuckle.

Hey Carmo, thank you for the very kind words! 

I've made multiple dialogue systems for every jam. I always think I can reuse them but they've all been pretty different so far. You can check out how I did it in the source though, it's all there, or contact me if you have some questions.  The first time is definitely the hardest though.

I think for future jams I will try to make a dialogue system based on ink, using the Godot ink plugin, instead of always rolling a new-but-similar one.

Really loving your pixelart aesthetic gorrg! It's rough, but still has your distinct eerie style to it.

The mechanics of the game were fun!  I had a very Kipling feeling all through the game, not sure if that makes sense, but the whole setup was very Jungle Book to me, from a time gone by. I saw how to complete the game from a stream, wish I wasn't spoiled because I loved the rough cut you have here!

I totally missed the point at first, and made a full circle around the cyclone with the ship (took me five minutes of flying around before I realized I should go fly with the ship 😅). I loved the flight control feeling, and the animations were 10/10. Great presentation! After my full circle around the cyclone, I realized I should be on the three islands close together, haha, and quickly solved the fairly straightforward puzzles there.  Good job! Also, great composer ;)

Amazing that you even did a cutscene at the end!! The whole silly setting really made this great haha.

Yes, I think adding more clear identifiers to the yurts might make them more distinct and easily recognizable. Enemy health detection could be added as some kind of upgrade 🤔 Thanks for playing! Adding a gauntlet where at the end you meet Genghis Khan-kun would be amazing.

Hey man, that's awesome! Loved the video, and your beard! Thanks for playing :)

Hey John,

It seemed to work when I do a single press, but holding the keys actually seems to override the behavior? Is that possible?

Loved the art and all the small details so much! From the dad freaking out upon losing the kid, to the fairy godmother shoving it back, the fishing! The music makes me feel very festive. Wish I could vote :)

One nitpick is the control for picking up the kid and dragging it back is really hard... I didn't get past that unfortunately :(

I'm impressed by how much you achieved graphically with the different fades and the darkness, good job! It's obvious you care deeply about presentation. Modifying the sprites for the joint running animation was such a sweet little touch 👌

I think for the platforming you might check out adding some more polish to the mechanics by adding coyote jumping. And the whole cutscene being replayed after dying to the flames would be better made skippable, though I do understand that's the level scene you're reloading!

This may also be my favorite credits screen in this jam, I really loved how you went showing the credits in a super chill yet interactive format.

By the way, for sharing your source, most developers use GitHub or another git platform.

Pretty sure I won the 'make a stick tower on top of the dog' contest you were holding in secret. Where's my reward?

On a more serious note, I think this was pretty fun. I think you made the tiles yourself? I can really recommend the following tutorial on how to make your tiles more seamless, as it's clear you enjoyed doing the pixelart. 

This was cute. Keep it up! I saw you just submitted this game because you didn't really know what a game jam was, but that's fine! I'd love to see what you come up with next time.

That's a cliffhanger ending for sure! I'd like to see where you're taking this story, I don't feel like I ever played a game where I've had to socially manipulate my favor with the inlaws (except for real life huehue).

Yay! Final screen made me chuckle! 😀

Very impressive that you made all of the assets yourself, I liked the gameplay too, it was fast paced and full of action. I feel like knowing what kind of weapon the other ninja would use would have been helpful, maybe I missed some kind of visual indicator or not, but two different enemies would be nice. A longer attack cue animation would have made that easier.

Favorite moment was when I dodged a Kunai and it killed another enemy in the back. You can't make that stuff up! 😎Another favorite moment was when I reflected a kunai using my sword when playing as the guy.

The last platforming section in the second level was pretty hazardous, and I approached it all wrong until I realised the hitbox of the flamethrower was a bit smaller than I expected. Still some sweaty jumping there though.

I really enjoyed playing this!

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Super cute game, also definitely a programmer's game! I had to get white bunny with whiskers but after having probably 20 white kids that were all whiskerless between a bunny with whiskers and one without I kinda gave up. Though maybe now I realise after re-reading the game page I should have gone for black... Like others have said, the pathfinding gets kind of hard after a while when everything is crowded, it would've been nice if I could have removed some of the animals I didn't really need anymore.

While writing this review something clicked and I actually tried again, yay! 

Definitely the entry with the most hearts I've seen! 💕I really liked the random names each animal got.

Hey Ahmed,

Our person in charge of the itch page published it basically the first day, so I'm glad you gave it another shot after that. We know we made the game too easy, and this is something we're going to be balancing in the post-jam version. 

Again, thanks for playing!