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Wow ficou incrível, parabéns galera!!


Hello, I just used the free ones, and those are free for use :). If you're considering to use them for a commercial use please check his own page for licenses and other things. (As far as I know you can use, but just double check to be sure)

Sure!!! If you're still using the original art just please check with them if there's no problem (if I'm remembering right they're all free for commercial but just double check). Good luck :) 

Good idea with cool juicy effects, very arcade. I really liked it. I had one problem that sometimes I couldn't see what was a powerup or an enemy. Again, congratulations. Solid submission!

The art is very cool, the idea is interesting. Audio is a way too high but it's a good song.

Very fun game, congratulations! It's hilarious, just one thing that got me was when you fill the bar to fix something or sell something that you needed to wait for it to complete and need to wait a bit more for some reason.  Also, after pass the level that the counter moves you just fall on gray, is it on purpose? Really cool game, congrats!!

The ambience is very cool, the idea is interesting, cool game, congrats!!

We're really sorry that you couldn't play :/ chromebook and Godot HTML export seems to face some type of incompatibility, you got the same results if tried to run from a smartphone (the game isn't designed for mobile too). I don't know if you run linux on your chromebook but may the Linux version should work? 

The idea is super cool and the duck is adorable. The Hitbox sometimes seen to be not so fair, but in general, it's a great great game, congrats!!

Cool game, simple and functional. Controls are smooth and the music is chill. I don't know if it was because I was playing in the HTML version but the ship sound was a bit annoying. Great game!

Hello, nice game, I don't know if it was intentional but the music gave the felling of the floor breaking at the start, it was very cool. I wasn't very confident on trying to kill the enemies since it looked like I always would take a hit. Cool game, congrats!

I got confused at the beginning but once I realized what I should do it became a very fun experience, congratulations!

Hello, the idea was very interesting and the graphics are cool, the music really complete the gameplay, unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete the game because I got a bug on the dash part (I don't know exactly how I accomplished it, but I cancelled the Dash and then was unable to move, and when I tried to restart I was just moving upward. The double jump also sometimes doesn't work properly (Maybe a timer to do the second jump after the first could help, as it seems to be a double press cause). Over all, it's a great submission and an enjoyable game, congratulations!!

What a cool experience, really exceeded my expectations. The art is really beautiful and has a nice background story, everything works really well, the music, the ambiance, the controls. Congratulations!!

Cool work, the jump could be a bit more elaborated. The beam effect was pretty, also loved the first music, it did grow on me. Congrats!!

I really loved the game idea and also the art of it. The music fits well, congratulations. I got a lot lost on the beginning because I wasn't understanding what I should do, maybe put some tips somewhere would be good, again, congratulations, great game 

Thanks for the comment, the speed part was very sensible to adjust, since it could appear to be too fast or too slow, we tried to accomplish a balance for it. Since the levels aren't too big, we tried to play with memory and reflections of the player, so they don't be so punished for a reflection mistake. Again, thanks for the comment :)

Hello, we're glad that you liked :). You're right, that wasn't very clear on the doors, the idea was that what determines if you're on a door or not was your foot. Thanks for the feedback :)

Hello, thanks for your feedbacks. So bad that you had problems with the controls :/ . You can change the keys the way you like in the configuration menu.

Hello, thanks for your feedback. You can configure the controls as you like in the configurations. 

I loved the art style, nice narrative game!!

Good Puzzles, I liked the game idea, got a bit stuck at start but then I realized what I needed to do, congrats!!

I really liked the graphics and shader stuff, it's beauty. Congrats!

Really cool visuals!! Congrats!!!

Very cool concept, beautiful art and the difficult grows up on you, really really very cool, congrats!!

I loved the art!! The music fits very well! Cool game, congrats!

Really cool game concept,  I really fell like I was under water, congrats!!

Really interesting idea, had a fun time playing it, congrats !!

Great!!! good job

Very very cool idea, enjoyable content, congrats!!

Cool idea, great sound and a simply but catching gameplay! 

Heey, fico feliz que tenha gostado :)) Se estiver usando para aprender e não entender muito de inglês tem esse outro que fiz que tem uma versão em português:

Heey, I'm really happy that it helped you!!! Thanks for the comment :)

Gostei muito da proposta do jogo, tem tudo pra dar muito certo!!! Parabéns aos envolvidos, espero ansiosamente pela continuidade do projeto.


Meeeeeeeu que arte dahora sério, ta muito lindo gente parabéns !!!!


Yeeeeeeeei, mt legal, agora to com vontade de comer batatas :@

Hello, thanks :)) Do u have Discord?? If yes you can add me: Umbigoow#2580