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A puzzle mystery: where did all the humans go?
Submitted by sebjugate (@sebjugate), dexmexter, zuk000, elisebbv, Colonel Kernel — 11 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
Oregano, Duck Duck Moose

Game Description
Build crazy machines. Find the people.


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Submitted (1 edit)

Holy sh*t, that was amazing!

I spend almost an hour on this... the last level was pretty hard. Nice Art at the end :D


We found in the design process that it was difficult to strike a balance between challenging and engaging. Glad you enjoyed it! That art at the end was a commission piece from one of the developer's 5 year old daughter :-)


Great puzzle game, feels very polished with great mechanics, music and art! 


Thanks for taking the time to check it out! Really glad to hear people have been enjoying it so far.


Great game! The puzzles were wonderful. I couldn't quite follow the story though. This feels a lot like the old game Whizzball. But even though this kind of game isn't new, you added lots of new mechanics that I hadn't seen before: accelerators, chopping, combiner, etc. Very well done!

As others have said, the game is really hard. A hint button would have been appreciated.


Thanks for playing! It was definitely had to gauge the difficulty and we probably over shot especially on the last levels. Check out the solutions here:


Very good puzzle game. Polished and engaging.


Thank you!


Very nice work and incredibly polished. It was very satisfying to beat the last level!


Good job completing the last level! You’re among an elite few!

Thanks for playing :)


Wow... How on earth did you finish this in a week?

Great job :D

Everything looks and sounds amazing.

Were you working by yourself or as part of a team?


Thanks! It was a lot of work, but we had a great team who worked together well.


This was amazing. The last level almost drove me insane. But I'm glad I completed it :D

In the level, where the packing station was introduced, I had to restart a lot, because I kept placing things on the packing station and couldn't remove it afterwards...

All in all, very good entry. Good job on that one!


Thanks, that is high praise!  I think that last level was giving team-members on the project a tough time (some even skipping it).

We tried to play with player expectations in the packing station, which was a fine line to walk for the last chapter. I knew about losing the machine when it was taken off the grid, but not when placed on the packaging machine.  That's great.


It started easy but had me scratching my head soon enough (in a good way). Took me more than an hour to complete.

The story bit was kinda confusing and i didn't really get what was going on but that's probably because the puzzles had all my attention.

Excellent stuff overall.


Thanks, getting the right ratio of training to challenging puzzles is a tough one.  I think a 1/3 of the ones we came up with made it in (so some of the training levels got cut), and then to hear people play for an hour is both awesome and surprising.  Awesome because it meant we didn't lose you, and surprising as it was hard for us to guess how long the puzzles would take.


Liked the chill music and fun gameplay!


Thanks, the music was pretty fun to make, it was a great excuse to play with my new Synthstrom Deluge synthesizer


Very cool, though I could cheat my way through 4.1 by manually switching the elements constantly until I got enough pesto. Probably not how it is intended. ;-)


Haha, yes we are aware that is possible. We do also allow you to just skip any level as well. Solving puzzles is for your own enjoyment and satisfaction. :) Thanks for playing our game.


Thank you for this fantastic game! Amazing how you completed it in just a week, with such mechanics and cool little story.



Thanks for the kind words. We’re glad you enjoyed it!


Great game, lots of fun and lots of character. I love the way the claws make a clacking sound in time to the music once you get a bunch of them up and running!


Thank you. Dexmexter did a great job on the audio.