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It is entirely turn based. Probably should have made that more clear.

The song is called 'couch potato' and its from this music pack

I'm pretty excited. I've been meaning to make an audio game so this jam will bring me like 90% of the way there!

Might be an issue with the dodge timing, your character should backflip when they dodge.

You only successfully parry when you are in the animation when they hit you. Attacking isn't great at first but once you start upgrading it, it ends up being your most useful skill.

I like the art and the gameplay, though it can be hard to make it to your first meal

I could see this being a fun little time-based game. Running around shooting the switches, managing your juice. Very fun.

It was pretty fun! The exploding cupcakes were nice to shoot, especially if you get more than 1 at a time.

An interesting time-management game that is only brought down cause you can't bring multiple things to a house at a time! You ahve to leave the house and then come immediately back to get the delivery screen back.

Besides that, an awesome little game. The map itself gives it a lot of personality, orange obviously being easier to deliver to while white or red are very hard

A bit hard to control sometimes but once you get it down, its really nice! Bread god beats potato god everyday!

A fun little game, a bit hard though when the eggs gank you when you spawn! Took me a few tries.

I figured out the real sandwhich thief the second time I played. Very interesting mini-mystery game. I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Something about trying to eek out that wheat or milk while watching zombies get closer and closer gets to me. Actually spooked me once. The shooting was meh but the rest of the game made up for it. Good job!

Once I figured out how to kill the processor it was pretty fun! The oreo monsters made me pretty sad though, they typically hit the shield wall and flipped around uselessly.

A cool little bread-themed breakout clone. My only issue is directing the (bread?) ball is very hard! Typically it goes off of what side of the paddle you're on but for this you gotta hit it on the very edge.

Still a good clone with good graphics. Nice theme as well.

This reminds me of those weird phone games you see ads for on YouTube. Give it a points system and I imagine this will become an addicting game.

Interesting concept. Give it some time and this might be pretty good!

A frustrating puzzle game that makes up for it with its cute graphics and neat concept. Makes me hate bread-ghosts more than ever!

What a game! Cool zelda-like magical spells and a funky little alien as a sidekick. Combat was meh but I feel like thats not why I played it

A nice little game, good graphics, cool concept, and some fun transformations.

My only problem with it was that you had to go back all the way to the beginning when you died. Made it very, very hard to beat!

A neat little rhythm game, I liked how the bread got more and more burnt as you failed. Could have done with some more effects when you land a good slice.

I found it pretty difficult but I'm not very good at rhythm games. Good job!

A start, definitely needs some work but I think I get the concept. 

Hopefully next jam you'll make more progress!

A cute little jumper game. Took me a minute to figure out what the obstacles were but after that I did pretty well! My suggestion would be to add additional obstacles after you hit certain scores. I hit 100 and they were pretty much all the same.

Nice shaders! I enjoyed it though I'm not sure what the +shoot powerup does. Excellently paced and reminds me of a lot of old arcade games.

A great concept, I wish you could backup cause sometimes I'd get stuck bumping into stuff.

Shooting the right item at the right mailbox feels amazing though sometimes I swear it just barely misses it.

Very good though! Very good.

It wasn't easy to beat, the wall jumping turned into a bit of a pain with the larger gaps, but besides that it was really nice! The freedom of movement really makes this game and I like how you have multiple endings.

A really interesting game! The mechanics are interesting, though I feel like there needs to be more feedback for defeating ghosts, sometimes I'd have the flashlight on a ghost and I wouldn't know if I was hitting anyone.

But besides that man its a cool concept.

The powerup system is awesome, my only complaint is that they should be topdown views, not side views! It can be hard to figure out what you're shooting at when you're running. 

The character and zombie movement is a bit wonky but besides that an excellent jam game.

I had a blast, especially when I realized you could outrun the grapes and tomatoes. The melee giving jam was a nice touch as well, made strategizing reloading the jaminator really interesting.

Would make a good mobile game, though I got frustrated by the collisions, it was hard to really dodge the jam(?), I wasn't sure if the rotation mattered or not and the screen scrolled so fast that it was hard to react. 

I will say though, my top score is 60.

A well polished game, though I wish there was more to it. I feel like it could make a wonderful pseudo one screen puzzle game if the days had more complicated steps attached to getting the correct ingredients.

Nice graphics, I only wish there were instructions for how to do some of the stuff. Maybe more markers or something, or a little instruction booklet?

I pretty much failed every single roll and the donut sometimes confused me cause it'd give me both the 'good' and the 'bad' after I did the tops.

Very cute! The gameplay is still pretty burgeoning from what I could tell. The bell didn't always work but the graphics are actually quite nice and I enjoyed the sound effect of the eating.

My suggestion would be to add a score counter for every bread you catch.

An interesting game, I admit it took me a while to figure out you could move left and right. It played pretty well though I think moving and shooting should conserve momentum or something cause it just kinda looks weird when you move and shoot in a horizontal direction. Cheat codes were interesting and a definitely bready game!

This would be a banger game if it had audio. It was a nice touch having the mammoth bodies have collision, although it is really easy to get stuck and I think it'd be cooler if the mammoths could push the bodies around or they try to avoid them.

This reminds me of those old magnetic games you'd get in a happy-meal. The sounds and the way that the bread moves really brings me back!

The thing about this game is that there area always more resources! Getting a fire early and then traveling til your hunger/energy gets low is a great strategy.

If you're really strapped for resources I suggest getting a flail in a forest. Its stick + fiber + stick and has the ability 'thresh' which, when used in a plains environment (the brown squiggle), will net you a bunch of easy wheat! So if you've got a forest and a plains next to each other all you really need is a rock to smash the wheat and you're perfect!

The second paragraph states that they've decided to cancel Among Us 2 and concentrate fully on the first game.

Hey! I'm in Owens Cross Roads in Madison County. I plan on using Godot

I've just beat the game. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't too difficult either which is what I definitely enjoyed. The 5 chapter campaign is a lot of fun and the glitches are minor.

I do have one big concern and that is there is no real build up at the 5th chapter! We get a final preperation quest of course but besides that the 'boss' really didn't feel like one. Could probably do with a cutscene or something for it.

Also all the quests are the same, go to a place and then combat. Hopefully in the future there will be more variety but besides those two things this game is really good and I'm excited to see what comes in the future.

Will this ever be on steam?

When will we be able to throw money at this game?