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Deliver bread without letting too many jobs stack up!
Submitted by Chris Parlette (@cparlette) — 51 minutes, 13 seconds before the deadline
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Deliver bread without letting too many jobs stack up!


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I really like the idea of this game, but I have trouble warming up to the gameplay.  I think it's because I get too stress easy and anytime the alarm starts I lost my ability to think. lol 

Maybe a tutorial or non-timed level would be good for those of us who need a little extra time to take in where everything is. :) 

Cool entry!


Thanks for the feedback!  I'll keep in mind for future jams that an easy/casual mode would be good for hard games.  Thanks for playing!


I see that this is one of your first games and your first submission so congratulation on that!
Finishing the game is the hardest part and you did it! <clap, clap, clap>

The game itself is fairly good. It lacks polish around the corners (Literally. Getting tuck around corners was pretty annoying).

Very nice for the beginning of your journey!
I hope to see more of your games!

Would you like to check out our game and leave some feedback?


Thanks for the warm welcome and the kind words!  I appreciate the feedback about the corners, and I'll definitely think more about those details in future games.


Nice game! Agree with comment about delivering mutliple things at once and I didn't like getting stuck on the corners before the houses. Otherwise I enjoyed it!

What a lot of bread people need eh?


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!  I appreciate the feedback about the frustrating parts, I'll definitely think about those kinds of things for future games.


An interesting time-management game that is only brought down cause you can't bring multiple things to a house at a time! You ahve to leave the house and then come immediately back to get the delivery screen back.

Besides that, an awesome little game. The map itself gives it a lot of personality, orange obviously being easier to deliver to while white or red are very hard


I appreciate the compliments and the feedback, thanks!  It's useful to know what was frustrating while playing, I'll definitely keep those kinds of things in mind for future games.


I enjoyed this game a lot. Things got super stressful for me when the music started speeding up, but that feeling of relief after you complete enough orders was so worth it. Having so many jobs to micromanage really got my brain thinking. Great job! Hope you create more games in the future.


Thanks so much for the kind words!  I'm glad that the faster music caused some panic, that was the mood I was going for.  I appreciate the feedback and I'm happy you enjoyed it!


Really great and cool game, am currently the World Record with 30 points. I think it will not be long until someone beat me. The art and music are a bit simple but still really fun to play.


Thanks so much for the kind words!  It's a great feeling knowing that someone wants to play my game enough to get better at it to set a new high score, so I really appreciate you playing and enjoying!