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So good man, really love it.  I am not gonna be winning that sweet cash but enjoyed my time with it so far.
Got stuck in valley after falling from bridge for now.

This was on firefox on windows with ublock origin adblock. The submit score option only appeared once after first death.

I tried to download the game on windows desktop and after my first test death the submit score option appeared, but it did not appear on any subsequent attempts again for some reason.

The balance between difficulty and fairness is perfect. Really well-done.

Did not get any option to submit the score unfortunately but here is the screenshot:

The cities actually look pretty good and the textures are quite detailed, especially singapore. Performance is really great too.I am really impressed.

Thanks for sharing, I will certainly try implementing this when i get time, it has so much potential for solo devs.

You make such beautiful animations, they add so much character to basic actions. Having tried making pixel art character animations unsuccessfully so far, I can appreciate the work that must have gone into making them. 👍

Found that if you hold the down key, the balloon keeps inflating :D

But i guess that's to be expected from a "Dev Noob"

What a fun game. Had a good time.

Yup that is indeed something i need to fix by adding some cooldown timer between keypresses,

Also that trick is how i myself managed to get the score i did 😉.

Thanks for playing and giving the feedback.

Also Congrats!!! on the new high score 🎉🥳🎉.

Love this game, really polished.

It was quite confusing in the beginning but eventually got the hang of it.

Congrats, really awesome.

I will certainly try to improve my score if i get the time , it wont be beaten so easily :)

I just had to see it with my own eyes after watching the video, and i am indeed speechless.

We don't deserve you.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks a lot playing and even more for paying, wasn't expecting any one to even play it let alone pay. You are very kind.

To me the game is actually really easy and i only had a limited time to play and upload some highscore yesterday before the video submission deadline i set myself expired, otherwise i can score a lot more i think.

Cool, they sound really good. May check them out.

The sound are really punchy and the music is great.Did you make them yourself?

Also the background particles look awesome.

Easily one of the best games in this jam. Well done!

Thanks a lot.

I am especially glad you liked the instructions screen as implementing that caused me a lot more headache than it should have (still can't get it to run on browser properly without blackboxes and stutters).

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Thanks for the feedback and i must say your game was really cool (way cooler than mine) or perhaps i should say way hotter(spicier).

I did not have time to implement a difficulty setting but will be adding it soon and yes you are right the game can be confusing initially (need to make some adjustments).

Love the visuals. Made me smile.

Interesting mechanic, the top down view reminded me of gta1.

Suggestion: It would be better if the cards would get picked randomly without having to click them manually everytime as this breaks the flow.

The windows export does seem to work.

Creative and quite funny. Great job.

Thanks for the info, really appreciate it.

As for the performance being better on browser, it probably has something to do with my own pc configuration i guess.

Not gonna lie, made me laugh  :)

Fun game.Played it way more than is reasonable. It is kind of addictive.

It would be nice if there would be a button to cycle through the spells as it can get a bit hard to press the right key during intense moments.

Also for me the browser version was running smoother compared to the desktop version for some reason (slight difference though).

Lastly can i know a bit about how the leaderboard system is implemented if possible, would love to add one in my own games.

It started easy but had me scratching my head soon enough (in a good way). Took me more than an hour to complete.

The story bit was kinda confusing and i didn't really get what was going on but that's probably because the puzzles had all my attention.

Excellent stuff overall.

Oops sorry. Thanks for pointing it out.

Now i am worried whether the other exports work either.

Will be fixing after voting.

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Same here but it is no problem for this jam as it is 9 days long so you should start tomorrow after a good night's rest. Shabba Khair

Not Bad

Wow just wow. 

It even has a fov slider which some AAA games don't include.

Thank you for taking your time to play and comment on my game.

Yes i first painted a static heart image then i would would duplicate the layer one step erase the blood,paint new blood etc for each frame 24times in Krita.

There has to be a better way though, maybe the transform tool or move brush.

I animated only the inside of the shape so that i would not have to draw a unique collision shape for each frame of the animation in Godot.


Thank you for the kind words, and yes i did all the art myself.  

Thanks a lot.

The initial idea for the gameplay was quite different where you would have to take into account blood pressure and manage the four chambers of the heart(atria,ventricles) in coordination with the electrical signal.

However my current skills did not allow for that, so i hastily cobbled this mess.

The narration voice is really soothing, reminds me of vaatividya.

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Thanks man, i really appreciate the feedback.

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Can't tell if you are being serious but i will take that as a compliment.

I made the main menu track with a ukulele while the drum like beats are from me trying to play a dhol which is a percussion instrument from subcontinent , the game over sound is a bamboo flute, the rest is midi piano.

The recording and the mix is really bad but i learnt a lot from the process.

Really polished game. The visuals are excellent.

The best one in my opinion is Godot Tutorials. He explains fundamentals like script lifecycles, optimization very well.