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Chris Parlette

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Thank you for playing and for the feedback!  I'm glad it had vibes of FTL, it was definitely an inspiration.  For the music, I should have added settings for disabling or lowering the volume, so lesson learned for next time.

Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing and for the comments!  I intentionally left the events as always having something potentially going wrong to really make it seem like the odds were against you, so I'm glad you got that sense. 

This game was so much fun to play!  I loved the art, the sound, the music, and the use of upgrades to make me want to keep playing even if the run was a failure.  Great job!

Fun game, it gave me vibes of Frogger trying to dodge the asteroids.  Really cool that you were able to randomly generate the levels.  Nice work!

Fun game!  Great music, and really fun gameplay, I enjoyed jamming along while shooting stuff.  Nice work!

Thanks so much!  When I was adding the crew experience leveling, I was definitely thinking about FTL, so I'm glad that came through.

Thank you for playing and for the kind words!

Really fun game!  Great use of gravity and increasing puzzle challenge.  Nice work!

Fun game!  Took me a minute to figure out that I had to attack and not just dodge, but then it was a good combination of frantic enemy-killing followed by a puzzle to get to the door.  Nice work!

I had fun playing this!  It was very interesting once you started getting asteroids stuck, as it threw you off but it was great that you could still do something about it, and you had to adapt to what was on your ship.  Nice work!

The split-screen mechanics were fantastic, and I really liked how you introduced controls and new things as you went along, then had scenes where you used those new things.  Great job!

Thanks for the kind words and for checking out my game!  I'm glad you got those vibes, because my original idea was pretty much "Oregon Trail to the moon", so even though I made some changes along the way, I'm glad that was still how it felt!

Thanks for the feedback!  I'll keep in mind for future jams that an easy/casual mode would be good for hard games.  Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the warm welcome and the kind words!  I appreciate the feedback about the corners, and I'll definitely think more about those details in future games.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!  I appreciate the feedback about the frustrating parts, I'll definitely think about those kinds of things for future games.

I appreciate the compliments and the feedback, thanks!  It's useful to know what was frustrating while playing, I'll definitely keep those kinds of things in mind for future games.

Thanks so much for the kind words!  I'm glad that the faster music caused some panic, that was the mood I was going for.  I appreciate the feedback and I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much for the kind words!  It's a great feeling knowing that someone wants to play my game enough to get better at it to set a new high score, so I really appreciate you playing and enjoying!

Thanks for posting!  You'll need to install python3 and pygame to run it, then clone the repo and run "python3".  Installation of python3 and pygame is dependent on your OS, but some instructions can be found at and

Let me know if that helps!

Thanks for the feedback!  I tried packaging it using pyinstaller, py2app, and cx_freeze, but they were all frustrating me before the game jam submission date.  I'll try to get those working even though the game jam is over.  Thanks for checking it out!