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Submitted by geojax — 18 minutes, 23 seconds before the deadline
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Game Description
You play as the Half-Diminished Chord. Dominant Seventh, worried he was going out of vogue, kidnapped all the other seventh chords and stole their sevenths. Rescue your brethren!


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Cool art. I would have liked more visual feedback on hitting, getting hit, dodging, etc. Also, the difficulty was a bit unforgiving for me. More health, lower bullet speed, faster player speed, and health regen over time are all ways to make the game easier. The music was nice, but I'm not sure I ever got to hear the whole thing because it kept resetting when I restarted. Definitely I'd look into autoload and looping audio for next time (and that's something you could work on outside of jam time).

(Timestamp 32:37)


Really interesting art, you inspired me on this. As the game is so simple and fun, you really surprised me with the next boss phases. I bit more of feedback on dodging and getting hit would be a nice improvement.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nicely executed. I appreciate that the music is in 7/8, that is a really cool touch that not many people are going to notice. I would have preferred if the music repeated when the song was over though because for the last part of my play through I just ended up with silence.


Honestly, I really really like the mechanic of building up the attack through multiple presses, it really changes up the gameplay of this style, where you can't just constantly rain attacks onto the boss, that's a nice concept.
The dodge ability probably needs a cooldown, since right now the dominant strategy is just to spam dodge and charge at the same time until you hit 6 charges, then just dodge until you get underneath the boss.
Some animation for the boss to spice him up would be a welcome addition. Also moving the charge indicator near the player so they don't have to switch focus between the top right and their character so often would be a nice touch as well.

Overall,  really fun boss fight! Great work!


Nice boss fight with three phases, I liked it - I only got disorientated at times when I left the screen and couldn't find my way back. But good job!


Very interesting art style. If you want to improve your game then add a idle animation as well


Quite difficult, but could easily be tuned to be more enjoyable.
Two main points:
1. The dodge felt like the main mechanic, and I think more focus should be put into audio/visual feedback for this, along with enemy patterns which compliment the dodge.

2. The "charging" needed some audio/visual feedback that was near the Player-Character, so the Player doesn't have to keep splitting their focus between checking the counter, and scanning the play-field. It was not satisfying to line up shots, whilst also trying to pay attention to the charge count. The split focus was frustrating.

I'd recommend perhaps tying the dodge mechanic to the charge mechanic?
IE: So dodging an attack results in a charge, or something similar.

Good work for a solo dev, keep at it and make improvements


Thanks for all the feedback! Very insightful, audio/visual feedback for dodging and charging would be great. 

Nice idea to tie the dodging and charging together. I thought of something similar, where charging also gave you a shield that would evaporate when you shot. The most important thing, as you said, is to give some sort of feedback for charging. It's not satisfying to press a button and see nothing happen!

Thanks for playing and for typing up your insights!


I gotta admit I couldn't beat the boss's second stage. I think it would have been nicer if we could shoot in other directions other than up (or maybe there is and I didn't figure it out).


No, there's no way to aim in other directions! It was a bit tough to come up with a good aiming mechanic. Funny to see how tough the boss fight is -- I was slightly worried it would be too easy. Thanks for checking the game out!


A pretty fun and challenging boss battle!  there was a good variety of move the boss had and it felt just hard enough.


Took me a bit to get the hang of this game but it plays OK once you get into the rhythm (mash the Z button, mash the X button once out of range). I also love the fact that the music is in 7/8 and the other music puns.


Thanks for your comment! So glad you got to pay attention to the music and noticed the time signature.


Fun little boss fight.  I never beat Dominant Seventh, but I enjoyed it.  The firing mechanic was a little frustrating, but interesting at the same time.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing! I admit the mechanic is a bit frustrating -- I thought of some possible workarounds actually, like maybe at the same time as charging your attack, you're also charging a shield? I think the most frustrating part is how little response there is until you finally press it the seventh time. The purpose is to keep the player counting to seven constantly, thus make it a theme.


I was so busy mashing the button I didn't notice that it was every 7th hit lol.  With the musical theme, you could have has an ascending note scale playing 7 notes, with the 7th accompanying the shot


Seems like a good study into boss mechanics. Sounds effects would have been cool, but otherwise very enjoyable.


Thanks for playing! Never made a boss fight before so this was a good learning experience as far as structuring attacks and stages. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I love the "story" of the game, and gotta love the Godot icon!


Thanks for playing! Glad you paid attention to the "story"! I totally would have added dialogue with more time -- some pre-fight banter between the player and boss would be neat.


You did a great job with pacing, where you progressively ramped up the difficulty in the boss fight. Nice work!

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you so much for playing!